Hailee Steinfeld: Everything's Fine with Lea Michele!

Hailee Steinfeld: Everything's Fine with Lea Michele!

Hailee Steinfeld wants to set the record straight – she doesn’t have any problems with Lea Michele!

Asked about her now infamous encounter with the Glee star, Hailee said, “I mean it was just really bad timing.”

Hailee previously revealed she approached Lea on the Paramount Studios lot after she auditioned for True Grit but was brushed off. Lea later apologized.

“I was so embarrassed because of what I was wearing. The only thoughts that were going through my head were, ‘Oh my god, Lea Michele thinks I’m a total freak,’” she told MTV News.

But, Hailee added, “Everything is totally fine though.”

Hailee Steinfeld Chats About Lea Michele Run-In
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  • Tom

    The guy is interviewing a 14 year old girl and says ‘what the hell’ to her.

  • Amy

    Its interesting that everyone ignores all the activism Lea Michele does and just assumes that she’s horrible because she didn’t have time to talk to this girl. Someone needs to teach this girl that you have to actually run things through your brain before you blurt them out; especially in public.

  • http://www.ebooks.com/ebooks/book_display.asp?IID=225341 immature

    Yeah, I know.

  • Frank

    First the girl was never embarrassed she didn’t get a autograph just that she was wearing goofy clothes. Second: As always Lea was working it was just bad timing or not a good time.. Third: None of this was even necessary to report in the first place. Is the press going to report every time a star can’t give a autograph or take a picture with a fan. . Fourth. People really need to lay of Lea. don’t like her fine but this is stating to sound like a witch hunt. Fifth: Time to let this go, Hailee has in fact I doubt she ever cared about the autograph just looking silly.

  • Jess

    @Amy: The interviewer is who took her comments and twisted them. The question: Biggest embarrassing moment: Her answer was mean to be wearing silly clothed in front of Lea. She wasn’t even thinking about the autograph part. This interview pretty much says that.

  • @Amy: Yeah only I can vouch for her. Lea Michelle is not nice.

  • Well,


    And I can vouch that she’s really sweet and bubbly seeing as I met her in the UK while they were for X-factor so….

  • katie

    @: i hate when people say this. i’ve met her and i know tons of other fans who have met her. SHE’S AWESOME. seriously this girl is just weird. because Lea Michele is great