Zac Efron: Zen Foods On The Go!

Zac Efron: Zen Foods On The Go!

Zac Efron checks his phone before watching his steps back to his car in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (January 20).

The 23-year-old actor was toting around a Zen Foods bag filled to the top — a company that former flame Vanessa Hudgens is boasting.

Talk around the internet is that Zac flew to North Carolina to visit Vanessa, who is working on Journey 2 there. He’s been spotted hanging out with Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols as well.

More pix at X17!

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Photos: X17online
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  • Aly

    haha, old news :)))

  • Robyn

    Grrrrrrrrrrr ;)

  • Haters Suck!

    Umm you’re a liittle late with these don’t ya think?

  • kate1

    jjjr dos this not prove to you they are not former. They are together and have never been split

    get your facts right

  • lauren

    jjj is little late on this post.
    way to go.

  • http://@tallyozzie tally

    wots late? im confused

  • jl

    @kate1: i agree with you about how late they are

  • Thahmina

    yh…i think it’s a bit too
    anywayz zac’s lookin sexy!

  • Lady

    zac and vanessa went gym in nc. they was togther.i don’t know why they are say his former flame . they never split.they was kiss hold hand.

  • Karen

    We need to establish some things here. Since Zac got back from NO he has been spotted almost continually with Vanessa. The day after he returned from NO they were out shopping in the mall where several people saw them. We got pics of him at her house. It was much publicized that they were at Eden nightclub being like they have always been—very much the affectionate and intimate couple. Then last weekend when Vanessa came back to LA they were seen all over LA at parties, etc the 3 days she was home. NOW this weekend Zac has been seen with her all over Wilmington, NC. To ME, that does not sound like there is anything “former” about that flame. Does it to anybody else???? Stop with the former flame business! That sounds ridiculous.

    Also, one last thing that needs to be pointed out is, Sophia Bush filming her show in Wilmington and Austin Nichols is HER boyfriend. It isn’t like Zac is with Sophia and then he is with Austin. It would seem from some tweets Sophia and Austin had dinner with Vanessa and Zac last night.

  • xLOVEzanessa

    so what justjaredjr was late. he isn’t some robot with instant news-to-go. he has two website up and like loads of celebrities to cover. plus, its just EFRON walking around with ZEN food. its just the usually. :P,

    the only interesting part of how ZEN food quoted Vanessa and the sighting and stuff like that. I don’t live in the U.S. But ZEN are those food company that make food that is good to eat. yah? but anyways.

    I’m diggin the look with Zefron with converse.

  • Aly

    Those pics of him were from 3 days ago [here it`s already 23 Jan]
    It means that you are reporting something that happened a while back and that you didn`t post them at the time of hapening. For short, late means not on time.

    Haha, he eats the same food as “former flame” vanessa, but goes to see his not so former flame Vanessa. LOL

  • Ava

    I saw these pics over 24 hours ago…a little late don’t you think?

    Also, “a company that former flame Vanessa Hudgens is boasting”…someone get JJJ a thesaurus because boasting is not even the proper word to use at the end of that sentence. It makes absolutely no sense

  • Chanon

    LOL I’ll admit I was a little worried when I read the end of this article where it said he was seen hanging out with Sophia Bush, but then it also said that he hung out with her AND her BOYFRIEND, Austin Nichols. I think that Zanessa and those other two people hung out or something.

    I don’t know, but there has been some twitter sightings where people have been saying that they’ve seen Zac and Vanessa hang out and kissing. ;)

  • mike

    zac s a cool guy

  • Zac Efron’s number #1 Male Fan

    Great pictures.

  • Pit

    what is with this “former and ex stuff”.

  • CSCf

    Some of these stories on here & twitter are false they make false stories just to earn money. I don’t believe every story ppl put on websites.

  • toty


    that’s exactly what I wanted to say..

  • kASSIE

    Why exactly are people fighting on weather they are together or not?

  • CSCf

    Zac can visit fans. These stories about them being together i think is made up so ppl can earn money.

  • CSCf

    all of u are stupid to believe everything

  • Mipa

    @Pit: @Karen: Agreed!

  • http://google BARBARA

    I agree with you KAREN. JJJ, Vanessa is not Zac’s former flame they never broke up, in the first place!

  • Zac Efron’s number #1 Male Fan


    True Ex’s don’t hold hands and kiss each other like a tweet has been saying that Zac and Vanessa are doing In NC.

  • CSCf

    the tweets can be false maybe they really didn’t kiss & hold hands & those ppl are lying. They DID break up.

  • Haters Suck!

    Here’s something you have to keep in mind. Jjj has to keep saying things like ex or former otherwise that would be admitting that they completley blew the story which it’s starting to look like they did more and more. In the end jjj and all the other websites will claim they got back together in order to save face even if it’s becoming clear that the story was bogus to begin with.

  • CSCf

    The day after Zac finished filming TLO he only gave Vanessa a b-day present. Those tweet can be false & ppl can lie.

  • abby14

    Agai Jared, whats with the “former flame” shit? Last I checked you didn’t fly to another state to see your “former flame.” Zac is infact in NC with Vanessa right now. They were seen going to the gym together. Just stop with this former flame crap. Clearly they aren’t broken up so you can just drop it.

  • Pit

    I think we will hear of them out and about tonight in Wilmington.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Thursday’s news. Old stuff. Let’s move on JJ ! But anyway, he is looking fine !

  • jk

    I didnt realize former flames flew across the country to see each other.

  • Pit

    Now the news is that there is an “A List Hollywood Party” in Wilmington and Zac and Vanessa are there as is Michael Caine. They are at a Beach House.

  • BOJI

    The twitters are abound with sightings of this delightful “Former Flames” all lovey dovey as usual.
    Birds of a feather flock together, nothing unusual for Zac to hang out with Michael Caine at a party, same profession.

  • Rose

    Yayyyyyyyy!!!!there is a picture of zac in NC ,I saw it in tt,it’s true he is there w/V ,ha….ha…I’m happy,let’s dance baby!!!!!!

  • lalabub28

    @Rose: is it just a pic with zac or is is both? just asking

  • abby14

    @Rose: yeah I think that pretty much shows he’s there.

  • lalabub28

    @Rose: my question didnt make sense: sorry let me do that again… is the pic just zac or is he with vanessa?

  • samantha

    they’re still together like say kared…i mean plz get fact right!!

  • Rose

    @lalabub 28and abby 14,only zac they are in the party w/Vanessa but they didn’t take picture of her maybe after well come out ,I’m sooooooooo happy,check the tt of EfronAticAA,it’s there picture !!!!!!!!

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    I Have been supporting Zac and Vanessa from 2008 They are very talented People who have amazing careers ahead of them. I don’t care about Their love life it is their business not Mine, I Think it is sweet that Zac and Vanessa fell in love on the set of HSM But I also believe that people need to let them live their lifes. I Think that what ever happens in this Relationship is only between Zac and Vanessa and not the whole damn World. I will still Support Both Zac and Vanessa together or not.

    Btw I’m really liking Zac;s new Style these days I also think it is so freaking that adorable that Zac want to Visit Vanessa in NC Just shows how much they both support each other.

  • Rose

    @Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan: Us a zanessa fan ,we are excited to know that they are together ,from DECEMBER13 until now allot of stupid rumor for them ,sooo we are happy to know that they are still together they are the rule model of new generation ,they show us how to love and respect ,even they far from each other they know how to communicate to each other ,they are the true meaning of love,ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!

  • yets

    so happy to hear that Zac is in NC.

  • Butterfly

    chill jjj,com ist not our slave :D
    uhm,I posted a picture where nessa has the same bag
    and now :
    I got this from a great site btw :

    it’s a picture from Zac in NC :D hope it’s right ;) <3 <3

  • sophie

    they were both together at a wrap party for the movie last night in downtown nc :) the girl with the pic of
    zac might have others

  • SE

    He is so hot !!

  • Angelique

    I don’t know if they are still together or not. I guess we just have to wait for some party or movie premiere to see if they appear together [can totally imagine the shock on anyone's faces if they do come together].

    On the other hand, there are SO MANY sightings of them together, but not one single picture? Picture or it didn’t happen if you ask me.

  • Lady

    maybe vanessa is almost done with her movie.look like they was at aparty last nightand had fun to. hope they come home togther.

  • Aly

    How many birthday presents do you want to get from a guy? 100?
    You usually get a big or a small present depending on what type of person you are or what kind of presents you like, and you know he gave her a present after he finished TLO? I taught you didn`t believe the rumors so now you believe they met and he gave her a birthday present after her birthday when they were both in the same city?
    Aren`t you just a big time liar Charlie St. Cloud fan? You keep saying people lie, then those celebs didn`t have anything better than to say that they saw not one or 2 but 3 nights in a row at clubs in LA, and guess what? Zac didn`t go to the festival like he was supposed too, no, he went to NC to visit who? Sophia Bush? Sorry, she`s taken, has a boyfriend, Austin Nichols, who, by the way, is in NC too and was seen with zac. And that leaves us that he went to visit Vanessa, and guess what, there is someone on twitter who saw them at the party. Even posted a pic of Zac, so, seems legit to me, and why would he lie? To get followers? Doesn`t seem that type of guy.

  • Fauve

    @CSCf: You are delusional. Zac had no reason to fly to North Carolina to go to Vanessa Hudgens wrap up party unless they are dating. I am sorry I would NOT invite my ex to come to my wrap up party just to hang out this is her movie her time and her job not his. They never broke up media started it with a so called fake source and no one ever confirmed even his co-star Robert in the Lucky One was talking about seeing Stella and her at his premiere. Zac and Vanessa told many people in NC they did not want their pictures taken that person who took the picture of Zac did it on the sly and yes they were supposed to be more of them together from the same girl but the guy never posted them he was to busy getting drunk lol but that is what his twitter said. Of course girls will take a picture of Zac before Vanessa they are star struck by him. When Vanessas 3 movies come out then the world will get star struck by her. Zac loves Vanessa he could have gone to the Sundance festival where he could have made more business contacts but he chose Vanessa and to support her. Guys who are in love do that. Just Jared needs to stop saying former flame can you prove it? Wheres the release statements from them? Zac and Vanessa help gave this site attention Jared you know that and they even held your paddles give them the proper respect and state only the truth as it is not as one wishes it to be. Zac and Vanessa never broke up that is that. Why don’t you interview them for a change? LIVE and show them that the fans back them both 100% and are happy they did not cave in to Hollywood fame and stay trued to themselves and each other.