Liam Hemsworth for Peeta in 'Hunger Games'?

Liam Hemsworth for Peeta in 'Hunger Games'?

Liam Hemsworth poses for a pic with older brother Chris as they attend the Oakley Party on Main Street during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Friday (January 21).

The 21-year-old actor stopped by to chat with MTV at the event and expressed his interest in a particular The Hunger Games part — Peeta!

Liam shared, “[It's] A really, really cool story [with] action…gritty kinda stuff like that. [It's] Super dark. It’s all young kids in these Hunger Games, which are crazy, insane things.”

TELL JJJ: Who would you pick to play Peeta?

Liam Hemsworth for The Hunger Games?
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Credit: Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • Kim

    I prefer Alex pettyfer

  • Phoebe


  • tanya

    Right on there!!! Here here

  • m.

    Please no…just no. Hemsworth is wrong on sooo many levels. I also was not that impressed with him in this interview because he’s not very articulate, he can barely string a sentence together in a coherent manner. Miley Cyrus ex-boyfriend?!!?!….as our beloved Peeta?!?!. Logan Lerman or the young guy from the show Weeds.

  • mm

    @Kim @tanya totally agree. Liam is too…big. I don’t know Alex suits the role better.

  • aly91


  • Cheska

    i prefer Hunter Parrish. Liam does not fit Peeta’s description and character.

  • Polly

    I think someone who is actually 16 should play peeta-I mean that’s kid of a no brainer-_-

  • Erika

    He’s cool XD

  • smileymileyfan


  • jane

    oh hell no. he’s not peete or even Gale

  • cmeesmile

    NO. He does fit Peeta’s character. We loved Harry Potter so much because the actors were spot on, the Hunger Games should not be any different. It’s what brings audiences in and what makes it so believable. Liam Hemsworth as Peeta just doesn’t work.

  • Chanon

    GET HIS UGLY ASS OUTTA HERE! Alex Pettyfer would be a better choice! He’s only famous because he dated that Miley girl. -___-

  • elle

    NO! hunter parrish should play peeta

  • seager999

    isnt peeta supposed to be what, 16? that guy look too old.

  • May

    Liam looks really old. Chord Overstreet would be my pick.

  • alice

    I agree with everyone, he’s not the right person. Also he’s too old, So is Hunter Parrish. Peeta is like 16 and isn’t t it awkward/weird ( I assume Hailee Steinfeld will get the role of Katniss) that a 21- year old will be kissing a 14-year old girl ??

  • Natalia

    I like Liam, but for me, Hunter Parrish is Peeta Mellark. I can’t see anyone else.

  • mckenzie

    heck no. Also, Hailee steinfeld would be awful for Katniss. I think William Mosely, Lucas Till, alex pettyfer, or edward speleers would be good for Peeta.

  • Ellie

    Please nooo
    He’s wayyy too old and peeta is supposed to be cute

  • nicholas

    they are both so fugly.

  • sam

    nooo. I really hope they’ll cast unknowns for all of the kids parts. and also ones that actually look like they’re 16…

  • Dim

    I’ve always prefered Alex Pettyfer, but he is doing I am Number Four and Beastly, and possibly another franchise, so he most likely will not be Peeta. At least Liam’s showing interest in it. I’d rather them pick somebody that loves the series and does an okay job, rather than somebody that just sees it only as a career move and does an excellent job. Like Kaya Scodelario for instance. She tweeted that she was very excited for it and she’s my number one pick for Katniss. If Alex Pettyfer showed some interest in it, he’d become my number one Peeta too.

  • Desiree

    Liam would be okay. I could live with it, but Alex Pettyfer is EXACTLY the one way I pictured Peeta. And besides, if u reorganize his name and add and take some words out, it makes PEETA. = Pettyfer

  • Dim


  • Carla

    No. Just no.
    Peeta’s my fav ever and he’d ruin that for me!!!!!!!

  • Dannie H

    i dont want HIM or alex pettyfer or hunter parrish.
    i want peeta to be younger, more innocent looking, but still stocky in build and gorgeous!

  • Gilmore

    As much as I question his personality I prefer Alex Pettyfer for Peeta and Kaya scodelario for Katniss. He doesn’t fit the role right and I keep questioning why they want these twelve year old blondes for the role of Katniss when in the book it clearly states she is a brunette.

  • jane

    No Liam Hemsworth for Peeta – he’s just all wrong tor the character and looks too mature aka old for the part. Enough of this nonsense

  • Dannie H

    you’ve got to be kidding me.
    i don’t like the way he keeps chewing on his gum and acts so full of himself.

    I hope the casting directors find the perfect peeta!!!!!!

  • Liam

    Omg, NO. ALEX PETTYFER. Eeeeeeewwww. He’s not right for the part. Like, AT ALL.

  • Ale

    Alex Pettyfer or Hunter Parish for Peeta and Kaya scodelario for Katniss.

  • evana

    Hunter Parrish is the perfect peeta and if Kaya Scodelario plays katniss(who is perfect for the role) than it wont be a weird age difference but they both also look young enough to play the roles

  • kylie

    Unknowns! Please :).

  • e21

    I hope he doesn’t play Peeta. He doesn’t look the part.

  • e21

    He doesn’t look the part.

  • cmeesmile

    @Dannie H: I liked the way you worded your opinion. I agree completely. The character of Peeta must exude youth, vibrance, and innocence. They are among the characteristics that make him a lovable, yet strong, character. Liam Hemsworth, Alex Pettyfer, and Hunter Parrish are all commendable actors but they are not the best suited for this part. It’s quite obvious this is the opinion of the audience, so I hope those who produce the movie listen.

  • kASSIE


    Not a hater, but doesn’t Peeta need to look straight, Chord may or may not be but he appears gay. The actor gay or not should “look” straight.

    Liam looks older than he is. Maybe someone else.

  • poppy

    Alex Pettyfer or Jeremy Sumpter and for Katniss Christian Serratos.

  • LOL

    he’s famous just for miley cirus, sorry but is true

  • selia


  • selia

    HUNTER PARRISH FOR PEETA. i dont think alex pettyfer would fit though he looks more like jace from city of bones!

  • stacey

    I’m sorry but the minute I saw this I immediately
    thought NO NO NO NO NO! lol, not to sound to psycho,
    but I don’t think either of these people are right for peeta.
    I’m not hating on them though xD

  • Zola

    I say Drew Van Acker for Peeta. He looks 17 and possibly 16 at times. If you don’t know who he is look him up. I guarantee he’s a treat.

  • lerner

    OK, he totally lost me before he even had a chance to win me over. Never heard of him. I saw the video and the gum chewing is gross. First, it screams “I’m insecure. Give me something to do so I look cool. Cause I’m nervous as …”. Second, it’s GROSS! Why would anyone want to chew on their nasty mouth spit over and over again for even a moment. GROSS!

  • 18blues

    NO. please no. I’d rather have Alex Pettyfer playing as Peeta.

  • Oli

    NO! i don’t want him to be peeta! that’d be… just wrong

    alex pettyfer is awesome! but i’m still not sure about katniss…

    i saw THIS and i think that girl is great but a little bit old…

  • oli

    NO! i don’t want him to be peeta! that’d be just wrong.

    alex pettyfer is perfect for that role! but i’m still not sure about katniss…

    I saw THIS and i think that gir is graet but a little bit old…

  • krystel

    is he serious? GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Vicki

    Liam is way too old to be Peeta..