Selena Gomez: Late Night at LAX

Selena Gomez: Late Night at LAX

Not all the way awake, Selena Gomez goes through security at LAX airport in Los Angeles to catch a very late night flight on Saturday (January 22).

The 18-year-old actress saw her film, Ramona and Beezus, honored at the 12th Annual Women’s Image Network Awards earlier this month. The film’s director, Elizabeth Allen, took home the award for Best Director.

Costar Jennifer Stone dished to JSYK about her on-and-off-screen BFF: “She is one of those people who make you want to be a better person. When you meet people and they’re apart of your life they can either cut you in half or double you. Selena is definitely one of those people who doesn’t only double you but she triples you. I cannot wax poetic enough about her. She’s just a wonderful human being.”


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Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Britney

    Sounds weird but what time was it JJJ?

  • mmbop


  • -

    ahh love her so much! :D
    she’s sooo cute when she’s grumpy :P

  • Mmcami

    Lol @ not wearing a bra

  • andy

    She does not look happy! Papz need to LEAVE HER ALONE!

  • http://deleted hi

    She is just sleepy… :*

  • Jesse

    yeah it’s the middle of the night XP
    she looks cute :)

  • Angelique

    Ahw, she looks so sleepy. Haha, so cute!

  • good-one

    Oh the indignity.       :(

  • Selenafan1

    she looks so much younger than 18 with that grumpy/sleepy face(; I <3 her!!! she looks soo adorable(no homo)

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @Mmcami: There Are these things called strapless bras, also there are built in bras… Make a big deal out of it when she pulls a Lindsay (no bra in a white wife beater tank top)

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    yeah, selena def doesn’t looked happy for sure, where is she heading? back home in texas?

  • fan1

    lol she looks tired but still pretty.

  • http://deleted hi

    She looks very cute! :*

  • Tex

    She’s growing, and she’s also becoming a gorgeous, young lady, even “au naturel”. I wonder what’s on her mind.

    In the meantime i’ll tell you what’s on mine:

    Why a person like her wanted to degrade herself with an arrogant individual who dares to compare himself to persons the stature of Michael Jackson and others, and whose mother isn’t capable to refrain herself from uttering blasphemies such as that she and her son have been sent on earth by the will of god to light up mankind.. – it will torment me until further notice. (i don’t mean blasphemies in the relgious meaning of the term, i mean the infinite arrogance and the obvious, delusional detachment from reality).

  • منتدى نسائى

    she looks tired but still pretty ^.^

  • Laura

    Selena is all this woe!

  • Sandra

    Selena is amazing

  • Emma

    Seems tired

  • Fernanda

    Look tired but I loved the clothes

  • Helena

    It should already be in Puerto Rico

  • headstrong

    she looks tired and she looks moody. ugh papz need to get a real job.

  • DreamGirlxx

    Selena doesn’t need a bra…
    She hasn’t got boobs =/…
    I doubt she’ll ever be considered “sexy”…
    No boobs, no curves…
    On the plus side she does have a cute nose…
    From the side=)

  • AJ

    Does anyone know where is she flying to?

  • Chloe

    She looks tired but still pretty. She & The Scene are gonna rock Puerto Rico!

  • Tex


    You clearly don’t know what men like… ;)

    Only, she looks a bit too skinny. Some more chocolate, Selena, it helps mood too!

  • J

    I’ve noticed that too. A little bit more thin on the edges, but she still looks great.

  • da penguin

    she’s cute when she’s tired and grumpy. she looks 16.

  • selena4ever

    So adorable!!!! She’s even so beautiful when she’s asleep!

  • Ella

    haha. Sel is not amazed..

  • Sabrina

    Too bad she was tired!

  • Angelina

    Too bad she was tired!

  • Laura

    Too bad she was tired!

  • Tex

    Well, as i said before, i was thinking that J.B. and his mom were arrogant, for what they told in their Vanity Fair interview, but now i’ve found the courage (it costed me a lot) to finally dig into justin bieber (interviews, videos…. he was so repulsive to me that i never had the force to do it) and now i think that they’re not arrogant, but only poor, poor nuts with limited capabilities… and that he’s only a poor kid exploited by something bigger than him. But something else is also a lot much clear to me now: the selena gomez’s disease. I don’t know what disease she’s affected with, but it’s severe. because you have to be really sick for wanting to date a poor kid like that, who looks how he looks, who seems a 13 years old with a female voice. Someone says that she’s a pedo….well i don’t know, but she definitey has some problem. There are better ways to get attention, and she doesn’t need that kind of attention. What a sadness…

  • hola

    Thats SO sweet Jen Stone said about her. Its very true, its the reason why Sel is my idol. She inspires me, i love her so much :)

  • tipsntricks

    Beautiful face but she looks tired on that picture.

  • untitled

    HAHA She’s sooo cute! I wish I could dress like that at an airport. lol :)

  • Simone

    I loved the look!

  • byanca

    I loved the look!

  • herlayne

    Was going to show

  • herlayne

    Was going to show!

  • hiha

    she looks tired and unhappy may be cuz of those crazy rumors about her topless pic!

  • tanya

    She’d look better if she would ditch the weave.

  • Eliane

    I loved the dress!

  • http://yahoo maddie

    some people might think that selena is ugly in this pic but to me maddie walters she is not ugly she is always pretty and i would love to meet her so selena please come by my house you are my romotel since i was like 4 or 5 and my address is 1001 airport rd fulton ky and b-10

    i love wizards of waverly place and i want to be a wizard oh and cant wait for wizards vs angels on feb the 4 and if you do get this message thanks for being you because that is how i like you thanks for listening

  • da penguin

    she’s adorable!! is she grumpy or just tired?

  • elizabeth

    She seems a bit tired. But shes also so gorgeous.. even when shes not trying. i guess it comes naturally to her ;)

  • elizabeth

    @Mmcami: how do you even know?

  • Miguel

    She looks like a young Michelle Rodriguez when is grumpy