Nina Dobrev: What's Going On with Elena, Stefan & Damon?

Nina Dobrev: What's Going On with Elena, Stefan & Damon?

Wearing a cute newsboy cap, Nina Dobrev drags her luggage behind her as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles with costar Ian Somerhalder on Sunday afternoon (January 23).

The 22-year-old actress recently chatted with EOnline about the infamous love triangle between Elena, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Somerhalder) on The Vampire Diaries.

Nina shared about what’s to come on the show, “I think, without giving away too much, Stefan and Elena are working out some kinks. And Elena and Damon are still in the same place they kind of always have been. They’ve been jumping around between friendship, more or less, and hatred, and it’s just so up and down, it’s like a roller coaster with Elena and Damon.”

WHICH COUPLE DO YOU LIKE BEST — Elena & Stefan OR Elena & Damon?

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  • patry

    They are so beautiful! Can’t wait for the next episode of TVD! Thanks for posting JJJ! :)

  • Anabelle

    Elena & Stefan FTW ♥

  • londonlemming

    Elena & Damon

  • Mandy

    Elena & Damon. Hands down. They have far greater chemistry than Elena & Stefan could ever have and yes, she and Damon have anger between them but anger is passion. And Love should always be passionate. Otherwise it simply isn’t worth fighting for.

    But that’s my opinion only so Stelena fans, don’t freak. My voice isn’t suddenly going to make Elena run into Damon’s arms with a heart full of forgiveness and eternal love written on her lips.

  • Anja

    Delena FTW !

  • elisa

    Elena&Damon of course!!!
    Much more interesting couple.

  • Lua

    Damon and Elena.

  • Jannii

    Damon & Elena.

    And I have still hope for NINA AND IAN =D
    Hey both are soooooo amazing together

  • sara

    Elena & Stefan

    Its not all about chemsitry. Stefan is great for her and cares and hasn’t hurt her like Dmaon. Who has hurt her friends and snapped her brothers neck.

  • seatash

    Stelena FTW

  • melissa

    I am a huge fan of the books and I loved them all I also can not wait for the final book to come out in march!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the show and I actually like the show better than the books because the show is seems more realistic in my opioion.

    Elena and Damon all the way!!! <3


    Elena and Stefan all the way.

  • deby

    Damon and Elena ….. hands down!

  • midnytgirl

    Stefan and Elena! FTW!

  • pup

    Stefan & Elena!! Meant to be. <3

  • Jamie

    DELENA FTW! Stelena bore me to death, always have. Now him and Katherine – that’s a different story. ;)

    Mandy, completely agree. That’s why I love Damon and Elena as well. They BELONG together, period.

    Jannii, Nina and Ian have actually been together for a while already. LOL It’s not even a secret down in Atlanta.

  • Ilydamonsalvatore

    DALENA all the way. and not just cos i am obsessed with damon. elena and damon r just SOOO cutre and i hope that soon they will get together :D

  • dreamer

    love her outfit there :)

  • fdran

    love Ian~~~

  • http://GOOGLE.COM i LOVE IAN

    Why is this listed under JUNIOR?! Lots of adult women loooove Ian Somerhalder and anything related to Vamp Diaries. Get a clue, Jared!

  • Caroline


  • Tamara

    Elena and Damon.

  • kerri

    I love Elena and Damon

  • Sofia

    Damon & Elena !!!!!

  • silvy

    absolutely Damon & Elena <3 Damon is sooo HOT

  • an

    DELENA!! although i beyond love stefan :) PAUL WESLEY!♥♥♥♥ btw she looks pretty :) love TVD

  • TVDobsessesd

    lol its good to see some stelena fans. LOVEE TVD

  • Rb



  • brittany

    NONE this is just a copy of twilight really but NEVER the same !

  • Elissa

    Damon & Elena foreverrrrrr :D

  • http://seals19 love me some damon

    Delena all the way!!!!!!!



  • ajla


  • http://FACEBOOK.COM NiNkA:)

    elena and damon of course what’s the question?? they are my life.. i’m the best fan of the vampire diaries.. i love ian so so much.. they are my life.. ian somerhalder and nina dobrev they are the best couple.. ))

  • giih

    Elena & Damon .. is perfect *———* ♥

  • Carla

    Elena and Damon !!!!!!

  • meesha

    Elena and Damon FOREVER! They are so cute together. I also love the books and its even more good in series,not like twilight. The books were good but actors are so like BOOOOH!

  • Nadine

    I really don’t understand what people see in Delena…
    I don’t thing their chemistry is SO awesome like everyone’s saying.

    Stefan is amazing and absolutely gorgeous!
    But however things are going STELENA are meant to be and they are ENDGAME!

  • sara

    Once Damon and Elena will get together, everyone’s going to be bored of them really soon.

    Stelena FTW (:
    And Paul Wesley is so HOT!

  • laura

    i never really liked delena
    it’s always been like stefan/elena & damon/katherine to me.

    besides the thing i care about most on tvd is matt&caroline <3

  • christine


  • Corinne

    Stefan & Elena – all the way. Absolutely love them together!

  • http://Facebok Delena

    Damon&Elena are much more interesting.Stefan&Elena …..well they are not good together and I know first love blah blah blah but it’s my opinion and I am not being mean to Stefan&Elena luvers I just prefer Damon&Elena :-) Soz if I went on and on it’s just what I do LOL

  • thembi Basi


  • Mandy


    Oh please. Everyone knows The Vampire Diaries was written before Stephanie Meyer even thought of Twilight. And nothing in the world is original anymore. Stephanie Meyer didn’t come up with Vampires. Neither did L.J Smith, or even the iconic Anne Rice who epitomized vampire fiction. As well as Bram Stoker. Just because Twilight rose to fame first doesn’t mean its suddenly the reason why Vampire Fiction exists.

    And now, all formality out the window, you don’t like Vampire Diaries? Get off the forums then to somewhere you’ll actually find worth reading unlike the rest of us who actually do like TVD.

  • clair

    damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena,damon and elena, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellen

    Stefan and Elena have more chemistry than Damon and Elena. Elena loved Stefan when he was good and bad but Damon had to become “good” before she would even like him. I have always being a Stelena fan and always will be.