Vanessa Hudgens: Candie's New Spokeswoman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Candie's New Spokeswoman!

Vanessa Hudgens is following in Britney Spears‘ footsteps as the new face of Candie’s!

“So fun being a Candie’s Girl! Look out for the @Candiesbrand pics of their new girl, Vanessa Hudgens!” Brit tweeted on Tuesday (January 25).

“Thnx, @BritneySpears, you’re a tough act to follow …but, I’m so excited to be the new Candie’s girl for 2011!! — xo,” Vanessa tweeted back on Candies’ Twitter page.

Can’t wait to see the ads!

ARE YOU EXCITED about Vanessa being the new Candie’s Girl?

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • pop86


  • BabyBooZanessa

    Congrats nessa ! <3

  • JosĂ© luiz


  • Inji

    Omg this is awesome!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    The background on Candies twitter page look fabulous ! Vanessa’s looking hot in all of them. Congrats Baby V ! :)

  • joan

    OMG She Deserved i’m So happy and Other Reason To Be Happy is That My role Model (Nessa) and one of my FAVORITE Artist (Britney) Tweet Each other That Great for me

  • Nataly

    You already can see some pics on the background of candies’s twitter page

  • Yo


  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak


  • lauren


    ps. zac is lucky to deal with that body ;)

  • carly

    Congrats Nessa I’m So Excited For You :D xxx

  • Chanon

    I already saw an ad, she looks HOOOT.

    I also love that Vanessa knows her grammar. xD

  • mike

    Congrats Vanessa

  • suzy

    well done V!

  • lola
    she is sooooooo beautiful!
    congrats V!

  • nathalia

    congratulations vanessa
    sooo excited for these pictures

  • Jazmin

    Congrats…so excited for her. My girls loves Candies

  • birdie

    Congrats Vanessa!!!

  • Tina

    Congrats Vanessa! :) You deserve this!

  • Fauve

    We love you Vanessa and Candies will make a lot of money from this because Vanessa has style and flair I would love to own her whole wardrobe and now we have a chance to I hope they let her have input on design in the style of closing. Watch out Kohls you will see a lot of us Vanessa fans there.

  • kourtney

    OMG this is soo awesome! I LOVE her, and she’ll be a great spokesperson. Good thing my friend’s mom works at kohl’s so i can get more info on this! SO excited! :)



  • lauren

    this doesnt make me go to kholes and buy her clothes. sorry

  • jello

    She looks hot

  • Katty

    Well, this is out of left field! At least, for me, I don’t know who else out there knew. This is good for Vanessa, so many people shop at Kohls and she’ll be in a bunch of ads, both commercial and printed. It’s awesome!

    Can’t wait for Beastly and Sucker Punch! Beastly is coming soooo quick.

  • rox

    so cool

  • trueHSMfan15

    atleast brittney is gone, vanessa is a better person for candies. it would make all her hsm fans want to buy candies clothing. i am a tomboy it would not feel right but since i am a HUGE hsm fan i think it would be cool to dress like vanessa.

  • nicci

    i am so late, vanessa has a twitter.? when was dat?

  • e

    She looks beautiful and sexy in the pictures we’ve seen of her so far.


    She doesn’t have twitter, she wrote that through Candies twitter.

  • lola
  • taylorzanfan

    Congratz Vanessa you are beautiful and you have a great since of style
    Candies definately picked the right woman for the job!

  • wrestler

    is vanessa still in north carolina?

  • diamond

    OMG CONGRATS VANESSA ! I am soo happy for her and I saw the candids she looks amazingly gorgeous =) And also this is definetly her year she’s so talented and Im glad it’s being shown through her acting and amazing fashion sense ! And it’s great Brittany Spears approve ! Can’t wait to see more photshoot pics ♥

  • kate

    Congrats Vanessa this is fantastic news.

    @ Lauren shut up don’t post here if you don’t like Vanessa this is about Vanessa.

    Just go away idiot

  • e


    She is, I think she’ll be there until sometimes in early february, at least I heard that they will film until then.

  • carly

    Aw I love the pictures at Candie’s twitter… SO CUTE… can’t wait for the clothes and ad’s!!!! So excited for Vanessa =D
    That’s why she was doing lots of photo shoots. I sure vanessa will get more chances to be a spokesperson for other clothing brands.


  • Lady

    es she still in nc. she almost done with movie.zac is still to.i know he happy with everthink vanessa do.

  • lauren

    @ kate,
    its free speech i can say whatever i want on here. who are you telling me to go away?

    gezz what are point of comments and blogs sites if ppl are just going to give you shut for saying your opinion.






    its gorgeous!! i cant wait for pictures


    its not HER clothes ;)

  • sky10

    Another blessing for Vanessa!!!…Congratulation V.beautiful…..GOD bless you always and Zac.

  • BOJI

    Great! Our gal’s got a new endorsement. She looks gorgeous in those pics. Candies couldn’t have picked a better spokesperson and model.

  • jaylacutie

    awww i luv candies clothing , briteny makes some cute clothes , good 4 vanessa

  • wrestler

    @e, thanks for responding…

    To everyone else, just ignore those who has nothing nice to say.

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan

    Congrats Vanessa

  • mykamicks

    Cant say anyhting else except , Congrats Vanessa!

  • Anibal

    Vanessa reaally rocks!

  • Beastly fan!

    congratz vanessa <3