Stella Hudgens: Back on Twitter!

Stella Hudgens: Back on Twitter!

Stella Hudgens has re-joined the masses — and BFF Sammi Hanratty — back on Twitter, can confirm.

“It’s my public and ONLY twitter out there so talk to me there. Follow me and ask me questions too,” she shares in the video below.

Follow Stella and Just Jared Jr on Twitter!

Psst, in case you missed it, check out big sis Vanessa‘s newest role as the new face of Candie’s!

Stella Hudgens: Twitter Account Confirmed
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  • LOL

    can’t the poor girl have a privacity?



  • braeden

    aww, shes cute

  • richiee;)

    how old is shee?
    she looks olderr now! like 16 17

  • Tom

    Wow she is cute like her sister.

  • Fauve

    @Tom: She is also 15 :) but a very nice person who answers questions from all people about her and her life.

  • Katty

    Someone should ask her about Zac and Vanessa…

    I bet people are but she is ignoring those out of her sister’s right to privacy bc Vanessa doesn’t like to be talked about and stuff.

  • ally

    shes so sweet! she tries to respond to everyone on twitter
    i love her hair

  • jj

    @Katty i asked her she never reponds

  • leviq

    she doesn’t look live v! shes gorgeous tho

  • katie

    i want her hair

  • winona

    She looks like she had a nose job. A bit young for that.

  • kellie

    She looks so much like her sister. She’s pretty

  • abby14

    @richiee;): WEll she’s 15 so looking 16-17 really isn’t that big of a deal. She’s a sweetheart (so is her mother). Her mother is like my new favorite person.

  • Miranda

    @Katty: Someone asked her is Zac was like a brother to her, and Stella said exactly “yes<3″

  • jaay

    shes hot

  • fhjdks

    she would be so cute with justin bieber!!!!!!!!!
    shes rele pretty btw!! i want her ahir

  • hi


    uhh shut the fuck up

  • beatriz

    aww i love her :)
    is so sweet

  • Proudofzacnessa

    YYYYYYYYYYYYES and the twitter of gina Hudgens
    is MAMAGH =D a great and cool mom =D
    so sweet with the fans

  • joan

    Love her, her Mom and OBVIOUSLY Her Sister Such And Incredible Family

  • inno

    so she thinks is famous or something for be the vanessa’s sister?

  • Sofiaaxo

    Everyone should go and follow her. There will be a special video when she reaches 6000 followers. (Casua hint of something related to Vanessa, maybe?) :)

  • Suave

    she’s so beautiful! I love her and her mommy and of course Vanessa <3

  • Allie

    It freaks me out that people are following her because her sister are famous. It freaks me out even more that this is being reported here. This is not news. Her claim to fame (if thats what she wants) is her sister. Leave her alone to be a normal 15-year old.

  • Karen

    I wouldn’t think it would take her long to get to 6000… But I am concerned that she will get that many mainly because of Vanessa. But If she doesn’t mind then it is nothing to me. I would think she will be sorry for having this posted here. Many a tweeter who has posted seeing Vanessa and/or Zac have deleted the tweet because they can’t stand the people who ask so many stupid questions and are so nosy.

  • anita

    OMFG! her voice is sound so like Vanessa’s. love ya stell <3

  • WTH

    am i the only one who thinks it’s strange that her mom has a twitter?

  • myopinion

    no she’s not famous (yet.. although she’s talented as well) in her own right nor a celebrity..she’s doing this to get people’s attention/scrutiny off from Zanessa. It’s a strategy to divert attention away from zanessa which I think is good. Zanessa need their privacy and should be respected. V’s sis is only trying to help out.

  • meryyy

    stella pleaaaaaase!!! if youhave facebook tell us please!!

  • Stella

    Hey thank’s for posting my proof up it’s well apresiated :p

  • Stella

    Hey thank’s for posting my proof up it’s well appreciated :p

  • natialie

    STELLA is 13 .. gosh get it right :)

  • kaitlyn

    stella is not reaching out to people just for the fame. she’s had fans for years and years. she’s an actress, so she’s going to have fans outside of the reason she’s vanessa’s sister. she’s a nice girl, not doing anything wrong, and she just so happens to have a famous sister. she’s still just a normal 15 year old. people need to stop saying she’s only in it for the fame. she’s definitely not like that and it’s easy to see.

  • mais

    i love her she is a lovey person her sister 2