Will Kristen Stewart be Snow White?

Will Kristen Stewart be Snow White?

Kristen Stewart might just be edging out her former The Runaways costar Riley Keough for the title role in Rupert SandersSnow White and the Huntsman.

According to Deadline, the 20-year-old actress’ name is leading the pack. The site states, “Though the studio has been testing young actresses and no one is set, there are persistent rumors that Stewart looms large as a potential lead.”

Other names that were being considered: Felicity Jones, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, and Australian actress Bella Heathcote.

Charlize Theron will play the Evil Queen.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — Would Kristen make a good Snow White?

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  • A

    I could never see her as Snow White.

  • helen

    i would love to see her as snow white that would be completly different to any of her others part and all.
    someone that i would LOVE! to see as snow white would be selena gomez, selena needs more movies to do and that would be awesome!<3

  • gabbie

    Yes Please!! Love her and would love to see her and Viggo in this

  • Dane

    Heck yes, especially if it’s a dark version. I think if Viggo is signed on then Kristen may reconsider this. Heard she turned it down already but the studio is not giving up yet. They want her in.

  • Rose

    If you want a miserable talentless Snow White then cast her. All she’ll be doing is biting her lip and messing with her hair. That’s not very princess like…

  • Cee

    @Rose: haha, very true.

  • Rai


  • veronica

    Absolutely! Love Kristen and would love to see her in this role! She is PERFECT!!!

  • Nat

    ewwwwwwwww! dear lord no. this chick is a terrible actress. gross! bad idea.


    But Snow White is supposed to be happy, and joyful, with a song in her heart! Kristen Stewart is bland, rude, and lacks emotion. SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE.

  • jj17

    Alicia Vikander pretty much already has the part.

  • Tiffany

    I don’t think she’d make a good snow white at all.

  • ladysdsandiego

    i think riley is perfect for the role. i can’t see kristen as snow white at all.

  • tammy

    i think she looks the part, but wouldnt be able to act it. but i do love her!

  • Bella

    no way she´s so darker and no cheeks no i don`t seen her as snow white.. besides why the insist on put those caracter with brown eyes to kristens green???

  • nina

    This Snow White is different from the story version-the huntsmen teachers her how to fight back so she can take down the evil queen with a showdown at the end. It sounds really cool, and this snow white needs to be inncoent at the beginnign but aggressive by the end. Kristen has snow white features for sure, and I’d like to see her twist on a feminist snow white!

  • DaJoka


  • magick_girl786

    No. Snow White is supposed to be gentle, kindhearted and happy. Kristen is sad, miserable and lacks emotion. NO.

    I’d rather Chelsea Hobbs from Make It Or Break It or Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries play her.

  • amanda

    I love Kristen and everything, but I don’t see her as Snow White. I don’t think I could.

  • twilighters


  • Ally

    Kristen can play anything and do anything she sets her mind too. She would be a perfect Snow White.

    I bet you didn’t think she would make a good Bella Swan and she did

  • lol

    Ok since when do you people know Kristen ? like personally ? how can u say she is miserable ? cause she doesnt like the attention and being harassed by paparazzi, no thats not being miserable , that is wanting a normal life ,

    Question would all of you be completely happy not being able to do the things you used to do cause of being famous?

    Kristen is NOT a bad person cause she just wants live a normal life! you wouldnt last a day in her shoes!! she is a very sweet young woman , that was thrown into fame NOT wanting it , Just wanting to be an actress , Dont trash her just cause she isnt like Lindsay and Paris Hilton, who love the attention

    ALL YOU STUPID HATERS DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT have a heart Leave Her alone !!! SHe is getting death threats
    would you be happy and smiling all the time when you have 40 year old married women harassing you and threatening to strangle you if they see you ?

    like i said you dont know anything so shut up and leave her alone !!!

  • lol

    Also you supposedly say Kristen cant act cause she stutters , plays with her hair and bites her lip? SERIOUSLY!!??

    DO you know how stupid you sound? Are You Perfect? Do you have nervous tics ? I bet you do Cause nobody is perfect , Not even celebrities

    and no matter Kristens imperfections she STILL has millions of fans World WIde , even before Twilight i might add , and all those millions of fans voted for her to win at the Peoples Choice, beating other veteran actresses like Angelina Jolie for the third time

    She may Have a few mentally unstable 40 year olds and their daughters jealous of her , threatening her but she has MILLIONS of devoted fans that support and adore her

    and her peers who know more about acting than you will ever do, speak beautifully about her, Fom Sandra Bullok, James Woods, Sean Penn Jodie Foster and Kate Bosworth to even Georgie Henley , the young girl from Chronicles of Narnia

    Georgie shared, “Kristen Stewart inspires me. I respect her for being true to herself, not conforming or doing what people tell her. She deals with the fame really well. I think fame is what you make it. If you don’t want the fame, you can still practice your craft.”

    so in other words LEAVE KRISTEN ALONE !!!!

  • Mary


    She’s a horrible actress!!!!

  • pearl

    i could see her as snow white,she does have the look

  • vi

    i think it’s interesting…
    but maybe vanessa hudgens or kristin kreuk would make a better snow white…

  • Vins

    Well, snow white is described like the most beautiful woman. So, casting mistake ! Seriously, they can’t ruined this movie choosing her.

  • Mika

    Why do they keep on making new things out of stories from before? No originality in Hollywood.

  • Rose

    @lol: When I said miserable I meant her acting was… I know I become miserable just watching her.

  • am

    No. Her face is too hard to be Snow White and she’s not very pretty. The only emotion she can project is sullen irritation. Otherwise, her eyes are dead and her face and body are ravaged by annoying tics. I don’t know anyone outside of Krisbians who would like her cast in that role or who would want to spend hard earned money just to be annoyed by her crappy acting and her crappy attitude for two hours.

  • am


    Like most people, I go on what I see. The thoughts and feelings that are projected onto a person’s face and body language. Now I could ask you, how do you know she is NOT sullen and moody? You’ve seen as much as I have and surely she hasn’t changed her scowl anytime recently. You must be seeing the same things I’ve seen. Are you perhaps incapable of reading a face that is like an open book? Or maybe you are willfully ignoring or twisting the things you see? Either way, you can have your opinion about what her scowls and eye-rolling and dead, fish-eyes mean and I can have mine. You think it means she is sweet as honey and is skipping around with a song in her heart and love for all mankind. Whatever.

  • Ashley

    You kind of need to chill. I’m sure she’s a nice person but the facts are she is not a good actress. She was the worst part of the Twilight films, and I like the films. I haven’t seen the runaways and maybe she was better in that but I would prefer a better actress. Also, this movie sounds a bit like Red Riding Hood.

  • Jonathan


  • daniella!!

    Felicity jones should be Snow White. She’s just perfect for the role. Snow White just isn’t Kristen’s role. She doesn’t look like her and I don’t think she’d be able to portray her as well as other actresses could. Also Snow white should have black hair because that’s what we’ve all grown up with and is what’s traditional. Kristen is a great actress and all but this isn’t her role to play. However Charlize Theron will make a great evil queen!

  • tribalspirit

    Wow. Kristen is a terrible actress. Do not cast her as Snow White. She’s so awkward. Like at first I thought she was pretending to be awkward in the Twilight movies-but even in real life shes like spazmodic. WTF. She can’t be snow white, she doesn’t even look the part, too thin and scraggley.

  • meesha

    I really like her as Bella and she’s a good actress and I think that she can play the role of snow white because she is white as snow. I like Vanessa Hudgens to and I think she is beautiful(more than Kristen Stewart)
    but she is not white enough for snow white

  • nimaa

    eww i cant picture her as snow white

  • lerner

    She’s not kid friendly. We don’t want shots of Snow White off set smoking. Selena Gomez is much better !

  • No

    Hell to the effing no

  • poppy

    Lol, you bring up a good point about her biting her lip and doing her quirky things over and over. Just poor acting. I’m sure you’ll NEVER be her spokesperson because you really slammed her instead of helping.

    Can we have a clean Snow White? Not Vanessa Hudgens, not Kristen Stewart.

  • http://myspace.com/Bluestarbear Courtney Salisbury

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! it is going to suck bad!!

  • laura

    i can’t see her as snow white.. :/

    i would love if kathryn or megan prescott were snow white <3 lol i know that won’t happen though.

  • Becky

    Anyone who is commenting on her acting saying she is wonderful is full of shit, she can’t act at all. Whether she is depressed, happy, anger, its all one emotion on her face.

    My five year old little sister could do better than her.

    Please for everyone’s sake do not take on a cherished role of a Disney Princess.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see kristen as snow White.

  • lolalouise

    NO. This cannot happen. Kristen Stewart does not have the ability to act. Can we get someone with talent, please, to play Snow White?

  • Anabelle

    HAHA, Kristen as snow white??O.o could never imagine.
    The best actress to play SW is Bella Heathcote. I would prefer Megan Fox as she really looks like with SW and also she is a great actress, but her name is not leading the pack. =(

  • Lynlee

    she’s a bad actress anyway

  • annemarie

    Unless they’re making Snow White emo, she should not play the part. Also, Snow White is pretty. You see where I’m going with this? Yeah, I went there.

  • http://twitter.com/ykliiM Milky

    @helen: is SNOW white… selena doesnt fit in that description

  • maria

    NO WAY, NO HOW to Stewart. She has a nasty attitude, stoned looks, and is a VERY average actress. At best. Way to ruin a movie.