Bonnie Wright Never Had a Crush on Daniel Radcliffe

Bonnie Wright Never Had a Crush on Daniel Radcliffe

There’s only a few months left until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II hits theaters and Bonnie Wright dished up a few more details to Pop Star Argentina mag.

The 19-year-old actress opened up about a fight, kissing and insists on never having a crush on Daniel Radcliffe. Check it:

On what’s going on with Ginny in Part II: :The character in this second part evolves a lot. She fights Bellatrix and more, I can’t say much but in this part Ginny is great, apart from the epilogue, which I don’t know if you knew but we reshot it back in December.”

On the romance between Ginny and Harry: “Yes. There’s a kiss, I can’t say at which moment but there is a kiss. Also, the couple has significant looks and moments that I think they’ll work [laughs] we did a good job with Dan.”

On if she ever had a crush on Daniel: “No! Everyone keeps asking that. I’ve known everyone for years, I’ve lost count [laughs], but we always treat each other as friends and it will always be like that. Besides, it’ll be really embarrassing, some people tell me: ‘Bonnie, you make a great couple with Dan!’ and I just look at them blushing and smiling, Jamie (Campbell-Bower) looks at them, it’s so funny.”

On being grateful to be playing Ginny: “I loved playing her! I was really lucky to do it, really, and I owe it all to my brother. At the beginning, people didn’t care much about the character, or she didn’t have much love, or they took her as a fool (and I’m talking about the movies), but now they’ll say: Is that Ginny? …But really, Ginny is almost like me, I was shy at the beginning but then I became confident and I think I’m a good person.”

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  • Celia

    Makes sense since they grew up together. But I think Dan is SO cute!
    I can’t wait for DH Part Two!

  • jj

    She is so beautiful…very excited to see the next movie!

  • swiftfan

    Pretty and smart like all the potter kids =D

  • Angie

    I always liked Ginny I thought she was adorable and cute. I like her hair can’t wait until July. Bonnie Looks GORGEOUS AND LUCKY GIRL TO KISS DAN.

  • jorja_argentina

    i love her as ginny! she’s a great person!
    too bad she isn’t dating dan ’cause they make a wonderful couple :)

  • nadia88

    daniel and bonnie’ chemistry does not match.actually im still think rachel hurd wood would have been better ginny than bonnie.i don’t like her.she is followed in the footsteps of emma watson.but emma is best.

  • toughlittleprissy

    she’s pretty but imo she doesn’t really play Ginny well. And there’s no chemistry between her and dan.

  • WG

    Bonnie and Dan have no chemistry. Rachel Wood is a good suggestion. She’s prettier.

  • Dani

    She’s grown up into a beautiful young woman.

  • madison

    well, yes. i understand they are not dating… but they could make a good couple..

  • Sav

    somebody should ask radcliffe if he ever had a crush on bonnie… coz she’s GORGEOUS now!

  • http://salma salma

    well she is cute and prett and i like her lips and her and dan ,they are pretty good

  • lois

    Ok she never had a crush on Daniel…
    She seems happy with Jamie, I found Jamie particularly ugly. But it’s me…And since she is with him, she seems happy, but no longer seem so glamorous, as when she was single lol

  • lois

    Emma is beautiful…

    Bonnie wright (Ginny) too, but With twenty years, Bonnie is wasting her age and contemplating getting married with Jamie…poor girl…
    Since is dating, Bonnie seems so much older than Emma…

  • nanci

    Bonnie looks amazing! As for the chemistry between Bonnie and Dan, well we have to look at it this way – there was definitely tension between the two. Of what I dont know but I have to say they played it well & I for one loved it! Bonnie is coming into her own and she is going to make her own name in this business. I dare say she wont be pigeon holed as the three stars are going to be. You rock Bonnie!

  • sabrina

    well bonnie and dan is beautiful

  • sabrina

    well i she end danil is beautifut
    i love

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