Jennifer Stone: Shopping Is Hard with Selena Gomez

Jennifer Stone: Shopping Is Hard with Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez keeps her head down and away from the cameras as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (January 30).

Finding the time to shop and hang out with BFF Jennifer Stone is hard for the 18-year-old actress.

Jennifer shared with Hollywood Life, “Selena is pretty much homeward bound. We tried to go shopping and it was not easy to do. We tried to go to the Grove. It really pisses me off that we can’t do that.”

The girls’ mantra to cope with the cameras and crazy business: “Good parents [are key]. Also, I’m constantly reminding yourself this isn’t what you are, it’s what you do. I think that’s what helps us not go crazy,” she shared.

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez

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  • andy

    Pappz really need to leave her alone!
    She is so nice for stoping to take pics with fans!! Love her!

  • elizabeth

    love her outfit.. where is she headed?

  • mmbop

    She looks so cute!

  • elizabeth

    her mother?

  • itsmeagain

    she dye her hair?

  • amtfan

    its so weird hearing jen say “pisses me off” lol

  • http://deleted demi lovesvodka

    poor selena. she looks stressed out

  • Kristy

    Blah! How boring! I love both of them, but come on!

  • http://deleted hi

    Pappaz need to leave her alone!!!

  • aliya

    why would the pap still take pics if its very clear that she dont want the pics because she has her head down DUh……. stalkers

  • none

    I love Jennifer but the press and pop is part of being famous.

  • Chloe

    It’s part of the “business” but it’s sad. Clearly Selena doesn’t like paparazzis, leave her alone! Better take pics of the Kardashians, they do love the attention a lot.

  • gary

    Selena is a non entity who’ll be forgotten by the time she’s 25 and the other girl is a non entity who’s name I can’t even remember now. They are followed around by young girls and boys. Why is that something to be proud of?

  • leyli

    hi.I am from azerbaijan.I love selena gomez.selena is the best

  • leyli


  • tex

    Smile, because no matter what you do, it seems that we can’t stop loving you. At least, try not to rob banks..

  • hiha

    Selena is very lucky to have such a down-to-earth friend like Jennifer Stone. I think that’s why Selena won’t end up like Demi and Miley. She chooses her friends wisely.

  • Miss pencil

    She is cute but she is making fool of herself she should stop singing. The comment above me, what’s with Demi? I don’t see anything wrong with her she is a good person and if ur talking about the pics well she checked herself in treatment centre unlike Miley who does ugly stuff that cannot be mentioned and then says ‘every body makes mistakes’. Do not compare Demi to anyone cause she is the best.

  • hiha

    @Miss pencil: she’s the best puncher ever :) even better than Mohammed Ali

  • temii

    demi is getting back to her normal self and im happy for her.
    miley does a bad thing then says she’s growing up but not all kids who are growing up dress like a tramp and take drugs. im not a miley hater i just think some things she does is wrong.
    selena does choose the people she hangs out with wisely for example taylor swift and jennifer stone however she clearly looks tired but is still looking great :)

  • headstrong

    @hiha: lol why you always have to mention Demi and Miley?.you bring down them to make selena look good?

  • headstrong

    i like her with dark hair better. And with short hair it suits her more and looks natural.

  • Zac

    Verry happy! i love you Demi!

  • michelle

    @temii: what drugs ?

  • michelle

    @none: i doubt she said that hollywood life most lie , i don’t think she would tell anybody that. but even if it does come with it i don’t agree with it.

  • t

    @headstrong: me too
    she looks pretier with short hair, like that her hair looks not shiny
    and i’m agree that when the news is about selena everyone is talking about demi and miley. i like selena a lot, demi too, but it’s a little bit boring
    it’s everytime not just only once

  • frosty

    i wonder what it’s like to be when you’re famous and everywhere u go, the papparazzi is always following you and snapping pictures and fans are following you. And i wonder why she keeps her head down. She looks kinda sad in those pictures.

  • hiha

    @michelle: Anyone looks good alongside Miley and Demi :)

  • rose mary

    that´s so funny!!!
    i love selene you are beautiful!!!love you

  • rose mary

    i love you are beautiful!!!!!i love you:i love your boyfrend, justin bieber,rihgt?sing to me plea:::

  • elizabeth

    lovely :)

  • Maria

    @gary: You do realise that just by writing a response to this post your making her more famous?! This what I’m talking about I don’t get how people can be this stupid & not realise that!

  • Lola

    anybody know where her backpack is from?

  • lola

    anybody know where her backpack is from

  • fan1ol

    Take that haters selena will be presenting at the grammy’s.

>>>>>>> staging1