Zac Efron: Let's Go Lakers

Zac Efron: Let's Go Lakers

Zac Efron chats with George Lopez from his Lakers courtside seats at The Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night (January 30).

The 23-year-old actor and a pal watched the L.A. Lakers battle the Boston Celtics. The Celtics won, 109-96.

Zac is currently preparing for his upcoming role in Garry Marshall‘s New Year’s Eve and has also been seen at the recording studios, lending his voice talents to the upcoming, The Lorax.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Yup, he’s looking fiine !! I love jean jackets on him.. :) ♥ Oh two movie projects, Zachary’s on a roll.

  • 1

    wasnt this last week?? Jw

  • Rob

    Ya this is last time he went to the laker game. jared get ur blogging straight. Ur disappointing your followers.

  • Ava

    Hey JJJ, next time you’re gonna blog about Zac you should try using the right pics. He’s not even wearing a jean jacket this time. Oh and the score was nowhere close to 83-79. Try 109-96 CELTICS.

    Journalism at its finest, I see…

  • Louise

    This was a couple of weeks ago!!..And you already posted it then…geesh!

  • duuumm


  • Just Jill

    The pics are from tonight. We uploaded the wrong gallery.

    And Thank you Ava for the correction on the score. We’ll fix

  • Bobo

    Thats are no the pitchers fron today. And thats

  • Bradley B

    Looking great Zac.

  • beatriz

    his looks!!
    i can’t wait for Zac Efron’s Movies.

  • peggy

    The game was this afternoon – can’t get even the smallest detail right

  • ????

    Well I will repost what I had posted. I can’t imagine why you removed it……..Hey Jared, who is minding the chickens in the chicken house???? You really need to get some qualified people helping you out. This is a joke,

  • mishyb

    Damn ya’ll are ruthless JJJ kind of failed I noticed aha!

    Anyways Zac looks alright. I like his iphone 4…

  • mishybc

    Zac looks normal and there is no reason for someone to comment and say ‘Aw Zac should be there with Vanessa.’ Don’t get me wrong I love them together and all but he appears to have a life so he isn’t going to sit at home pining over Vanessa until she is done filming.

    And yes I mentioned Vanessa on a Zac photo AND WHAT?

  • kyle

    Wow, his hair is growing so fast. Looking good, Zac!

  • Katty

    So, he’s already filming (whatever you call it) The Lorax? I didn’t know that… good to know. Yeah, he better get moving on New Year’s Eve, it has a release date of early December already and it hasn’t really began filming yet. I mean, they did a few crowd shots on New Years Even in Times Sqaure, but that is about it…. so they better get on it!

    I am all for a pic of Zac and Vanessa to prove to people that they are, in fact, still together, but come on, even when we didn’t have a doubt, we saw them apart. Zac is allowed to go to the game by himself or with another friend, as he has before. Also, Vanessa isn’t going to fly across the country just so see as basketball game with her boyfriend when she is busy finishing a film.

    By the way, pix of V filming in North Carolina can be found at

  • lauren

    nice with mentioning vanessa, next here come about 100 more comments on why did you bring vanessa along with this?

    but anyway, i think him and vanessa are some what in a good place right

  • lauren

    i think him and vanessa are in a good place right now.

    let the hater comments begin.

  • Natasha

    He’s so Hot!!!!!!!

  • Lari

    I love Zac so much!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    Zac looks great.

  • steff

    zac, you lookin hella fine!
    but why didnt you bring vanessa with you?

  • selena

    he’s good looking but that weight makes him look ugly

  • http://google BARBARA

    FACEBOOK, several people at lease three persons saw Zac at the airport last nite lax, one of them her name was Shauna, she was on her way to NY, she ask him a guestion, are you Vanessa still together, and he said yes, but they going to keep it private, and that made her very happy.

  • pop86

    The girl is lying. Zac would never answer a personal question like that from a fan.. Over the years, fans had asked him personal questions at airports and premieres and never does he answer them.

  • meryam

    you are kidding right?
    you said that zac didn’t told his manager gina that he and vanessa break up because this is he’s personalle life and i you believe that he said to a fan at lax he and vanessa did not break up
    so you want to tell us that zac don’t speak about his personalle life to his manager but he did to his fan ?

  • Zac efron’s wife

    Zac & Vanessa are not together. He doesn’t always need Vanessa with him.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is so dang hot!!!! I like his hair!!!!

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is so dang hot!!!! I like his hair!!!! He’s the hottest guy alive!!!!

  • http://lala aiwen

    handsome boy ‘ pooh’!!!! coming!!!hahah (joke)
    big smile ya :D love to see him in lakers
    now his girl is filiming so i don’t care any rumours that they are friend of benifits or what BUT zanessa will always zanessa so they will be togeher FOREVER!!!! but i hope next time when v finish her film then zac will bring her with him,i missed them…… ::”(

  • http://lala aiwen

    handsome boy ‘ pooh’!!!! coming!!!hahah (joke)
    big smile ya :D love to see him in lakers
    now his girl is filiming so i don’t care any rumours that they are friend of benifits or what BUT zanessa will always zanessa so they will be togeher FOREVER!!!! but i hope next time when v finish her film then zac will bring her with him,i missed them…… ::”(

  • http://google BARBARA

    @POP86, MERYAM, sorry you are right i read latter that all three, were not telling the truth, don’t understand people would tell lies like that in the first place. @ZAC E, WIFE OR WHO EVER YOU ARE YOU NEED HELP! You are too obsess , thats enough to turn Zac off! By the way Zac and vanessa are together, get over it.

  • Butterfly

    yeah his hair definetly looks better that way <3
    aww zac.
    @mishy i dunno : yes,you are so right when you say ‘I mention vanessa in a zac post SO WHAT !? ‘ :D:D
    I mean, not as if they were an item for 5 years or so … and as if they have never been together to a lakers game with so damn cute pics,right ? so what, I mention her too if I want.
    but anyway,he looks very happy and nonchalant and all that <3 GLAD for him ;)

  • Zac fanatic

    Jared is correct the game was yesterday on ABC.

  • Aly

    @Zac efron’s wife:
    Would you stop this? We left you alone, just like the other haters, and now, you are back here.
    Do you need more proof that they are together?
    I`ll ask you this, even do i know you won`t answer, why would a guy fly from L.A. to NC to be with his “ex” in his only free weekend? And don`t give me the he needed his “benefit” `cause L.A. is full of girls and he could have got it any other place…

  • sophie

    maybe he didnt answer a friend’s questions, but there have many sightings of him at lax heading to wilmington :) hopefully its true!

  • sophie


  • Katty


    How do you know it’s to Wilmington? It could be to NY to start his next movie… you never know is all I am saying.

    I understand that people what to confirm that Zac and Vanessa are still together, I do too. However, they have JOBS and need to work without each other. They don’t need to see each other every day and they don’t at the moment because of said jobs. I want a pic too, but we must remember their obligations.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I just read a twitter and a girl said Zac came in her place it’s called java juice the place resides in Wimiington, NC. and two people at LAX said standing in line they heard he was going to Wimington NC. So alot of people on twitter think he went to viist Vanessa, before going to NC,then he will fly to NYC, NYC is only a little over a hour flight. he came to get something to eat.

  • amtfan

    Zac and Vanessa aren’t dating. Ashley has confirmed it, Zac’s reps have confirmed it.

  • sophie

    yeah we dont really know, but apparently they saw him heading to wilmington, either buying a ticket or boarding a flight..? true though!

  • mishybc

    @Butterfly: Exactly, it seems like people do forget they have been together for several years and are predominantly known as dating each other. I’m not saying they aren’t great individually.. but we fans aren’t accustomed to having one without the other unless they are filming, working, promoting, etc.
    So we will always mention the other even though we understand they won’t always be every freakin’ where together.. matter how much we pray, wish, hope, etc.

  • pop86


    There are picture of Zac at the gas station in LA today.

  • pop86
  • sophie

    im not sure if those pictures are from today.. but perhaps

  • sophie

    im not sure if those pictures are from today..? but maybe

  • http://google BARBARA

    ashley and Zac’s reps never confirm they were not dating or they broke up first Ashley would never talk about Zac’s and Vanessa’s relationship in the first place and his Reps have never said any thing about about there client except don’t believe every thing you read. Ashley and Vanessa and ZAC are best friends and she would never say anything about about her friendspersonal lifes were did you get these lies. News reports and people who would know they are seeing each other, even people who work with her on J2, No way would he traved 2 thousand miles to see her when he spenit three weekends with herin a roll, and it looks like he went to see her again before he works on his movie in NYC. So were did you find this information?


    I found his much hotter when he went with Vanessa to these games, because he smiled more. HE is cute though. But I miss Vanessa… lol

  • sophie


    what information are you talking about exactly?

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ POP86 THANK YOU.

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