Demi Lovato Laces Up

Demi Lovato Laces Up

Demi Lovato sports some cute lace tights as she heads into a local treatment center in Santa Monica on Monday afternoon (January 31).

The 18-year-old actress/singer was spotted out over the weekend with her bodyguard, grabbing a bite to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.

Demi just returned from completing her inpatient treatment at a center around the Chicago area.

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato

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  • Zahra

    “A New Journey Eating Disorder Center” << This I’m glad to hear, she is taking her treatment seriously..good on you Demi, remember this on the internet there are many judgemental people on the writing all sorts of horrible things behind there computer screens, deep down they have a problem themselves and you are the role model for them, you solved your problems whereas these poor people are in denial over the fact that they have a problem.

    True supporters and everyone who is psychologically stable wishes you all the best in the future and we all know you will be just fine :)

  • xoxoJanexoxo

    I am really really proud of her!!

  • lane

    gawd how awkward & uncomfortable. To be filmed while your going into an eating disorder place.=/ good for her for following up. But can u say PERSONAL??!

  • Angie

    Good for her. Just wish her insane fans would shut up and stop being so hateful towards everyone because I can honestly say I’m not a fan and hate hearing her name now because of the stupidity of her fans. But good luck to her.

  • Lyss

    I’m so proud of her :)

  • Koree

    There are no words to describe just how happy I am that Demi is back!!! I can’t wait for what the future brings from her!!!
    I love her always!

  • mmbop

    That is one ugly outfit.

    Glad she’s doing better and continuing with her treatment though!

  • Jennifer

    the most special girl of world!

  • Sim

    @Angie ..NOT ALL LOVATICS CREATE HATE!!! Every fanbase has their own group of people who do nothing but squeal at OTHER fanbases. I am a lovatic and I do not support Demi in everything. I HATED how she had that friggin tan and became weird.But now she is normal.So please use the word `some` demi fans .Dont be stereotypical.

  • Richad

    I am very happy! Demi is fantastic!

  • Tom

    I am very happy! Demi is fantastic! i love you!

  • Kaiah

    Wow, good for her! Seeking help for anything is such a personal and sensitive matter and this girl has to do in front of a bunch of cameras and with the world watching.

    Obviously Demi is one strong girl who I have nothing but respect for. So proud of you Demi! Stay strong, stay proud! You’re such an inspiration! And you’re incredibly beautiful!

  • ma

    so happy for her!

  • Kaiah


    what did her fans do?

  • Emily

    I am very happy! Demi is fantastic!

  • dani

    Most celebrities stay in treatment for 2 weeks and then think it’s all ok, so I’m really happy and proud that Demi is taking her treatment seriously. Not only she stayed in the treatment center 3 months, but now she is still continuing it at home, despite of what the media will say. One word: mature.
    I’m tired of the scarfs that she has been wearing. They are not flattering, but what makes me sad is that it seems that she is trying to hide her body with them. Next step in treatment. :)
    Btw, where can Zhara (1st comment) read “A New Journey Eating Disorder Center”. I must be bling, cause I can’t see it anywhere.
    So excited to hear news about her new music and acting projects. :D

  • Danymeri

    is it me or she got a boob job o.O?

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    Wow, more Demi! I’m loving this! And She looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • leanne

    Stay strong Demi. :)
    Ignore them backstabbers and haters.
    Yeaahh Yuuu, Demi!

  • Ella

    how I missed her pictures.. :)
    She’s such a one pretty woman.

  • Djminz

    Demi is an intelligent Woman! #FACT
    and beautiful and talented and strong and the list is HUGE!

  • Deric

    I am very happy! Demi is fantastic! i love you!

  • Jocasta

    Omg! very happy! Demi is the best!

  • any

    Soo proud of this girl!!! Love ya Demi <3

  • Zahra

    @dani: uummmm JJJ had it written before but appear to have taken it out

  • maria

    Fugly outfit, and did she gain weight or something ? Her legs look kinda manly there. Good she’s following through her treatment though, she needs it.

  • Zahra

    @maria: WOW with superficial people like you around I really do wonder why the world is soo messed up nowadays -_-

  • maria

    @Zahra: I’d rather say people like you, who need to trash other people’s opinions, are what’s wrong nowadays.

  • Erika

    Nice outfit XD

  • Yuri

    I’m really proud of her for going through all this :) She asked for help before things got worse she went to treatment because she WANTED to and telling the world about it was a very brave move cause people who have such problems and especially celebrities never admit it.Demi is a very strong and brave young woman :] Maybe yes she “punched” a girl but come on what girl didn’t do that huh ? Besides we all make mistakes no one is perfect.The fact that she is not trying to be one of Disney’s perfect show off dolls is what makes her a true inspiration :) I love you Demi and I can’t wait to see your future projects :D

  • anybody?anybody?

    i love demi, she’s a wonderful person that hollywood has messed up. but she’s being responsible, so kudos, but i don’t think paps should be following her around while she’s getting treatment. this is a serious thing for her, not something to be photographed for everyone’s entertainment and so that idiots like MARIA can spew superficial opinions that make her sound catty and obnoxious (yeah, it’s your opinion but you have no tact when it’s aimed at someone who’s major worry right now isn’t fashion, but her well-being). but demi’s smiling, so that’s good. i hope she keeps up the good work, stays healthy, and goes back to SWAC! lol

  • londonlemming

    All I have to say is I agree with this :

  • http://therealgracem Grace

    omg stop hating on Maria, she’s just saying, stop taking those comments so seriously, plus she also said “im glad she’s following her treatment”.

    She did gain some weight, but you can barely tell, she looks flawless… and i like the outfit except for those leggins… i’m sooo proud of her, i had to deal with it by my own and it was soo hard, i bet it’s really hard for her to do it with the entire world watching… but she’s strong. An amazing role model.

  • Mikaele

    i love you!

  • blah

    gawd she looks bloated.. and she really need to get rid of those lace tights.. she doesn’t have great-looking legs and wearing that made it worse.

  • blah

    with all these “oh kudos to her for seeking treatment” and all that crap, you’d think she’s the only girl in the world who had enough sense to get help for her issues. duh.

    we all have issues. we all have our problems to sort out. we all have our demons to fight. yeah, it’s great she’s seeking treatment but big deal. lots of girls go through that. and lots of other girls, who are also living the hollywood life just like her, had more sense to do better. hilary duff anyone? selena? taylor swift? i’m not saying these girls are perfect but at least they know how blessed they are to be where they are.

    gawd. if people have a problem about reaping the results of their profession, they should just quit or something. i mean you can’t really expect everything to just be one-sided and happy.

  • Rai

    she has black hair again ! YAY !

  • leelee

    @blah: So lucky them. Kudos to them, too. Demi’s not them, either. And neither you nor I are she, or have gone through what she did.

    You could also say that those who can’t hack school or college, or the military, or being different in an environment of hostile conformity (e.g., gay/lesbian, bullied among bullies… or in one of the most extreme historical examples, being Jewish in Nazi Germany) ought to GTFO as well. Well, at least Demi is fighting, and is fighting right for a change. So are many other people, past and present, who feel different in a hostile environment. Maybe that’s the kudos we give to her and to all those people: the strength to get back up into the fight. And maybe that’s why we support her, and everyone else in her position: it’s nice to see someone fighting to live life for a change.

  • adsfa

    she looks cute. so proud of her, I hope she doesnt have to go back to rehab again.

  • Rebeca

    Demi is beautiful, talented, intelligent, she’s perfect!

  • kelly

    Yey!!!! So glad to see her out and about :) I’m so proud of her, she looks so beautiful and amazing!!! LOVE YOU DEMI!

  • Ana R.

    I’ll always support Demi!

  • richad

    Demi love you!

  • Milena Larin

    Love Lovato!

  • icecream

    so proud of Demi.
    looking forward to seeing her new shows again!
    demi all the way!! ♥♥♥

  • stephanie

    really proud of demi… she is brave and wise to continuing her treatment after she went home from the treatment center.. She’ll be more fine when she starts to getting nearer with God… Lay your life in His hands and you can face all problems and become the winner…

  • Zahra

    @maria: I still manage to maintain some dignity trashing your “opinion” I’m sure many people would agree with me in saying thats a downright insult! e.g Fugly, manly legs

  • Mone

    @blah: Why did u even bother writing a comment on her post if your just going insult her not support her? I know you have the write to your own opinion but why post it if it not a positive thing to say?

  • hetevbh

    i love demi so much

  • hetevbh

    demi looks so cute

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