Zac Efron Ducks and Covers

Zac Efron Ducks and Covers

Zac Efron ducks to avoid the cameras after a shopping trip to Urban Outfitters in Studio City, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (February 1).

The 23-year-old actor and younger brother Dylan came out empty handed from the store.

In New Year’s Eve news, Zac‘s got a few new costars!

Alyssa Milano has joined the cast as a nurse and Katherine Heigl has replaced Halle Berry in the upcoming flick.

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  • kris

    Vanessa Hudgens s2

  • Nicky

    It’s terrible to see that Zac can’t go anywhere without being tracked and hunted by the paparazzi. I’m sorry for you, Zac.

  • londonlemming

    Normally when they mention someone in a write up, you can see them. So where is Dylan?

  • lauren

    @ kris
    apparently zac is in north carolina now?

  • pop86

    He has such a great smile

  • sara

    nicky is true, he can’t go anywhere without being followed. But he looks so sweet in those pictures, it looks like fun :D I love your smile, made me laugh to me hahaha. It’s a boy so sweet and sexy. I love him <3

  • ????

    Awwwww…… there’s our stealthy ninja! And he’s looking soooo happy!

  • ????

    Awwww……..There’s our hot stealthy Ninja! He’s lookin sooo happy too! Hope he and his bro have a great time.

  • londonlemming

    @lauren: Not according to Popstar Magazine he isn’t. They are hanging out with Josh and Vanessa all day.

  • Lauren lipkin

    @londonlemming, maybe he is but staying low key? Who knows?

  • teamhudgens

    He is hot

  • londonlemming

    Exactly. We have no concrete proof he is there and we have none that he isn’t. We may never know where he is.

    To be honest he has a right to privacy. He has a right to be able to fly across the country or anywhere in the world he chooses without fans constantly dogging his every move.

  • jonnyb

    Ziggy piggy, Zac got fat. I guess all the meat the guy swallows caught up with him.

  • jonnyb

    And he kinda looks a bit rapey in the main photo

  • Katty

    It is apparent that Zac is NOT in North Caroline. Where is Dylan in these pics??

    There haven’t been many reports of V in NC, almost none, actually. So, we do not know what is going on with her either.

    An,d as soon as she finishes, she has to start press from her upcoming movies. She will be a very busy girl until April, then once summer is over, she is back to press for Journey.

    I wonder what is on her plate next….?

    SORRY. Back to Zac. The point is that we have no idea what they are doing. Facebook, twitter, mags, etc are not reliable. I mean, they are to a point, I guess. When Zac was at the airport he could have been dropping someone off or picking someone up and such? You never know. It is probably he WAS at the airport, we just don’t know for what, unless for some reason he went to NY or NC or anywhere else for a day or so…which I don’t see the point of, but then again, I don’t know his business.

    Zac has been ‘seen’ all over these days. This rumor of break up has made him quite a bit more popular. The paps weren’t interested in him before, but he was rather boring with the steady girlfriend, hardly going out to party, meetings, and such. Now, we see him out and about with friends, and clubs, and meetings, which isn’t all bad. He’s said himself he isn’t the biggest partier, but once in a while is good for a person, I suppose.

    Anywho, happy to see Zac out and smiling!

  • LADY

    londonlemming i went on Popstar Magazine.i could’t fine it.could you send page where you see it.i would love to read it. thank you

  • londonlemming

    It’s on twitter

    I think….
    @Katty: I agree!

  • Aly

    it`s on popstarmagazine twitter…

  • susan1

    YEAH! Josh and Vanessa are filming a scene where they are riding a giant bee today.they are not hanging together.

  • Lady

    they talk to them for 30min.that what i read. but i could be zac could be on his way there
    to see vanessa.there alot of people who say that not me.

  • peggy

    Zac was supposedly seen in NC this afternoon – these pics are yesterday.

    Also Dylan’s birthday is Sunday he may celebrating with him early – I would think Dylan will want to celebrate with his gf and friends.

    And we had a tweet about Vhud every day about for the last few days including her being in a combat class – where have you been.

    He could be anywhere why is it so important to you than you needed to post an epistle

  • Aly

    Zac needs Vanessa or somebody to do his laundry… 3 days in a row… either the same pants or the same shirt… Guess he ran out of clean cloths…

  • http://google BARBARA

    @KAREN , I just read zanessa4ever iT it is on twitter That @ Popstarmagagazine Sorry Vanessa said something about Zac? He was there? Thxu It must have happen during there 30 minute interview. I know Zac proable left after he had dinner at the buffalo club last nite ,he had with some of his friends, that someone said they looked at him like looks could kill, i have a feeling Zac has some bodyguards , i also think that guy who go’s with him to the Lakers game , he’s a friend but i think he’s with him to protect him. I think Zac left after he had dinner, he seems to like to travel late at nite. i know there is at lease three people who have seen him there, one waited on him, giving him sour cream. There was two people at the airport last sunday who were in line behind him and said he bought a ticket NC. I want to know want you think, i value your opinion. The three that saw him there it was to day. Thank you!

  • Katty


    Tweets aren’t reliable. We got tweets one morning of Zac and Vanessa grabbing coffee in NC then pix of him in LA that same afternoon. See? I’m not saying all of them are false, I am just saying that sometimes they are unreliable and people tend to ‘see’ things that aren’t true. Honestly, if Zac/Vanessa was filming in my town and I saw a couple that looked like them, I would tweet it too! … I don’t have a twitter, but whatever. It’s just not exact is all.

    And BARBARA, I have no idea what you are talking about up there…

  • Lady

    @BARBARA: what did vanessa say about zac.i hope it was good.thank you

  • loEL

    According to this chick,hes in La!

  • wrestler

    @Aly, hahaha i noticed the clothes too…the shirt is what he had the last time he watched NBA which was what, 2days ago? and the short I think was from yesterday while he’s was pumping gas hahahaha. today is the day ha! :-)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ LADY, They didn’t say, But Zac always like to vist Vanessa on set when he was there the last time he was on set, he wants to learn about making movies and see different directors, how they do things, he visted Vanessa when she did Sucker punch, Beastly, Bandslam.and she went to vist Zac on set when she can, she was on CSC, untill she was working Sucker Punch, Zac and Vanessa worked out all the time, and even tryed doing the Navy Seals training program, that Vanessa had to do, he found it wasn’t that easy. Zac had to promote MAOW, he went back to Vancover, and spenit a week with vanessa and he watch her work, he even said he couldn’t believe how she was kicking the stunt men around, and he got to know Zack Sydner. @ Sorry Katie, but the guestion is ment for Karen, and some twitters are reliable, i know some people like to have fun and makeup things, but you have to take some with a grain of salt, but not all twitters lie., you have see which ones, aren’t believeable, but there is alot of twitters that do tell the truth. Popstarmag, mess up with Vanessa interview, and mention Zac, and he must have seen him there. The interviewer, said they were sorry.

  • Aly

    1. On sunday he was seen with the ring at LAX – by those 2 on facebook – and they said that he got a ticked and was waiting on a departure flight to NC.
    2. On sunday, hours after the LAX we got pics of Zac at Lakers game.
    3. On monday, he was seen – again – at LAX without the ring, waiting – again – on a departure flight to NC.
    4. On monday, hours after the LAX he was seen at a gas station – we don`t know for sure if it was on monday or days before that.
    5. On tuesday he was seen all over NC by people on facebook.
    6. On wednesday, this girl from twitter got caught that she was the one who spread those rumors from monday and tuesday about zac being at LAX – which means than the sightings of him at LAX were false.
    7. On wednesday – no sightings of him at LAX – but he`s back in L.A. with his brother.
    8. After those pics with him at Urban Outfiters, he`s again seen in NC.

    And if we count the little detail that it`s a 5 hours trip by plane from L.A. to NC you get to realize that he probably wasn`t in NC at all. And today – i`m on thursday – we will probably again have pictures of him in L.A. and none in NC.

    Yeah, the shirt and pants from the lakers game are the same from subway – back in december – then the shirt is the one from the Urban Outfitters while this time the pants are from him at the gas station…
    He wore the same things in like what 3 days? Haha, he needs to have his laundry done pretty soon

  • Lady

    @BARBARA: thank you so much.i am so glad that they are together to

  • Aly

    In the comment above, at 6. i meant sunday and monday… not monday and tuesday… sorry ^^’

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ALY , Thats find i read the Facebook twitters , i know they are making up about the engagement, the ring looked a little fonie, but not all twitters are lieing, you have to use common sense, , and realize wants real and want is false. Popstarmag, was there today interviewing Vanessa and and josh today, her was a 30 min. interview, the person who twitted this is realiabe, The interviewer was not to ask about Zac,or her personal life, i think Vanessa and Zac, will not talk about their relationship anymore, they are going to keep it private, The interviewer, forgot and ask Vanessa, about Zac, he told her he was sorry, and also said he was there.

  • n

    zac your face is looking fat. You don’t even compare to areal marine tey should have put you through a more rigouris training routine because to me you look phony. spending a week or so at camp penndelton does not sufice. I used to like you more but now you just seem fake.

  • Aly

    I don`t usually believe anything from twitter or from facebook if it seems to be false… and that with the engagement ring was epic… like we would have seen zac efron at LAX showing the ring to everybody and no pap to take a pic…

    “The interviewer, forgot and ask Vanessa, about Zac, he told her he was sorry, and also said he was there.”

    Who was there, zac or the interviewer, and for what was he sorry? For asking her about Zac? Sorry, i don`t understand.

  • Aly

    I went on twitter and facebook and even on the site and i can`t find anything about that interviewer asking vanessa about zac and apologizing. Do you have a link or something?^^

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ALY, I know there is twitters who lie, but there is ones that don’t. The interviewer was saying Zac was there. Try this htt:// zanessa 4 ever iT, If you find it its under @popstarmagagine, on this page, he can’t stand people who lie about see celebrities.

  • b

    He’s adorable!

  • Aly

    “At the studio in Wilmington, NC where they film ONE TREE HILL! ”
    Girl on twitter:
    “@popstarmagazine sorry Vanessa Said something About zac ? He was there? Thx u”

    And they never replied… And i went until in january 25 and i can`t find anything else than that… Popstarmagazine never replied and said “yes, zac is in NC” or “no, zac isn`t”. Is there another tweet because those are the only ones i`m seeing.

  • nickj

    wheres dylan my boyfriend ?!?! hahah

  • beatriz

    he looks HOT(:
    I don’t care if he brings the same clothes
    i love him.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @Aly its, @zanessa4ever iT, about the tenth one down.

  • fan

    Why are some people worried about how many times he has worn his shirt or his pants? As long as he showers and wears clean undies, who cares. At least he isn’t like those stupid a** celebs who will spend good money on clothes then won’t wear them twice. Besides, his clothes always look clean. It only takes a couple of hours to do laundry, so it is possible to wear the same clothes in a row and still have washed them – duh!

  • sophie

    a tour guide at screen gems, says that vanessa is doing wel, and zac IS there.

  • kyle

    That ducking photo of Zac with the “hey, i’m caught” smile is so cute. Better luck next time with your ninja style, Zac! Ha ha.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is a qt pie & he’s so sweet to take Dylan, he’s the best bro to him!!!! It’s cool that guys like him like shopping.

  • Amy

    Such a hawt ninja!

  • ????

    Sophie, I’m not tryin to be mean or anything just keepin it real. If this photo of Zac is really from yesterday (2/1) I don’t think he could’ve gotten a flight out to the east coast yesterday considering most major flights to the east/midwest were cancelled. But, you never know.

  • Ella

    so cute!!!! <3

  • http://deleted tex

    ok, let’s see if i’m able to…. CAUGHT!

  • Nicky

    The pics are from feb 1st. Zac would never be so crazy to risk his life with a flight to NC at the moment. It seems most of the people have forgotten that there is a mega blizzard in the US. Thousands of flights are canceled and a lot of airports are closed.