Aly Michalka: Zooey Cover Girl

Aly Michalka: Zooey Cover Girl

Aly Michalka show off her love for lace on the March 2011 issue of Zooey Magazine.

Inside the issue, the 21-year-old actress chats about going from Disney to the CW, working with Emma Stone and Ashley Tisdale and all about Hellcats.

The issue will hit Barnes and Noble shelves in two weeks!

Aly also just recently recorded a new PSA with Ashley. Check it out on JJJ!

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  • mike

    like the cover

  • X

    Best cover Zooey Magazine has ever had. Aly is outstandingly gorgeous.

  • sami

    wow, this may just be the skankiest outfit i’ve ever seen…

  • zebra

    This outfit is **** no words. Did she come from the sticks? No matter where I see this girl (Aly Michalka) she looks like she was yanked from Yankie town and put into some great clothes and now makes them look Yankie too.

  • wewe


  • steve


  • Joboots


    Jumping to conclusions,eh Sami????

  • julia

    omg!!! does anyone know where is her short from???? I LOVE IT!!

  • julia

    omg!!! does anyone know where is her short from???? I LOVE IT!!

  • Scarlett

    Honestly, I’m disappointed in Aly. I’ve been a fan of hers and AJ’s ever since Aly was on Phil of the Future and they were still known as “Aly & AJ”. They’re both so talented in music and acting, but I’m disappointed that Aly is trying to be a sex symbol now. I’m not against the fact that they’ve both obviously grown up and will want to be a bit sexier with their clothing choices…but this is too much. Wasn’t Aly also in Maxim magazine? Flashback 4 years ago, I would never have thought that Aly would agree to do a Maxim shoot. Everybody knows what kind of magazine that is, and it’s just shocking knowing that Aly is a huge Christian and will still sell her body like this. If this isn’t selling sex, I don’t know what is.

  • sami

    @Joboots: how am i jumping into conclusions exactly? i’m stating what i think her outfit looks like.. i think it’s skanky. period.

  • mandy

    Not skanky. The girl is 22, do you think she’ll dress up in sweats for a cover?

    Well, it’s the best cover I’ve seen this year. Bravo, Zooey Mag.