Miley Cyrus & Joshua Bowman: Park Pair

Miley Cyrus & Joshua Bowman: Park Pair

Miley Cyrus leans into Joshua Bowman as they relax at Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (February 6).

The duo star as a couple in the upcoming So Undercover, which just recently wrapped filming in Louisiana. Joshua formerly dated Amy Winehouse.

Miley and Josh were seen getting really cozy while playing with one of Miley‘s pups in the park.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about this couple?

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Credit: Ahmad Elatab; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Sahina

    aw cute

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Aww they do look really cute together!

  • ——

    awww precious

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    AWW, They should really date

  • ma

    beautiful couple!

  • pearl

    dont like them together,he is new to hollywood and should focus on his career first before dating someone who is followed everywhere by the paparzzi

  • amy

    Cute, but is it a photoshoot? Pictures look posed or like they knew someone was taking the pictures.

  • blahblahblah

    He’s cute , but let’s hope he is not taking advantage of her .
    Luv You Miles :)

  • smileymileyfan

    @amy: yeah it does i really like miley but i really liked miley and liam *miam you know it kind of just rolls off the tongue but im happy if shes happy

  • lena

    AWWWW I LOVE THEM but i hope Josh is not using her though #Mosh ♥

  • amy


    Yeah I got used to Miam too, but who knows, they are young, Miley should probably concentrate on her career. I hope she is happy too.

  • Molli

    Does she date all her co-stars? She should take it slow on the relationship. She seems to jump from guy to guy without taking time off to heal from the past break up. Anyway. they do look cute together.

  • brit

    miley is sooooooooooo adorable why didn’t u put the rest of the pics jared?

  • http://facebook chloe

    hi miely you are such an amazing girl and you have a good fan keep safe i hope you come to glasgow for a tour see you soon if you do.xxxxxxx

  • SheShe

    can’t this bitch ever stay single???? this is like her 6th boyfriend in like 2 years jeez

  • MileyCyrus

    She looks very happy, and I wish nothing but the best for her, Go Miley :-)

  • Rochel

    I thought it was comfirmed that they are not a couple just friends.
    But for being not a couple or just friends they look pretty cute. Miley sure knows how to pick the cute guys.
    Its good to see Miley happy and if this guy makes her happy then her fans should be happy for her “)

  • Kristina


  • LoveMaddie

    He is too cute ! They are adorbale together <3
    Even through he’s like 4 yrs . older

  • rupanzel

    You know Mile being yourself & with someone, I’ve got say special like Joshura I’m happy for you whoever you want date its your choice. Look I know it’s up and down with Liam forget about him show the world u r.
    Listen I was engaged two years ago December 11th, so he and I had ups and downs arguing, fighting and bunch dramas because he call me bad words. I have got to get it together or everything else fall a part I’m telling you cause word help is I’m asking from you.

  • tammy

    ugghh! this upsets me because it all for publicity, they both have a movie coming out, duh, where they are each others love intests. you watch and see after the movie is released on DVD theyll suddenly “breakup” same as for Miley and Liam, it was publicity too.

  • shannon

    I miss Miley and Liam together…they were a much better couple :(

  • Yuna

    Staged much?

  • karina

    they are cute together.

  • Gossip Girl

    I just love how some of u act like u actually know the reason why Miley hangs out or dates whomever she;s with when u don’t. Miley’s rep has already confirmed that Miley and Joshua are not even d8ing. So all u people saying that they’re friendship is stage or they’re only doing if for PR just need to STHU. Miley gets along with all her co-stars and no, she does not date all of her co-stars. The only co-star she ever did date was Liam. That’s it. Just Gaston and Nick J were not co-stars. They were guys who were hand picked by her.

  • Bridget

    It does look a little staged, since Miley doesn’t love the paparizzi so much she wouldn’t just be so out in the open with someone she’s dating if people we’re snapping pictures right infront of her. But if not, they look really cute together!

  • nicole

    they really look very cute!!!!!! OMG……………..Maybe they were shooting a scene for the movie………..but if they are really together then WOW.

  • Gaby

    @Gossip Girl: I agree that the only costar she dated was Liam. She and Nick dated before they worked together and Justin worked with her dad. You see her with other costars and they are just friends. Just because a gossip site says they’re dating doesn’t mean they are.

  • Chanon

    LOL Miley can’t be in a relationship for more than one year. What makes you think that this one will last? ;p

  • vicky

    She can’t stop dating with her co-star… she do a movie, date with that guy, broke up, she’s been with almost every guy that play her co-star in the movie!

  • vicky

    @Gaby: But there’s a lot of photos: She kissing, making out, huging, flirting with her co-star… that Lucas, in LOL… she really have to think about, because her image is not so good at the moment.

  • Warren

    So, now this guy follows her home too? I guess the rumors were true. Why can’t my dream girl ever be single? No guy can resist adorable Miley. I Love Miley!

  • eve

    @Molli: haha i know right?

  • itsmeagain

    @SheShe: oh just SHUT UP, u’ve probably d8eted more guys than Miley has. The girl has only had 3 Publiv relationships since 2006 and u guys act like she d8 20 something men in one year! GROW UP! U just h8in cuz she can hae any guy she wants and ur just sitting at home single and MISERABLE!

  • hiha

    at least he’s above 18 years old and he looks like a man!

  • Ella

    nice! Happy to know that there’s someone new who will gonna take care of Miley. ^^

  • itsmeagain

    @vicky: just because they flirt doesn’t mean they’re dating. If I dated ever guy I ever flirted with, I’d be the Wh0re of the city!

  • dee

    so cute..but i don’t know i think liam loves her better,even my fav is niley…the funny thing is both miley n nick dating british people….so much in comment…LOL…all the best miley

  • HIH

    I like her jacket XD

  • http://hotmail YAKUTA

    wow…..shes sooo jelous lol……justin bieber is not actually that bad!!!! hes quite good looking…mayb the voice a little…hehe …U GUYZ ARE CUTE TOGETHER!!

  • blahblahblah

    @Gossip Girl:
    Your Right Haters Are PATHETIC !!!

  • blahblahblah

    Don’t Blame Her For Being Cute That’s why she never stays single .
    miley deserves the best but sadly the most guy she loves broke her heart and by that i mean nick jonas .

  • jensenLUVEr tanya

    no surprise all drugies know each other……..

  • miley

    love her,love them<3<3

  • Griffin

    He used to date Amy Winehiuse. This guy is trouble.

  • Miia

    There aren’t any other photos because this one is just for publicity. You can clearly see that.

    However, they really do look cute.

  • http://@dianisdaimatsu Diani

    I think they look cute together…but wtf amy whinehouse?!
    i really thought miley looked like her at the ‘who owns my heart’ videoclip so…this is kinda weird =/

  • Maddie

    Actually Miley and Liam dated almost a year after The LAST Song came out . . . get your facts striaght pls .

  • headstrong

    they look cute but really miley you get a new dog everytime you get a new guy?

  • Kristina

    @Miia: It’s not the only photo out there. There’s more, but it’s not posted on this site.