Miranda Cosgrove is High Maintenance

Miranda Cosgrove is High Maintenance

Check out the cool new cover for Miranda Cosgrove‘s new EP!

The 17-year-old actress/singer will release High Maintenance on March 15th! The five-track EP is Miranda‘s first collection of songs since her debut album, Sparks Fly.

Featuring the hip track “Dancing Crazy,” the EP also features “Kiss You Up,” “Sayonara,” and “High Maintenance” which was written with Rivers Cuomo

Miranda will stop by The Today Show TOMORROW to give us all the scoop on her EP, her current tour with Greyson Chance and what’s coming up next on iCarly.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the EP Cover?

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  • alex

    OMG I love this cover!

  • Ron

    I, Ron, find the cover, and Miranda Cosgrove, fascinating. But, I can count to five, and there are only four song titles. Something is missing. Nothing, of course, that would make me utter the words, “Et tu, Brute.” A woman does not engage in “Mad Ron Dancing” on her own show, for as long as Miranda Cosgrove has, if she intends only to stab her husband in the back.

    My wife, Miranda, is sitting next to me, comfortably, in one of my old pajama tops, and appears to be considering her options. She is, to say the least, rather fond of Miranda Cosgrove. Miranda knows I love her. And would never leave her, because when we said “I do,” we said it knowing it would change the world.

    Before we wed, I imagined Orpheus and Eurydice a lovely story. Rilke’s version, I thought, captured something of the tragic aspect of Love. Knowing Miranda makes it impossible for me to see Love as either a tragic or comic affair. Unlike Rilke, I could not imagine cutting a deal with the gods, and allow a messenger to accompany my wife from the underworld whilst I walked ahead. Love transforms the lover and the beloved into an inseparable unity. A unity which does not exclude the divine. So, there is no turning back, for either of us. And no trust to be betrayed. Eurydice returning alone makes no sense in our world, the real world, but you would never guess that.

    It seems an eternity since I first heard Miranda sing. Sometimes things are what they seem to be. Love is like that, in my book. When my mother and father met Miranda they thought her as adorable as do I, and knew I should never find a more suitable companion. Did you hear me say that?

    Joy to you, Rose.

  • SJS

    The cover is so… Demi Lovato-ish. lol. It’s nice, but I don’t know that it suits her. At least it’s not cheesy though.

  • sc

    sooo demi lovato!!!!!!!

  • EcK

    Reminds me of Miley Cyrus’ photoshoot for break out…

  • Eck

    sort of reminds me of Miley Cyrus’ photoshoot for breakout

  • jensenLUVEr tanya

    omg throw this girl a chicken bone with some rice and beans!! she looks like she dying of starvation. the cover does remind me of Demi but only Demi can pull this look. I do like Miranda and with the name High Maintenance and this look, i just hope she doesnt end up like miley.

    ps…..RON WTH R U BLABN ABOUT??!!!

  • justin

    this will go to number 2 on itunes if that, cause thats BRITNEYS release date!

  • Galinda

    Miranda is sooo not Demi Lovato! In fact there’s nothing similar about them. What are you all smokin?

  • Mika

    The cover is boring, just like the girl.
    No talent or anything special about her at all.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Nathan_cosgrove Nathan Cosgrove

    wow the cover its amaizing

  • 2bedatcool

    thast alitlle harsh so what does suit rose petals

  • http://@christian14596 christian

    this is one of the best covers i have ever seen…. PERFECTION!!! i need to get that EP Now… Congrats Miranda

  • http://www.extrafan.info/ ExtraFan

    I LOVE IT!! XD I can not wait to buy the album >o<

  • http://fredws deripo

    mi comentario0 lalalalalala

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