Vanessa Hudgens Won't Sing on 'Sucker Punch' Soundtrack

Vanessa Hudgens Won't Sing on 'Sucker Punch' Soundtrack
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  • yuri

    I miss her singing

  • Fauve

    I am very truly sad about this I really love the energetic feel of Vanessa singing I think with the right label and right people she can pull off a huge album and go platinum. She has the voice. I think Sucker Punch should have had her do a song and a video she would have totally rocked it I love Blondie AKA Vanessa Hudgens any ways <3

  • joan

    =( I Can’t Wait for Sucker Punch and i Can’t Wait For New Music of V i Hope Someday She Make Some New Music

  • Aly

    JJR… JJR… the link to the story leads to another report from E! you put the wrong links again…
    i`ll tweet you the good one >.<

  • lerner

    The word isn’t wont sing but wasn’t allowed to sing.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    Soo Sad!! I miss her voice this is horrible. I have hope that she will sing in this movie!!! Snif, snif!!!! She’s is the only singer in the cast and everyody is singing but her!!! Sooo Dissapointed!!!

  • kami

    ♥ why would she need to sing? she’s gonna kick a.s.s in this movie. big time. ♥

  • Katty

    I think even if she was asked, Vanessa would have said no. She is trying to seperate herself right now from singing, but said she would love to come back to it later.

    I agree, she needs a GOOD record label to work with unlike Hollywood Records. She definitely has the voice and energy about her to be great :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ kATTY, I agree with you and i don’t believe anything E online says anymore they make up things so start DRAMA. They lie too much!!!!

  • daniel

    that’s OK …I mean vanessa’s developing the acting that’s what she wants
    she’ll be fine
    i really MISSED HER right now

  • Jazmin

    As much as I miss her sining I agree that she won’t need it cause she will kick butt in this movie. Can’t wait!!

  • Rose

    Nessa ,she don’t need to sing ,she kick some butt ,big time !!!!!!!!

  • hiha

    why each time vanessa hudgens gets a part in a movie, she’s not even the main character, the media only talks about her. Bandslam was a great movie, Vanessa was a minor part and the movie got overrated cause of her!

  • hiha

    *underrated not overrated!

  • abigail

    Rose @ 12:11 am on 02/08/2011 Nessa ,she don’t need to sing ,she kick some butt ,big time !!!!!!!!
    that’s exactluy what i said

  • abigail

    hey come on people she definitly looks like a mini angelina jolie in this movie she does’nt need sing

  • http://jjj telma

    vanessa can make a hit, maybe electronic music
    I think she is an amazing singer

  • http://jjj marcy

    i hope come soooonnn a new vanessa’s album, hip hop album

  • Washington

    I really don’t care. She is a great actress, she acting is what matters.

  • Daniela

    Love Vanessa and love her voice, I think she is waiting for the right moment…

  • Angie

    One hand I’m not surprised even if they asked her she would’ve said no. We all know she could sing now I’m ready for her acting talent. Other hand I missed her singing she’s got potential but people don’t believe it I wish she would do a song with the movie like Men in Black with Will Smith but maybe in the future.

    Every new movie Vanessa does they ask for any singing involved everytime how flattering.

    Vanessa Rocks.

  • ______

    I don’t care I just want to see her perfect self on the big screen. The more the merrier *sigh* that photo kills me.

  • http://lala aiwen

    :’( too sad to hear that….

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!