Callan McAuliffe 'Annoys The Heck Out of Everyone'

Callan McAuliffe 'Annoys The Heck Out of Everyone'

Callan McAuliffe may not, but his I Am Number Four character, Sam, does.

The 16-year-old Aussie actor chatted with LA Teen Festival mag about starting fires, meeting a Santa Claus look-a-like and what part of I Am Number Four he hopes is on the bloopers reel. Check it:

On his ‘wild’ side: “I happen to go to a great private school, and for half a year we go to the outback and camp and hike. We got the bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award for doing it. I want to go to Africa and get the Silver award but I don’t know if I’ll have the time. I really love all the wilderness stuff. The hiking, rock climbing, making the fire and camping out at night. It was fantastic.

On working with Rob Reiner on Flipped: “He’s such a phenomenal guy. He’s really jolly, like Santa Claus. He works with mostly all the same people on all his projects so everyone knows each other, cooperates really well and everyone knows what they are doing. It was really good. It was a really kid friendly set.”

On his character, Sam, in I Am Number Four: “He’s sort of the kid that gets picked on by the more popular crowd in school…I basically follow his [John's] posse around the entire film and annoy the heck out of everyone; try to get in the way and do cool stuff.”

On the funniest moment to happen on set to him: “There was a scene where we had to run across a football field away from some big scary monsters. We had to look back at the monster while we were running and I had this giant shotgun in my hands which really made me off balance. Everyone else in the scene was able to look back and keep running but I lost my balance and fell and rolled over like three times. Once we finally got a successful take of the scene, DJ [Caruso, director] called everyone over to the monitor so we could watch the playback of me falling in slow motion over and over again. It will probably be in the bloopers reel.”

I Am Number Four opens NEXT FRIDAY, February 18th!

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