Joe Jonas: Pre-Grammy Party Guy

Joe Jonas: Pre-Grammy Party Guy

Joe Jonas steps out at the (BELVEDERE) RED launch with Usher pre-Grammy party held at Bardot in Hollywood on Thursday night (February 10).

The 21-year-old musician took a break from laying down new tunes for his upcoming solo record. Check out a sneak peek!

Joe was just recently announced as a 2011 KCA Nominee! He’s up for Favorite TV Actor and Favorite Music Group with the Jonas Brothers.

FYI: Joe is wearing Levi’s WaterLess Ex-Girlfriend Jean in Mask. Levi’s WaterLess is a new water conservation program that that minimizes water in the finishing process and can use up to 96% less water than the traditional process of finishing denim!

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty, AKM Images
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  • lol

    i love joe!!!

    but sometimes i think that he want to imitate Zac Efron style!

    it’s my opinion

  • wht?

    @lol: WTF u are? how u can compared zac efron with joe? joe is cute but zac efron is way hotter than joee!

  • Lovebug

    He is one of the best-looking guys on the planet. Looking forward to hearing his solo CD. :)

  • chris

    Pictures of Joe! I can’t believe it. It’s been a whole…day! Of course Joe is partying. And where are his brothers. Been locked in their rooms so they don’t offer any competition to Joe. I’d rather see and hear from them. Oh and Nick was also nominated for favorite TV actor. But I’m sure that will never be promoted on this site.

  • Lovebug


    LOL. U mad?

  • youdontcare

    I Love him, and haters can f*ck themselves. LOL @ all the jealous bitches who are mad cause now everything is not about Nick. He had his time the last year, now is about Joe. Get over it

  • Bethany


    ITA! And Joe looks awful these days. Hope Nick wins the KCA

  • Lauren


    Stop being so shallow to Joe, if u don’t like Joe then stop commenting on here

  • Lauren


    Same for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    @chris: your comments are so unnecessary if you dont like joe then simply dont comment..your so arrogant towards him.. just seem to care about nick a lot of the time & try & leave joe out of the picture.
    -& Woooow! joe looks incredibly HOT in the 5th picture ;) i’m in loveeee with his eyes & love his style.. i hope ‘Jonas Brothers’ win for Favorite Music Group.. there Amazing!


    Joe Jonas is the best……………….cute, funny, dj danger, hot, sexy, perfect for me

  • Lovebug


    Wassup Yvonne? Bitter much?

  • Joe Is better than you

    Hey Bethany/Yvonne/Kelly/other schizophrenic idiot alias names!

    Bitter that Kevin wasn’t nominated so you’re taking it out on Joe? As usual? Looks like you’re going by Chris too now! Loser.

  • meLlr
  • a

    Joe looks great!

  • Februaryfrost

    Joe is beautiful, sweet, funny, ssssssoooooo talented. Love his acting and singing! LOL the jealous losers.

    I love seeing this boy living his life.

  • Bethany


    Who in the heck are you talking about? I am not bitter, just stating the truth. Sounds like you have an issue with Nick though.

  • Lovebug


    Tell me where that is indicated anywhere in my comment? You’re the one who clearly has the problem here. And, as usual, Yvonne, it’s with Joe. GTFO.


    Is Yvonne alias Bethany now….LMAO at all of her BlogNames…You can tell how she hates on Joe & the way she speaks of Joe and BINGO that’s our “YVONNE”…

    Joe looks Gorgeous, sexy & flawless as always…Can’t wait for his album to come out…excited with anticipation!!!

  • Yuri

    I so agree with you -.- Joe is talented but Nick is way more talented besides Joe is now breaking away from his brothers completely he goes partying alone he goes out alone and other than his family he’s also ditching his beliefs he stopped wearing his purity ring for that Greene girl -____- And he looks like CRAP these days.

  • Ella

    Joseph!! <3
    When will he gonna release his album???!!! MEN! I’m starving!!!!

  • JoeLuv

    My LOVE <333333333 Haters go awayyyyyy :P

    Joe Jonas FOR EVER THE BEST <3

  • Maryam

    so cute .. baby ^^

  • tastelikecandy

    I hate when people say Joe copies Zac Efron..uumm hello they and every other guy in their early 20′s in hollywood dress pretty much the exact same..they wear all the trendy stuff even all the guys from Glee pretty much the same way get over it you douche lords!

  • Amy

    Joe Jonas is an individual with his own style and a great voice!

  • Patworx

    Joe obviously has a different style from Nick. Nick’s style was more adult contemporary and won over the more old school crowd. Joe’s style sounds like it will be more electropop and it will try to attract older teens and people in their twenties. I don’t know if Kevin will ever make a solo album but if he does it will probably have a totally different sound altogether.

    I think that all of this is how the JoBros work. They each develop their own fanbase and it eventually trickles down to the fanbase of the band in general. Pretty clever when you think about it.

  • sueli …brazil

    amo muito os jonas ,joe cada vzs mais homem ,cada vzs mais sexy