'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Premiere: BEST DRESSED POLL!

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Premiere: BEST DRESSED POLL!

So much purple on the carpet at the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never premiere!

JJJ had a ton of favorite looks — Chloe Moretz in Burberry, Francia Raisa in Twenty Cluny, Selena Gomez in Reem Acra and Jennifer Stone in Karen Zampos…oh so pretty!

Now it’s your turn to tell us — who was your best dressed at the premiere?

Should we do another for the I Am Number Four premiere? 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • mmbop


  • Caroline

    Selena of course! And I’m not saying that because she’s dating Justin. I really think that she was stunning! :)

  • alex

    Selena Gomez for sure! She was smokin’ in that dress. WOW I love that girl.

  • danae

    jared YOU KNOW, everybody is gonna put selena

  • alex

    One more thing, Selena is always the best dressed at the events, so the results of this poll doesn’t surprise at all. GO Selena GO!

  • alex

    @danae: Hahaha so true! Maybe Jared made this poll to show us that Selena OWNS! However, I’m not sure why Miley chose that outfit, I was expecting more from her :(

  • lane

    selena. But I also Like francia’s body in that dress. Lol not to sound creepy

  • Andy

    Is that even a question?? Selena owned that carpet!

  • http://www.twitter.com foreverDClove

    Debby ryan ofcourse. <3

  • Chloe

    selena gomez <3

  • napacaaaaaaan

    miley best dressed? hahahahahahha sorry but are you serious? its a joke right? lets laugh about this bad joke; ahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhhhhhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaaahhahahhahah
    ok enough laughed! she has a pretty FACE but that dress/outfit was the biggest fail in year 2011 so far!

  • Lovely

    I love Francia Raisa. BUT SELENA GOMEZ WAS THE BEST!!

  • Anonymous

    Selena looked terrible. Her dress was trashy (and I would say that if it was on anyone). She was also extremely orange and full on with her make-up.
    I didn’t like anything about what she wore or how she looked.

  • gina


  • Chanon

    LOL well obviously not Miley!

  • Silentwaiting

    OK i voted Selena and i figured she would be leading… but BAHAHAHAHAHAHA BY THAT MUCH!! HAHAHA It’s a slaughter!! She’s owning the show; holy crap…

    I’d have voted Debby Ryan second. Way to rock Little Black! Nicely done debby. However Selena was sheerly magical in purple! <3! lovely as always :)

    Miley … no comment.

  • karin

    selena of course selly you’re amazing!! just the way you are xD…

  • Warren

    It just shows that no matter what people pretend, a sexy dress always wins. If Miley would have worn that the haters would be calling her a sl**. Miley looked pretty.

  • celine

    jennifer’s dress wouldve been perfect on her if it were 2 inches longer…

  • Truth

    it should be called worst dressed list because that thing miley is wearing is ugly!!!!

  • magick_girl786

    Selena’s dress looks weird because she chopped the skirt of the design to make it a minidress and totally effed up the porportions of it.

  • magick_girl786

    @napacaaaaaaan: And Miley didn’t look that bad. Sure, its a little casual for a premiere, but its the premiere of a Justin Bieber teenybopper movie and its not even her premiere. Plus the boho style is HUGE now, Nicole Richie is a fashion icon and she dresses a lot like Miley on casual red carpet appearances. Just because its casual doesn’t mean that its not fashionable.

  • http://deleted hi


  • http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu226/khwanrat1234/miley%20cyrus/2myaxd2jpg.gif headstrong

    I like the dress Selena was wearing but not the whole package (hair makeup, the orange skin)

    So Kendall & Kylie best dressed for me.

  • buzz

    I liked Cimorelli. Jared needs to start covering them. Same record company as Justin. 6 sisters who are gonna blow-up.

  • http://www.hotmail.com da penguin

    @alex, i know!! most of the people looked great, especially selena, but miley looks like she just woke up!!

  • angie

    I love Kendall and Kylie dresses. I can’t believe Miley Cyrus got that many votes for that hideous get up.

  • http://deleted demi lovesvodka

    miley has the WORST fasion sense ever. hillbilly skank

  • Tiffany

    @demi lovesvodka: shut up, like u have better fashion sense than her. She just decided to keep it casual and not wear some fancy expensive dress

  • nicolee

    ew for some reason selena look so fake.! that orange skin , make up isn’t helping it . she looked terrible.! her outfit seemed simple.if miley wore that dress she would problay be called a slut but of course selena wears this everyone thinks she looks cute.i honestly think miley looked way better than selena.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jacnessa Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    I knew Selena would be in Justin’s favorite color.

  • http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu226/khwanrat1234/miley%20cyrus/2myaxd2jpg.gif headstrong

    @nicolee: ikr? the orange skin doesnt look good with the purple dress to me. Selena fans are doble standars get use to it. I think miley hmm is not her best look but i like the casual style :)

  • me

    i didnt like selena’s orange skin. she kinda looks like snooki. lol. and the dress was so revealing.
    I hate how people say “oh, she looks so cute. shes growing up!” when selena looks like a @^#$.
    and whean miley uses a dress like the one selena whore, the say “she looks like a @^#$”

  • angie

    @Tiffany Miley’s outfit is designer, and that is not casual cute, casual crap.

  • Gaby

    Mileys the only one who “dares to be different”.

  • angie

    Sometimes in the fashion world different isn’t so right, she looks like a hippy and you know what hippy I mean a real 70′s hippy,

  • http://www.hotmail.com da penguin

    miley shouldn’t even be close to the top, and look at zendaya(last pic) she should be close to the top!

  • bballgurl

    miley couldve killed it but she chose not to and selena well selena has to much make up.

  • http://www.meiner.com meiner

    Selena Gomez stunning beautiful on the Justin Bieber purple carpet, is how a blow below the belt line of her haters.

    To the Liar Liar
    … she was over New Year in the Caribbean, where she has got its color
    … she was last week in South America, where she has got its color
    … she was the weekend at the beach, where she has got its color

    She lives not in a cave!

    And there are color differences between photo / photo and photo / video
    Just go on Youtube!

  • http://www.meiner.com meiner

    27 sec. Selena #Backstage never say never



    miley is the best…… the only one who dare to be different is her….that’s why she becomes huge…..the other just just stay in save patern….milez all the way

  • http://stealherstyle.net/ Linda

    I voted for Selena, she looked fantastic! Miley on the other hand was a total mess.

  • moo

    selena’s dress is shorter than short. It makes her legs look long but she also had a bad choice in her color of shoes. I think people are voting by the names and not the looks.

  • rebecca evelym

    Selena como sempre estava linda demais.
    Selena vc é totalmente demais.
    Selena te love de mais gata!

  • http://jjj Yogi

    Almost everybody would say Selena because she is Selena she was beautiful but honestly look at Debby Ryan. The dress the make up, flawless and im not a fan of neither one of these girls. Debby Ryan was just pretty.

  • laura


  • nicolee

    i totally agree with you.!!!

  • steve

    Bella followed by selena.

  • kanani

    I hate how EVERYONE votes for Selena. You guys only vote for her because you love her. Honestly, Selena is NOT the best dressed this time. Yeah she looks pretty, but a lot of the girls there have prettier dresses than her. My favorite was Ariana. These polls are never fair. I’m tired of Jared posting these. He knows Selena obsessed (I mean crazy) fans are always going vote for Selena.

  • kanani

    @nicolee: I agree with youu.