Miley Cyrus Salutes Industry Icons

Miley Cyrus Salutes Industry Icons

Miley Cyrus steps out in a nude Herve Leger dress as she arrives at the 2011 Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute To Industry Icons Honoring David Geffen at Beverly Hilton on Saturday night (February 12) in Beverly Hills.

The 18-year-old actress/singer was seen out cruising the day before in her convertible. It’s been gorgeous in LA, we don’t blame her!

Be sure to tune into the 2011 Grammy Awards TOMORROW night — Miley will be presenting on stage!

Miley completed her look with Louboutin heels and Loree Rodkin jewelry.

10+ pics inside….

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Lala

    I’ll say it once & I’ll say it again.

    But homegirl, what ARE you wearing?!


  • Jolie

    She is a mini Lauren Conrad! She looks pretty!

  • itsmeagain

    really miles? That’s the only dress y can pass for? Sorry, but not loving the dress

  • Mileystan


  • Audrey

    I think she looks STUNNING!

  • cassidy

    Really? I think its pretty. Step up from the Justin Beiber Never Say Never outfit that’s for sure.

  • V

    Miley looks great except the fact that it looks like she’s wearing a basket. You can do better Miley. Still love ya though.

  • josie

    i love her CURVES. <3

  • itsmeagain

    @cassidy: yeah, pretty. but her boobs are right there in front u face! Not cute.

  • danae

    no matter what she’s wearing
    and how it looks on her, pretty girl

  • x

    She looks gorgeous and better than the NSN premiere, but what is she wearing?

  • javi

    now we are talking!!! she should dress like that in every event sexy not like the thing she was wearing at the never say never premier i mean i like her now that she dreses like this and i think she got her boobs done im just saying.

  • Ana

    Thanks Miley for making me notice that I really need go back to the gym.

  • armyofkitties

    such a slut!!! whats happened to her?? she’s totally changed. compare this pic to a pic of her years ago.

  • vic

    i think she looks great! you see stuff but she is completely covered up.

  • tastelikecandy

    LMFAO when you have to try soo frikkin to be sexy its usually because you aren’t..poor Miley her career is in the toilet and this is what she has to resort to, to get any attention.. well at least when she dressed like shit at the Bieber premiere its because we all knew she didn’t want to me at that little teenie bull shit!


    love her always

  • javi

    @tastelikecandy: dude cmon im not a fan neither but even i see a sexy woman when i see it even if she did the kind of crap she did or her choices in life.

  • @tastelikecandy:

    her career is not down the toliet ANON…she happens to be having another tour, has more movies lined up and is going to haiti later this year to help in the disaster, so get a life!

    …she looks beautiful, it’s sexy and still she’s technically covered up! XD

  • smh

    @armyofkitties: really are you dumb she’s an adult now she’s going to change

  • Viccko

    Bad choice Miley… You have not the body for that dress…, it’s more for Latinas not for you

  • lovelydee

    That dress is very ugly
    and inappropriate.
    I like her hair and makeup though.

  • tia

    Miley you look so beautiful. Forget the haters, you are awesome. God bless you girl.

  • Jess

    all these people are haters miley looks good she looks too good!

  • Erica

    Lol @ all these little kids complaining about how she is revealing too much. She looks gorgeous / flawless. She’s getting older, clearly she’s not going to wear a dress from Limited Too anymore. If you had her body, you would want to show it off too. Work it girl and forget the haters! <33

  • Linda

    wow, that is quite a revealing dress. she’s definitely trying to prove that she’s not a child anymore! I think it looks TOO old though, like something a 30-year old would wear, not an 18-year old.

  • Rochel

    I think Miley is making a STATEMENT :)
    You go girl :)

  • hello

    the dress isn’t that revealing, i actually love it. at least its different most of the young hollywood girls just wear really short mini dresses, i like that miley dresses differently, its sexy but not too revealing but then again thats just my opinion to some people this dress might be an outrage,

  • Miya

    Why doesn’t she just take her top off? It’d be the exact same thing as she’s wearing!

  • natalie

    I have to admit her hair looks great…but the dress? She’s trying WAY to hard to “mature” and it’s not working for her.

  • Jelllyy

    She looks like she put on weight… she’s getting fattt!
    Her make up looks soo good!

  • Courtney

    I love her but I’m NOT loving that dress.

  • luss


  • Warren

    Wow! Miley brought the sexy back! Looks like a nip-slip waiting to happen. Not my favorite though. I hope she really brings it big tomorrow.

  • Jenn

    hahahahaha she has cankles hahahahaha.

  • Gossip Girl

    @tastelikecandy: darling, believe me when I tell u she still has a career hun. Miley has two films, a tour, is nominated for 3 CA’s and is getting ready to host SNL for the first time next month. Whereas, ur at home on ur @ss doing nuttin but h8ing on an individual who has done NOTHING TO U. You’re career is in the gutter when the only thing ur doing every year s heading in and out of jail or in and out of rehab. *COUGH* (LOHAN)

  • Kelly

    I can’t stand this girl. To me she can’t sing but she can make me laugh though. She is annoying. She give me a vibe that she is just being fake about really caring bout ha fans. But one thiing I like bout this girl is that she don’t give absolutely no fuck bout wat folk say bout ha. I actually give ha props. Still I just dnt understand why she tryn to be grown so fast I mean we get it, you pretty not gorgeous, you can slow down now.

  • LOLA

    Wow, really Miley? what happened to “not giving people anything to talk about”. She’s an attention whore. But hey, she’s just being Miley.

  • Justin B

    BTW if u look good enough u can see miley boob is out of the dress in some of the pix. Wrong choice in a dress miles. I like her hair and makeup too.

  • Carly


  • tANIA

    You Look Soo Freaking Hot Miley I love U So Much and i will always will no matter what and i will always support u :)
    God bless u <3

  • Tyler Laudat

    Looking Nice as always

  • 77777loveme

    i wont be surprise if she walked around naked

  • Ella

    whoa!!!!! Is that her real boobies??!!

  • temi

    finally !
    not keen on the dress – but she looks pretty

  • Dylan

    All I’m saying is… Damn. I didn’t know she has those jugs?


  • mia

    ew, honestly, I’m disgusted, But I still LOVE her and so but her dress…

  • zahra

    OK i’m divided over being shocked over the dress and loving it, she was pretty clever this time shes fully covered yet she shows loads at the same time, that is pretty genius!!

    And I love the hair and makeup she really looks pretty

  • taya

    i love this dress !

  • kym

    someone’s still trying desperately to shed their disney image.its so ridculous she should just stop. real maturity is shown through actions and not ‘sexy’ dresses. she should clean up her image and people will start to take her and her music more seriously.