Zac Efron & Joe Jonas: Calvin Klein Cuties

Zac Efron & Joe Jonas: Calvin Klein Cuties

Zac Efron, Joe Jonas and Kellan Lutz suit up sharp as they step out at the Calvin Klein Men’s Collection Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Sunday afternoon (February 13) in NYC.

The trio watched the latest fashions come down the runway before mingling backstage together.

Zac was seen catching a flight to LAX yesterday afternoon and Joe just recently attended a Grammy party in Hollywood.

20+ pics inside of Zac, Joe and Kellan

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Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • peggy

    Do you mean catching a flight FROM Lax to Nyc?

    The are all wearing Klein I guess


    omg! (-: I’m loving it! You look so amazing Zac, and cool to see you with Joe! I love how Zac hair, keep looking better and better (-: Anyway no one is like Zac, damn i love him! (:

  • a

    Two of my favorite guys!

  • nicci

    they look hot .. especially zac

  • dsdsds


  • Larissa


    i wish i was there!!
    3 hot guys in one place!

    I wonder if they are going to buy anything…

    Joe is a sexy beast! just like Zac and Kellan!!

  • Miranda

    Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, Kellan Lutz all in NY? New York is the happiest place on Earth right now :)

  • Earth

    Joe looks amazing… Just need more pics of him.

  • Evie

    Kellan is the best. He’s the only one actually smiling! The other two are doing that dumb smirk-pouty thing. Smiling is sexy, pouting is trying too hard. Thanks for staying real, Kellan!

  • nottafan

    Kellan is the ONLY MAN there, and that smile. Such a pretty face. That suit and tie really stand out for him! :D love him.

  • winona

    It’s a line up for the guys with the biggest heads there.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Mhm, Zachary is looking fine !! :D

  • Larissa

    Joe’s looking Hot as always!

  • kelanlov

    Kellan looks cuter, less posser and more natural than those 2….

  • ness

    Joe Jonas looks ugly next to Zac Efron.

  • http://gonzacontreras gonzacontreras

    Smile efron XD

  • Bradley Bobst

    Looking Fantastic Zac.

  • maria

    Ok,, is no one going to finally mention what that stupid look is that Zac has been wearing for months now?? I’m sorry, but he looks ridiculous.


    Joe is soo cute. He is the best

  • Bradley Bobst


    True Joe Jonas Looks Fantastic and Amazing.

  • Skylar

    Ahhhhh!!!! ZACCCCCYYYYY!!!!! You look so AMAZING!
    And omg he’s hanging out with Joe Jonas?!?! Hehe my favorite guys hanging out together! How amazing is that?!?! :D

    He’s spending Valentine’s Day in NYC. :( Maybe he’s got special plans to call a special someone *cough cough* on the phone? heheheh sorry, HAD to add that. <3

  • mykamicks

    Zac pls smile, you’re the most gorgeous.

    I love Kelan’s smile, his so adorable among the 3.

  • Fran

    Joe does look ugly next to zac jajajaj it is a good picture though. They look amazing :)

  • Fran

    @maria: Maybe because he’s filming a movie named the lucky one? Duh. You don’t have to be so mean.

  • Mika


    Three of the sexiest men in one breath taking photo.
    Thanks JJJ. :)

  • maria

    @Fran: That’s ridiculous. Seriously. He finished filming that in December. It is now February. And yes, he has been wearing that weird expression for months now. What is that all about??? It’s not mean…’s the truth. And I can’t be the only one who’s noticed it.

  • claudia

    @maria: you don’t like his look and expression???…good for you..:D

    I don ‘t like Joe, but i see that Zac is a good friend of him, so i kinda like him now haha…I don ‘t like Kellan either, but he looks good…And Zac, AMAZING as always, but yeah, a little smile would great. Anyway…


  • beatriz

    Zac Efron & Joe Jonas(:
    i love them Zac+Joe= Zoe that’s love<33
    haha they are HOT

  • Nicky

    @Fran: Zac finished the shooting of The Lucky One in December last year. He is shooting New Years Eve in New York.

  • Tove

    Joe is sooooo Hot!

  • kyle

    Looking gorgeous as always, Zac.

  • mishybc

    @Fran: FAIL. That movie was finished filming since January… right now he’s filming ‘New Year’s Eve’. And she is right wth is that ‘I’m the sh!t’ look?

  • mishybc

    @maria: I know right? wth is that ‘I’m the sh!t’ look/pout on his face?

  • Annette

    Zac looks so amazing.)))Love him…

  • jane

    Kellan surrounded by hobbits

  • love

    @mishybc: @maria don’t like his look don’t look at him..he isn’t a smiling robot that he will keep on smiling for u haters…i support u @fran

  • TINna

    Zac looks soo fricking HOT <3 LOVE HIM SOO MUCH

  • Nicki313

    Some of you read far to much into these pictures, they all look great leave it at that.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Zac is beautiful as usual, but I wish he would smile again. Then again he has just split with his girl after five years.

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    Joe looks tuff

  • cutie

    zac your so amazing as always!!!!(Love Him)

  • xoxo!

    @maria: zac luks handsome i guess u are bitter because he dumped vanessa..well she deserved keep replying i don’t care a damn!haha

  • Ella

    WHAT THE???!!!!
    Zac & Joe!!! Oh boy, oh boy.. HOT HOT HOT!
    They should’ve get Chace Crawford also!!!

  • Jonas-crazy-chick

    Nice view!
    lookin good guys, lookin really good

  • http://justjared shamilah

    OMG!!!! i’m soo happy these pic are out, i was watching this live yesterday & was trying by best to get a shot of joe & zac <33
    WOW both of my favourite guys! but i love joe a lot moreeeee ;)
    i wish i was in between them both soo bad:)

  • http://justjared cleo

    Honestly i love both zac & joe sooo much! soo HOT they are both in a pic also im guessing there good friends! :)) PS:
    how can u say joe is uglier next to efron SERIOUSLY! i think ur wrong joe looks a lot hotter then zac!!!! (NOW) :D

  • http://justjared mig345

    The only one ,I think is cute is zac

  • Lame

    Zac looks like he literally sucked on a lemon. He looked best when he appeared at the “Get Him to The Greek” premiere with Vanessa. If you look back at those pictures, his face looks completely different.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac looks beau in that suit!!!! He’s always looking beau!!!! I worship him!!!!

  • pao

    How cares? Fucking player!!!!