Justin Bieber: Grammy Awards 2011 Performance!

Justin Bieber: Grammy Awards 2011 Performance!

Justin Bieber bangs out a hot performance with Usher by his side on stage at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at The Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night (February 13).

The 16-year-old musician was also joined by best friend Jaden Smith during his performance. Check out the video below!

Although nommed for Best New Artist, Justin lost out to Esperanza Spalding.

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Justin Bieber: 2011 Grammy Awards Performance

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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • mishybc

    The performance was badass! Props to JBieber! Canadian boy!

  • mishybc


  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ Erika

    OMG, what if the world was Bieberless? It would be an unhappy world… Sad ;(

  • amy

    Justin was robbed – he SHOULD have won for BEST new artist !

    If you have not yet seen his movie – Never Say Never, go see it! It is awesome!

  • chris

    Wasn’t robbed. He wasn’t the best new artist by any means. And he has to lipsync his way through every performance, another milli vanilli grammy moment. His white tux was ridiculous. Trying to hard never helps. Saw the movie. He did have talent as a little kid but his ego gets in the way of that now. Maybe if he was a little more humble he might appeal more.

  • mia

    why was he even nominated? apart from being sh**, he debut in 2009 there for he shouldnt have been nominated.

  • cam


    Since when does what a person wears disqualify them from a grammy – if that is the case Gaga should NEVER win.

    As far as best new artist – the one that won was not the best either.

    Justin does not lip sync & he is a very talented guy. I think the grammy’s discriminate because of age. They never seem to award a very young artist as best new artist. If Justin won, pretty sure he would have been the youngest to win.

  • Monnica

    @mia he debutes in 2009 yes, but if we see that, you should mention also that whatever the name of the winner is, She debuted in 2005, so Justin Bieber is more recently, right? He is very talented, and he deserves that peolple recognize his talent


    Unfortunately, Justin’s performance was preceded with a video clip from his auditon for Usher at age 13, and his voice at the Grammy’s was noticeably lower and less confident. We could pass that off as “boy’s voice changing” and hope for the best in a year or two. But his live performance, without the benefit of film editing, was just totally lacking. Once Jaden Smith came on stage, Justin was overshadowed. Plus, Justin really needs to give up his partial-moon-walk move. There’s a difference between good and great, and Justin certainly disappointed last night.

  • Adriana

    Ugh, his voice is cracking all over the place. I am so proud of the Grammy’s this year. They picked winners based on talent not popularity, therefore I am happy he lost.

  • squeaky jones

    Justin Bieber’s grammy performance reminds me of a junior high school talent show. They say he plays 5 instruments maybe he should learn how to play guitar first. that baby, baby, yeah,yeah stuff while strumming the guitar was lame. America can be sold anything, the pet rock, and justin bieber.

  • squeaky jones

    justin bieber at the grammys was like a junior highschool talent show. America can be sold anything the pet rock and lame talent justin bieber

  • lib

    i can’t believe on how many losers are bashing a 16 year old. justin is talented. his singing voice has changed since the end of 2009. he’s starting to regain it but it’s a deeper verison. also he wasnt overshadowed by jaden. his rapping is awful and he is annoying. idk why he is even with justin everywhere he goes D: i wish he would away and do his own thing. let willow smith take his place. he belongs on kidbop. i dont care if he is the son of will smith. he should be an actor not a rapper. idk why people are even being hard when it comes to justin’s voice. just shut the hell up and let him get through it with practice. and as for the grammys justin or drake should have won. theyre new and way better.

  • http://sabrina4c sabrina

    ok like justin totaly should have won and if you are hater why are you here to watch this video

  • http://sabrina4c sabrina

    @chris if you hate jb so much why are you here and why did you see his movie huh