Miley Cyrus: Brunch at Bea Bea's with Mom Tish

Miley Cyrus: Brunch at Bea Bea's with Mom Tish

Miley Cyrus is all smiles as she heads into Bea Bea’s in Burbank, calif., on Tuesday afternoon (February 15).

The 18-year-old actress, wearing Winter Kate, just recently presented at the 2011 Grammy Awards with Kings of Leon.

Miley‘s dad Billy Ray recently opened up to GQ mag about being scared for her future. “I’m scared for her. She’s got a lot of people around her that’s putting her in a great deal of danger. I know she’s 18, but I still feel like as her daddy I’d like to try to help. Take care of her just a little bit, to at least get her out of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm. Stop the insanity just for a minute,” he shared.

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Credit: Stefan/Silvano; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Mika

    Her family is now officially a wreck. She’s a wreck.
    KInd of feel bad for her.

  • Gabby


  • emmy

    she looks pretty:)

  • amtfan

    shes beautiful!

  • Jolie

    Pretty. Ilh <3

  • headstrong

    @Mika: why you always post negative comments? that you job? be a negative person when its comes to miley?.

  • Gaby

    She looks good and I really don’t think her dad should have came out and said what he did. We don’t know what they went through and we really shouldn’t. Why give up the little privacy you have? They’re families worse off than I thought.

  • Viccko


    She kill Mate! And now uses his tail as an accessory

  • Warren

    I feel bad for Miley’s family troubles. I will always love you beautiful Miley!

  • Mika


    Why you are you generalizing my comments? I’m not being negative, I’m telling it like it is .. and it just so happens to be negative in this situation.

  • Amy

    Now she seems more of a struggling artist, not just a Disney star

  • ShawnStodden

    I’d still fuck her brains out again!

  • ShawnStodden

    I’d still screw her brains out again!

  • SMH

    RIP Miley Cyrus’ career: 2006-2011 …….agree with BRC, they NEVER should have gone to Hollywood. It ruined this once loving family. The worse is yet to come. Trace is already a mess. Braison is a mess. Miley IS a mess …sorry, she is. Noah is a mess (spoiled brat). Brandi is the only one that seems okay. Sad :-(

  • .

    I actually agree with miley’s dad. she kinda is getting outta hand

  • jj17

    Billy Ray Cyrus = Crazy!

  • Gentlemenpreferblondes

    eeeeek she has some serious acne on her forehead!!

  • Rochel

    WOW thats one big rabbits foot or fox tail. LOL
    I luv Miley boots :)
    My prayer and thoughts go out to Miley and her family :)
    People need to back off this family.
    How would you like it if people made rude comments about your
    family ??

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Mika: ur not ‘tellin it like it is’ ur ”stating an pinon’ . How can u say that Miley is a wreck when she still has a career going? She has four movies and a tour lined up for her where as her dad is sitting on his @ss blaming something that was out of Miley’s control on her shoulder. Billy Ray is the one that’s a “WRECK”. Miley still has a chance to turn her life around. Sure she maybe going tru a hard time in her life, but that doesn’t make her a “TRAIN WRECK:” Look at Britney Spears. She went tru some hell back in 2008. 3 Years later, Britney is still topping the charts and winning grammys. Now when u mention her name, people forget the woman that shaved her head and did all that nonsense. Everyone is still looking for hot videos, tours and whatever it is that is still making her a success. That’s what I think will happen with Miley. (i’m not saying she’s gonna shave her head and such.) I think she’s gonna turn her life around before it’s too late (Just like Miss Spears) and not end up helpless like Lohan.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Viccko: LOL!

  • http://WTF Katie

    I think they should all take a break from the spotlight and in a while Miley can have the greatest of comebacks.

  • http://deleted demi lovesvodka

    damm she’s ugly. and now she’s getting fat. all u brainwashed miley fans say she looks beautiful no matter what. u need to open ur eyes. miley is ugly

  • http://deleted miley stinks

    even when she’s hanging out with her mom she dresses like a hooker

  • http://deeosment Dee osment

    Miley needs real love….some she got from her true n loyal fans…n as a fan ,i wish her the best for her career,family n love…i’ll love u forever milez…concentrate to ur career n don’t waste ur talent n opportunity for something unworthy……stay strong gal!!!! Go mileeeeeez!!

  • hiha

    @SMH: agreed!

  • Meghan

    She looks absolutely radiant. I love the outfit. I wish her all the best with her family troubles but she needs to start realising there are consequences to her actions.

  • littletough

    @iTellItLikeItIs: Do you even know what wreck means? It has nothing to do with projects, etc. Clubbing and Salavia? Yes, Miley ISa wreck. Mika said Miley is wreck but never mentioned that she will be wreck forever. Yes, britney is now topping the charts but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t a wreck before. Calling someone a train wreck doesn’t mean you wish for them to be wreck forever. Just describing what the person sees. I’m guessing that you just can’t accept the fact that Miley’s a wreck right now. I’m not a fan of Miley but I also do hope that she will turn her life around and no need to go through what Britney had been through.

  • lol


    Billy Ray is not crazy, he is the only one obviously who will say no to Miley. The yes people surrounding Miley are bringing her down. She used to be the most loved and respected teen star & now the people in “the business” are starting to move away from Miley & moving on to those with less controvery. The bong issue is a serious thing because the so called “legal drugs” like salvia lead to more drug issues & who is to say Miley is really sorry for the incident or just sorry she got caught.

    In order to make films, etc. the studios take out insurance on their stars they hire & if the star becomes too much of a risk the studio will not take a chance and hire them. Like Lindsey Lohan – most studios and producers do not want to hire Lindsey because she is such a mess and too risky.

  • UzTawkin2Me

    Miley seems fine to me. She works without causing any concerns. Girl takes a bong, but has broken no laws, and they alert the press? omg!

    Billy is a country boy at heart and has some conservative views on how ‘women folk’ should behave I guess. He has taken a lot of heat for overblown ‘scandals’ by some ppl demanding Miley be a good lil Role model. But, I think THAT is bs. Girls gotta live her own life.

  • yosilia nursakina

    Bea bea! funny name! pretty you miles!

  • Harshi

    Miley looks beautiful as ever!! May god bless MIley Cyrus and her family!! :))

  • harshi

    May god bless Miley Cyrus and Her Family!!
    PS Miles looks beautiful as ever!!

  • headstrong

    @Mika: in general, all your comment about miley are negative. And, no you’re not ‘telling it like it is’ youre just saying what you think. two different things

  • Patworx

    @headstrong: Thank you! It’s annoying when someone says that they’re”telling it like it is” when they’re just being causing trouble

  • mimi

    come on miley!!!!! you were half way there. why, why do you have to where all of these trashy clothes, I mean you’re not trashy. she would have looked ten times better if she had some brown leggings. i mean sheesh, not even with her mom she dresses properly.

  • shannon

    @demi lovesvodka:

    you’re the one who is ugly??

  • shannon


    her outfit isnt trashy…you need your eyes checked if you think this outfit is trashy

  • Delmar

    @lol Huh? Miley has absolutely no trouble getting film roles based on her behavior because she doesn’t have any real bad behavior. She has absolutely no problem getting insurance, that’s not even an issue. She’s nothing like LIndsay Lohan, that’s just the press making stuff up. A few days after the bong video she went on set for So Undercover and at the end of the shooting, everybody was praising her. She’s going on SNL in March to host. She presented at the grammys. If she was a trainwreck none of that would happen. She’ll be touring and then doing more videos and movies. She’s doing well it’s just that she needs to be more careful about what she does in front of cameras in her personal life and she probably needs counseling on her parent’s divorce.

  • LIndsay

    ok so her mom seriously needs to start acting like her mom and not looking and dressing like a teenager.

  • Maria

    @iTellItLikeItIs: If it wasn’t for Billy Ray Miley wouldn’t even be in Hollywood! With Billy Ray being who he was/is he had a lot of connections that helped her get the audtions & everything! I guarantee you if Miley didn’t have a famous dad she wouldn’t even be in Hollywood!

  • Nadia

    @headstrong: You know its true and that she’s right. Miley’s family is fallen apart, and its all her fault too. Getting into drugs, bad movies, looking like a effin slut. Everyone who says she looks pretty need to get their eyes checked. She’s not pretty inside or out. I bet they were all happy before HM. The only reason she still has a career is because of her popularity. She’s not talented. Same thing with Selena Gomez. The only talented girl in Disney anymore is Demi, even though she can’t act she sure can sing. And why does everyone get so offended when someone bags a celebrity? Do you know these people? No. Are you friends with them? No. How do you know who they actually are? You don’t. So why all the fighting of “you don’t know who she is obviously”. Everyone obviously knows who Miley is. And when you say Miley you think of slutty outfits now. What happened to that sweet girl on Disney before? She’s gone. And that’s sad. So you can go ahead and reply to this with snobby comments and get offended. But you know that what I’m saying is so true, and you just won’t want to admit it.

  • headstrong

    @Nadia: huh?

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Maria: yeah, I pretty sure the Jackson’s , The Manning’s, and The Smith kids have herd that tired false assumption. Darling, do u realize that Miley has made more Money thann Billy Ray has ever been able to hold? Hence the fact why Bill Ray’s cd’s sell ten times worst than Miley’s. So I think it’as the other way around. Billy Ray is only famous cause of Miley. A man who wrote ONE HIT can not land your child on a tv series , sell out concerts, and land at the top of the bill boards or make you a New York Times bestseller.

  • http://deleted miley stinks

    @Harshi: ur stupid

>>>>>>> staging1