Vanessa Hudgens: Fashion Week with Fergie!

Vanessa Hudgens: Fashion Week with Fergie!

Vanessa Hudgens continues her busy day taking in the shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Wednesday (February 16) in New York.

The 22-year-old Beastly actress took in the Marchesa show and also sat in the front row with Fergie at the Anna Sui show.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa attended the Yigal Azrouel and Jeremy Scott shows in addition to a slew of other shows this week.

FYI: Vanessa wore the lia sophia beveled ring at the Marchesa show.

10+ pictures inside…

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vanessa hudgens fashion week with fergie 02
vanessa hudgens fashion week with fergie 03
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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Henry S. Dziekan III; Photos: Getty
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  • lolytgrf

    well just one thing i can say: ew!

  • Katty


    …..Does she sleep?

    I’m not a hater, I love her, but SLEEEP GIRL.

  • Daniela

    aww,she must have been so excited,, she loves fergie
    she’s stunning,btw! AS ALWAYSSS

  • Lauren lipkin

    1st outfit ugly, I like the red dress

  • Katty

    Ok, now for the real post….

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her 60s/70s outfit! It looks AMAZING on her. I swear, she can pull ANYTHING off.

    The red dress isn’t my fave, but it doesn’t look bad. I love the shoes! I like how her hair kinda changes too…haha.

    Can’t wait until we get MORE mags and MORE tv interviews of V. Hopefully she’ll go in Ellen! I love Ellen! And you KNOW Ellen will get an answer out of her! ELLEN! Sorry, I just love Ellen too! Haha.

    When we are gonna get her next movie news? I doubt for a while…she’s so choosey, but I love it. She isn’t just picking out any ole’ project, she’s taking her time, knowing she doesn’t really have to rush into anything. I love her choices so far, can’t wait until we get more news/interviews/Beastly-Sucker Punch comes out!

  • Chanon

    That red dress looks really realllllly good on her. <3

  • Skylar

    Aww I love her! Gosh I just can not keep up with this busy girl ahaha. :)

    By the way, I don’t want to use these comments as an advertisement (I honestly don’t) but I’m really in need of staff for my Vanessa Hudgens fansite and what better place to look than on here?

    If you want to see it, just click my name, that’s my site. :D Staff members will get perks like a email address for the website and such. I’m looking for about 2-3 maybe? And experience isn’t really necessary, I’m a pretty good teacher. You just need access to vanessa news, and well, if you’re looking on JJJ odds are, you do aha.

    So if anyone is interested, reply on here. (I’ll check back) Or if you are more comfortable with it, email me at


  • pop86

    Love all the outfits

  • lilly

    she’s horrible lately, I wonder if she’s been taking drugs, seriously. Love her, bu

  • taylorzanfan

    she NEVER fails to look gorgeous

  • mykamicks

    a big WOW! This too much.. She is a real chick who could pulled off different kind of clothing. Love to see her posing with different circle of people lately. Smile Nessa smile..

  • Bradley Bobst

    Just so Damn Beautiful.

  • maria

    She really has been the darling of fashion week! She is really enjoying all these shows, and is looking gorgeous!! Love the red dress, AND the funky 70′s look too. Both very different, but it’s so cool how she can pull off any look!! And I’m so happy to see her out and enjoying herself!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    @maria: ‘

    I Know Maria Me too.


    she looks hot in the red dress
    as for the Janis Joplin outfit…..not so much

  • Haters Suck!

    Wow she just looks amazing in that red dress. I beg she’s been beating the guys off with a stick i mean who wouldn’t hit on her. I know if I got the chance I would hit on her and woluld most likley be rejected but I think shed be nice about it.

  • Bradley Bobst

    @Haters Suck!:

    Same here

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan

    The Red Dress is so Gorgeous.

  • kyle

    Front row seat with Fergie – wow!!! Vanessa is on a roll.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Shooot, why is she so pretty !? She can wear ANYTHING and still look flawless in what she wears. Ugh. I envy her but I just LOVE her.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I just love this girl, she can wear anything.

  • jazmin

    Wow….she must be tired. She looks amazing and just full of life. She looks amazing on all of the show and I love all the outfit but I say my fave is Marchesa for the outfit and Jeremy Scott for hairstyle. I’d love to own everything she had on this NYFW.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: Now this convinced me even more that out of any lady in Hollywood Vanessa pulls off everything she wears….everything. I love the dress and I love that 70′s outfit very chic.

  • Emma

    Nobody knows it except two people.
    That’s unless they tell the truth

  • Anibal

    God, she is very busy :) im so happy

  • georginaaaaaa

    i loveeee these photos!! she i such a risk staker in fashion LOVEEE she always look sooo good!

  • potaa

    stunning dress :)

  • vivi

    I love this dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! she lookes amazing!

  • tina

    She just got a tat.

  • pao

    WOWWW!!! georgeous¡¡¡

  • neGro xoxo

    @maria: agree
    and by the way we all love her…and i think she is so excited and it makes me happy…love her smile and everything she wears

  • carly

    I’m LOVING all these Vanessa sightings :D I LOVE the red dress, I think she looks Stunning in it and Red really suits her but I don’t likle the 70′s outfit :(

  • ally

    she’s horrible lately.. I’m sorry to say that because I love her, but her outfit choices are.. well let’s say not the best these days. she did so much better in the past, this is freakin ny fashionweek girl! she could afford (and wear) ANYTHING, but chooses such weird outfits. I have no words for this hippie outfit. and the red dress has the wrong length, I mean she’s not fourty, is she. sths wrong with her makeup too, I truly don’t know what happend to her lately. sorry V, you’ll always be my style icon but right know.. I’m just kinda disappoointed :/

  • Aly

    huh? O_O now there`s another aly… but of course, haters, then london, now me… what`s this? turning people against us? -.-

    And no, i like the red dress, don`t like the other outfit… looks like a PJ but the red dress is my fav.

    Anyway, just to let you know, she got a butterfly tattoo on her neck ^^

  • Lissi

    And now she got this huge butterfly tattoo on her neck at 2 am last night /this morning. I mean what is wrong with her. Even drunken desicions are for a life!! I thought you are smarter!!!!! Yeah, it’s V

  • http://jjj marcy

    love her

  • yets

    im not a fan of a tattoo but i love her and i will continue to pray for her.
    hope that everything is ok.
    i really her to be happy.

  • tina

    @ally: you are a clueless fool. Allow me to enlighten you,since you know nothing about fashion. Her outfits for the week are all coming from the various designers, whose events she attended, so you are critizing some of the biggest names in fashion, you twit. She arrived from her vacation and the designers supplied the outfits.

  • tina

    @Lissi: so what, she’s an adult.

  • ally

    @<a href=”/2011/02/16/vanessa-hudgens-fashion-week-with-fergie/comment-page-2/#comment-11158
    who are you to call me a fool? and to enlighten YOU, I don’t give a sh*it from which designer the clothes are, if I find them fugly then they’re fugly. they could be from god personally and would still look like nothing to me. just because it’s from a designer it’s automatically fashonable to you? wow congrats, I guess we found the one who has no clue. fashion is about making even cheap clothes look stylish, it’s easy to look good in designerstuff and pretend to be a pro when it comes to what is fashionable and what not. and just for your information, I work in the fashionindustry myself, so don’t you tell me that I know nothing alright ;)

  • tina

    As what the one who brings the coffee to the designers?@ally:

  • tina

    So,your going from she ‘s losing her fashion sense to someone of the biggest designers are losing their’s. Good luck in that industry.

  • rayana

    on people.COM, she said that her tatoos are not real and she is dressing this way for this week ONLY

  • musicgirl

    wow I’ve missed alot!!! haha but, as always she is walking perfection. she looks gorgeous in every singel outfit she has had this last couple of days!!! and her butterfly tatoo is real, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! she was talking about her henna tatoos when she said their were fake ! love her soo much :D <3333333

  • aly

    Guys… this @ally: isn`t me, lol, and no, i`m not changing the nick either, i still want to see until where she goes to make people think i turned into a hater… LOL, this is ridiculous but it`s still funny, haha.

  • Telle

    i loVE the red dress…so beautiful
    and about the 70′s style is pretty 70′s I think she risked & that’s OK because after all is about that I MEAN be creative
    she was great in everything that she wears

  • maeli

    love that red dress it’s gorgeous and the other look too

  • ally

    excuse me? is it my fault that we have same name ? as I don’t comment regularly I don’t know who you are and why you’re thinking that I’m trying to “convince” people you’re a hater. it doesn’t make any sense.

  • daniel

    SUCH A SEXY LADY¡¡¡¡¡¡auhhhhhhhhhhh

  • cleanfreak


    I do agree with Ally 100 percent . I do believe that the reason she has lots of fans it’s because of who she was. I am sure that she will lost a bunch of fans because of this and might love Zac even more.