Emma Watson: I Really Need to Grow My Hair!

Emma Watson: I Really Need to Grow My Hair!

Emma Watson may no longer be sporting her famous pixie cut!

The 20-year-old British actress recently revealed she’s trying to grow her hair out so she can keep working in the film industry.

“I’m kind of looking forward to getting to a cute little bob stage. I am trying to grow it but it’s slow, it’s taking a while obviously,” Emma, who chopped off her locks back in August, told ELLEuk.com.

“If I want to keep acting,” she added, “it’s more flexible for me to have it longer for different roles, it’s quite a specific cut.”

DO YOU LIKE Emma with long or short hair?

Emma Watson – Elle UK Interview
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  • http://@fnrizka fnrizka

    I love her long hair.. But the short one is great :). She looks sexier with that pixie hair cut..

  • http://@Ellen_trueblue Ellen

    Yes she’s sexy with this pixie but i miss her lovely long hair! Well, she looks gorgeous in both haircut ;)

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    She looks good in both long and short.

  • Right on

    An actress doesn’t need long hair to keep on acting. That’s what acting talent is for. Natalie Portman,Carey Mulligan or Kristen Stewart never had a problem winning roles even after they cut their hair. The only reason why they chose to grow their hair immediately after they cut it was because they cut it for a role and prefer their old hair. Emma cut her’s because she wanted to. She could still keep her pixie cut and continue acting. The roles she gets will be more substantial if she kept the pixie cut, in fact. Less emphasis is placed on sex symbol status.

  • how

    was just getting used to the pixie cut. wonder if she’ll wear a wig for Sam in Perks

  • Agostina


  • Lou

    i think she is WAY sexier with short hair too.But i also LOVE her with long hair too.Whatever you want Emma,it’s all good.

    However,i thought Emma wanted to focus more on school rather than acting for now……She already did her role in My Week w/ Marylin,she already signed a deal w/ LANCOME and will be shooting next month,….she’ll be filming a new movie this June ,Perks of Being A Wallflower,…..and she wants more??……..i mean, she is only 20 and i know she’ll make 100′s of movies but she seems worried if u ask me.

    Doesn’t 20 million pounds suffice?I thought she had no clue how to spend her money.Guess when your famous,all you think about is being more famous so the whole world knows your name.She wants to be the next Natlie Portman from what i can see which is fine.

    In fact,i beleive she has a great chance of being a legend but she needs an American accent.That’s her one problem.Hollywood is about being perfect for the movie.Remeber,the actor only can make a good movie better if that actor is good enough.And a bad movie can be better with a good actor.

  • miki

    i like her both hair styles but long hair’s suit for her IMO.*-*

  • Right on

    Emma will never be the next Natalie Portman because Natalie is from the US. The US media embrace her and Hollywood embrace her because she studied at the top American Uni, Harvard, and she is in an American film franchise (Star Wars). The US media has to broadcast a certain percentage of their news on American acts. That is where most their funding is from, the US government.

    Natalie is also Jewish so once she paid back her dues to the film industry, they and the media continue to support her career.

    Emma is British, the UK media has a stipend to write about British talents for maybe 75% of their column space if they want funding from their government. There’s no way way Emma can break into the American market as a British talent. She is not talented enough yet to be written about in American newspapers. They only have a small number of column space for international acts. But Hollywood is all about publicity and being written about in the average person’s daily newspaper (because that’s where most average Joe’s get their news). Emma just won’t be able to do it unless she brings in a huge Award winning Oscar performance consecutively or pulls a Lindsay or Britney and gets photographed flashing her private parts. We read a lot of Emma news over the web because websites can operate based on web traffic, but not so much in newspapers in the US because they are funded by the American tax payers, which means the newspaper have an obligation to write about their homegrown talent.

  • Right on

    Maybe that’s why we read so much about Twilight and their actors and only about Harry Potter when a new Harry Potter movie is released?

  • http://xxemillixx em xx

    Don’t think she should grow her hair its fab the way it is xx as long as she can act which she can she shouldn’t have 2 grow it xx but I guess if she wants to she should xx nt to be told 2 just so she can carry on working in the film industry xxx <3 Emma Watson!!

  • Celia

    She didn’t she really needed to. She said she’s looking forward to seeing it at bob-length. Which makes sense.
    I don’t think anyone expected her to keep it short forever. She’s 20 years old and wants to try different styles. I can’t wait see what it looks like at bob length!

    And she never said the short hair will stop her from getting roles. She’s gotten like two roles since it’s been short. Emma’s just saying that her longer hair will make her available for a variety of different roles. A lot of filmmakers do not like using wigs. They’re expensive and a hassle. It’s just easier and more authentic when you have your own hair. It makes you more flexible.

    Emma probably learned this when she filmed MY Week With Marilyn. It would have saved them so much more time if they could of just styled Emma’s real hair. The same goes for Michelle Williams.

    But I think she’s gorgeous regardless of the length.

  • Celia


    She said school is her priority, but she never said she was going to stop acting. She’s always said that will do small films when she has time. And that’s exactly what she’s doing.

    And Emma does not want to be the next Natalie Portman (RANDOM). She doesn’t want to be anyone, but herself.

    I really admire how hard she works. She’s not only attending school, but she’s busy trying to spread the word about Fair Trade and it’s importance while also collaborating with famous designers to create Fair Trade fashion. AND on top of that she’s busy getting acting roles left and right. I don’t know how she does it. I would be SO tired.

    Oh and that Lancome rumor is a…rumor. Hasn’t been confirmed.

  • littletough

    @Right on: It’s not like she’s saying she will never get a role because of her hair. If you’re talking about the hair giving the three actresses as examples, you are right but if you’re talking about acting, you’re right about natalie and carey, but stewart? wtf? I admit she’s good in emo roles but other than that? nah.And it seems like you’re saying that emma cannot be like natalie bec. of citizenship therefore your point is she will never be as famous as natalie due to exposure in AMERICAN tabloids. But I think she can be like natalie, in terms of acting. One doesn’t need to be famous to be considered a good actress. There are a lot of better actress in this world than the LIKES of stewart who is only famous for a famous book, not because of her acting abilities. Besides, emma’s still young and has many years to improve her acting. It’s not bad to dream anyway. (I also hope that stewart will improve her acting and learn to smile A LOT)

  • http://thetaylornation.com Chelsea

    @Celia: Agreed!!

    I really admire her. She’s young. She has plenty of time to break into the American world. She’s done a better job of it than her costars Rupert and Daniel (whom I also love!). She just needs time. And she definitely doesn’t want to be a “next somebody” from what I gather from interviews. She just wants to be herself. And since she started out so young, you’d think she’d “mess up” somehow but she didn’t which only proves Emma’s going to last.

  • http://thetaylornation.com Chelsea

    @littletough: I think you’re correct. I believe Emma’s acting is already wonderful for her age (Deathly Hallows proved that). Anyone (even the best like Nat and Carrie) can always improve their acting. Emma’s young; she has a lot of time to do so. She said in an interview she only wants really good supporting roles and gradually get into bigger roles. She’s not looking to be the next big star. She wants to improve. She knows what she’s doing.

  • Mika

    @Right on:

    Very true.

  • dizzy

    I like that Emma isn’t rushing to be in so many films after Potter. She’s being smart and not just accepting any role. She’s taking it slow and keeping her word about attending Brown. I’m sure she can get roles with the pixie (she has obtained two and all you need is a good wig). But I do want to see how she’ll look with the bob. She’ll look cute, there’s no doubt.

  • DavisR

    I think she’s hot with short or long hair.
    Emma’s a very talented actress, so I doubt her hair length would really matter. But then again, hollywood is very superficial so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I wonder if she will be have extensions in Perks?

  • ______

    Long/short I don’t care I love this girl with long hair she was so sexy goddess looking with short she was classy sophisticated looking. I always have crush on her.


    NATALIE PORTMAN IS FROM ISRAEL! she always says that she loves the states but her heart belongs to israel

  • http://twitter.com/TheLightofLife Arthi

    @Ellen: totally agree!

  • Ayan

    she look’s hot with her hair long i loved her hair long

  • Celia


    Me too. I want to see her hair in a bob.

  • http://twitter.com/rebeccam2 Rebecca

    I prefer her with long hair but it’s Emma Watson and let’s face it, she’d look good bald.

  • Drina

    Why do people like short hair sometimes i dunno . No im not saying to just make them very very very very long but i like long hair and i think to her would be muuuch better , she seems different …. =P

    Someone is saying ” No need to get long hair to act , after that is a talent” Yes im not saying that, but i like her hair to be longer .. much longer then now

  • Warren

    I said she needs to let her hair grow out again and I got negatives. Now Emma herself is saying it, so there. She is pretty, but way hotter with longer hair.

  • Right on

    Natalie is born in Israel but she has American citizenship. She was raised in America with American values (as well as Jewish) so Americans consider her one of them. Emma has British citizenship and is considered an import. The US media (newspapers NOT tabloids) are controlled by the US government through funding so they have an obligation to promote their own talents. Unless Emma is a David Beckham, she won’t find a lot of column space in newspapers in Hollywood. She has to act in blockbuster films where she is the lead or Oscar winning films where she is the lead to get notice in America. Or be really scandalous (on American soil, not British soil) to get written about in American tabloids. That’s the only way she will get notice in Hollywood now that Potter is over. Being an annoying fame whore isn’t the best for her reputation, though, and she might burn out fast with paparazzi harassment. Emma is also only 20 and her family is in Britain. It will be tough for her to live full time by herself in Hollywood.

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    @Right on:
    Chill out. If you read any interviews, Emma doesn’t care about being in ditzy Hollywood or becoming the next star…she wants to continue acting, but to continue her studies.
    Haha stop over-analyzing…

  • Lorena

    Long Hair!!!

  • lois

    i love her short hair :) but i think she looks great with any style!