Lucas Till Wants A Real Video Game

Lucas Till Wants A Real Video Game

Lucas Till plays peek-a-boo in these new shots from the March 2011 issue of August Man mag.

Inside the issue, the 20-year-old actor opens up about having Havok’s super powers, his dream of becoming a real action figure and his new production company.

On being Cyclops brother: “I definitely remember wanting to be Wolverine, but Havok is a great consolation prize. I can shoot energy beams out of my entire body, and I’m the brother of Cyclops. Havok has always historically been the brother with more potential, bu because he has less control over his powers, he has always been secluded and separated.”

On becoming a real video game character: “I’ve had two goals in my life: one was to someday be an action figure, and the other one was to be in a video game, and one of those was completed with Hannah Montana. They came out with this Ken Doll of me and this crazy HM video game. (In the game) there was this guy on the cover, wearing my clothes and I was like, ‘That’s me?!’ And I just went ahead and bought it because I thought, ‘I have to check this out,’ and there was this 35-year-old dude with a much higher voice than me doing my voice and I was like, ‘that is not me!’ X-Men is going to be my legitimate shot at getting it right.”

On loving producing more than acting: “It’s called Grindfest, and the name suggest that we like to have fun…I like producing, or being a very creative producer, rather, where I can get a taste of what it’s like to be director without having to have all the responsibility fall on my shoulders. From the script up until seeing the final product — it’s like watching a child growing up.”

X-Men First Class opens in theaters on June 3rd.

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Credit: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack; Photos: August Man Magazine
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  • joceelyynn

    he’s… not handsome, the 4th pic is just scary

  • ahira

    i love lucas till <3

  • fan

    I Love the 4th and 6th and 8th pic, you can see he is mature more comparing previous cute/hot cowboy !!, lucas, please keep sweet smile.

  • SJS

    He seems like a really nice guy & I wish him well, but he is not in any way my idea of attractive. He’s straight up creepy looking. Sorry.

  • emily

    I love lucas.

  • mary

    love lucas till

  • marimadness

    breath takingly brilliant! Love his piercing blue eyes and angular jaw. He’s handsome to me. I can’t wait to see the movie(s) he’s going to be in this year. He’s a very good actor and very underrated. Well wishes to Lucas Till and I know he’s going to make it int he buisness… I just know it! *claps at him*

  • theater_man

    I wonder who is lying between these two. On Bryan Singer’s interview he said that Cyclops and Havok are not brothers because it’s physically impossible. And now Lucas Till is claiming that they are brothers.

    Who are we suppose to believe? The producer or the actor? Who is the big fat liar?

  • shido

    Scary? Last one? I don’t see it. Must be kinda cool though to have a doll made in your image! Definitely not cool to have a poser take your work.

    @theater_man, my guess is the actor or interviewer oops. In the comic, the characters were brothers.. the movie apparently not. You know how people switch things around in random conversations.. ;)