Leah Lewis & Luke Benward Join 'Madison High'

Leah Lewis & Luke Benward Join 'Madison High'

Meet Luke Benward and Leah Lewis, the new faces of Madison High!

You might recognize Luke from Minutemen – he played Charlie. The 15-year-old actor will play Devin Daniels, a motocross racer looking for a new hobby.

Leah, 14, will be playing Peyton Hall, a formerly home-schooled tennis champion. Leah actually has a 4 1/2 octave range! Can’t wait to hear her sing!

G Hannelius has also snagged a role as Wednesday Malone, a precocious starlet in the making — that, we can see!

And get excited, Ms. Darbus is back! Alyson Reed will be reprising her High School Musical role, relocating from East to Madison High.

At Madison High, the students embark on a journey of self discovery while trying to build a revolutionary theatre program under the tutelage of Ms. Darbus. She casts a diverse troupe of both seasoned and raw actors to create an original musical production based on their lives.

Production on the pilot begins in March in consideration for a Disney Channel series to premiere in early 2012. The series will also four original songs.

Stay tuned to JJJ to see who will play Cherry O’Keefe, Colby Baker and Harvey Flynn.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new cast of Madison High?

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Photos: Courtesy of Disney Channel
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  • http://@claraanizia Clara anizia

    I love Luke Benward <3

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    SMFH. Disney really wants to try and rip off GLEE and think that it will actually be a SUCCESS? WOW, even Carton Network has better writers than these lames

  • http://heyitsroasher Roasher

    the guy is a cuttie.. can’t wait to see him..
    he looks amazing now!! loved him in the moviee!

  • Just Jill

    @iTellItLikeItIs: Isn’t that a bit backwards?

    HSM came before Glee, after all

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Just Jill: yes, Glee is in fact a grown up version of HSM. But the idea of a “musical TV series” came from GLEE first. HSM was just a MOVIE. This is an actual MUSICAL SERIES that Disney was to ut out. So actually, they are stealing from Glee. The oly difference b/t Madison High and Glee is Glee uses Main Stream Music and Madison High has all original music.

  • nicole


    HSM was awesome. But it’s done. The 3rd movie finished it with a bang. Let the idea die while the majority of its fans are still fans. Stop looking for the money.

  • Tracy

    @iTellItLikeItIs: OH PLEASE. GLEE ripped off High School Musical. The smart dorky girl gets together with the star athlete. The pretty snobby blonde. A world tour. At least HSM had original songs and not covers.

  • :)

    luke is cute and funny!

  • Meredith

    This looks like it is going to be so LAME! Nothing can compare to the original HSM! G. Hanneilus? REALLY!? She’s like 10 years old! And, cannot act to save her life. And if they’re trying to make Leah and Luke the next Zac and Vanessa? Won’t happen! Disney really should re-think all of the shows they have now!

  • Patworx

    This might be good. Sure, it sounds a lot like Glee, but a sign of a truly successful show is the appearance of similar shows. It’s the same way Seinfeld influenced sitcoms.

    Let’s not bash this show before we even see it. Let’s give it a chance.

  • disn23

    screw this new generation of kids
    Zanessa and the original HSM crew will ALWAYS be the best in my eyes
    hope this series sucks cause Im not gonna watch anyway

  • Tania

    I really love luke and i’m very happy for him !
    hope the best for him!
    he’s a good singer and actor^^

  • http://benwardbeshine Oliviaax

    i love luke benward! thank you disney channel for get him on the series , you guys cant imagine how much we miss him! *joy tears*

  • http://benwardbeshine Oliviaax

    @Clara anizia: HEY YOU @LukeBenwardBra right? iam @BenwardBeShine im so excited to see the movie , how bout you?

  • dolleyJonasbenward

    aww, i can’t wait 4 this show to be premiere!! I love G, butLuke Benward is OBVIOUSLY the BEST part of all!! He has awesome voice and he’s really cute!! And FYI, i think he’s so much better than Justin Bieber. This show will be EPIC!! I don’t care if you think it copies GLEE. I don’t hate GLEE, but GLEE has to many drama in it, i kinda think it’s weird, although i don’t hate it, in fact i watch it sometimes. Anyway, this show is inspired by Disney Channel’s Original Movie High School Musical and not Glee.


  • http://facebook Emma

    i think disney needs to slow down and fix the shows they have already that are pretty bad…..they need to rethink their upcoming shows!!!! and G.Hannielus is wayyyyy to young to look like a highschooler!

  • http://@EstheerKidrauhl Esther96

    I love Luke Benward!<3
    Follow me on twitter if you love him!

  • http://7894563210 KOB


  • yulissa

    i love luke benward he is now 17 year old