Vanessa Hudgens: New Butterfly Tattoo!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Butterfly Tattoo!

Check out Vanessa Hudgens‘ new neck tattoo!

The 22-year-old actress inked herself last night in NYC at Bang Bang Tattoos and was accompanied by gal pal and MTV Australia VJ, Ruby Rose.

Ruby tweeted the news, saying, “Please dont blame me.. But i may have convinced Vanessa hudgens to get a tattoo… Now. Her first…”

Vanessa now sports a pretty butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck.

JJJ fun fact: The name Vanessa actually means “butterfly.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa’s new tattoo?

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  • paula

    I like it :)

  • Tina

    I luuuuv it! :) You rock it Vanessa!

  • bambiii

    jesus it’s stunning !!
    i actually always wanted the same on my back,right side ( where she had once a fake one)
    obvious she broke up with zac…tired to explain it,but let’s say you fall those decision if you start a new chapter in life and she is doin so much right now,she reminds me of a flower in spring. she LIVES …
    reminds me of ‘gotta go my own way’


    Cool Tattoo.. As pretty as her :)

  • Cin

    I love it!!!

  • lucza

    nice :)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Awesome Tatto.

  • kami

    ♥ very pretty but a big big. i love butterflies. ♥

  • kami

    * a bit big*

  • joanne

    Well she wanted to get one. She told that she was gonna get a butterfly tattoo next week.

  • pop86

    Great tatt

  • Odalissa

    Hmm I wouldn’t want her to get a tattoo but it’s small & its the meaning of her name so I guess it’s good lol. I like it though but I hope she doesn’t get more lol

  • joanne
  • daniel

    WHAT a BUTTERFLY ¡¡¡¡¡ looking pretty good on miss Vanessa but i think is just temporary .
    btw where is she right now???????

  • http://WWW.GMX.CO.UK tAMMY

    I like vanessa’s tattoo:) i like it because it’s not in a really inapropriate place where most of these other celebs have their tattoos done. Miley cyrus looks like a hooker with all of her hideous tattoos. Vanessa looks pretty. Plus, it won’t look really horrible when she gets older like all of these other celebs’ will, lol:P

  • wrestler

    it’s really cute but im hoping that its going to be her first and last.

  • musicgirl

    I LOVE IT!!


    lol you.. who cares about efron anymore?


    i loveeeeeee her tattoo ♥ its so cute, i love the colors


    i´m glad to know that she’s been thinking about it for awhile

  • a8nnie

    This is just gorgeous! I love it so much.. It’s plain sweet and absolutely stunning. I love you, V :)<3 As much as I want to deny that I’ve never ever imagined you with tattoos I must admit that I was totally wrong at that point. It actually fits perfectly good on you. + It’s good to see you at the fashion shows. It’s just you. :)
    God bless you!

  • Haters Suck!

    I like it I think it looks awsome. I would have prefered it say go to hell zac, but she proably didn’t want his name on her at all so this works too.

  • suzy

    The Butterfly is so HER. Plus this is obviously something she has thought about for a long time.

  • %%%%%%%%

    Ilike the butterfly in her.

  • Allie

    It’s in an a highly inappropriate place if she gets to attend the Oscars again one day. You need to wear your hair up and it’ll look tacky. They all think they think it through but did she think about this or her wedding day? I wish she had gotten it on her rib or hip.

    ALso, Kelly Osboune said she regrets her tattoos – she said she thought them through, but still woke up in the morning thinking “What did I do?” I just hope she doens’t get anymore.

    Even if she wears her hair down, it looks like you’d be able to see them on the side. And to get them a week before her premiere seems a bit irresponsible. What if something went wrong? She has promo next week and to get it this week – she could have had an allergic reaction, anything.

  • vfan

    i Love it… she didn’t put it in a place that shows much.. and its in an good place not like ashley tisdale’s

  • Natasha456

    i love love it!!!!!

  • Evie

    Sorry, I just think tattoos are trashy under any and all circumstances. NO tattoo looks good when you’re elderly and sagging. You just look trashy and not classy.

  • julie

    a butterfly on the neck… nothing original…

  • Ak

    It’s so tacky and big. Makes her look trashier than she already is. How dumb to put it in such a visible area. If she ever gets her hair cut shorter or puts it up, the tatoo will be so in-your-face tacky. Not a classy look at all. What an idiot.

  • Telle

    @tAMMY: @tAMMY: you’re so right, not exactly miley cyrus but other celebs
    why are you bring that guy zac at vanessa’s post
    thank to brittany ..everybody know that vanessa’s single right now and i read that after end all the premieres ,interviews & more bussiness stuff she’s gonna travel to spain or france.

  • Allie


    Totally agree. i hate them and I’m disappointed but I’ll still support her.

    I must be the only woman in the UK who thinks that David Beckham is ugly and thats mainly due to the tattoos that are everywhere. One of my friends dropped her friend as bridesmaid because she got a tat on her shoulder. I won’t date a guy who has a tattoo. People don’t think about when they’re older.

    I always wanted her to go to the Oscars and stun everyone like Penelope Cruz does. That won’t happen with that thing on her neck.


    It’s a simple tattoo with a strong meaning <3


    Did you hear about makeup?

  • Telle

    @Ak:you know what I like about people like you? Sooner or later your own stupid words that will attack you so you better think very well what you have to write or say. what goes around comes around

  • aly

    I love the butterfly, even do if i`m not a big fan of tattoo`s, but still, it`s her choice.
    Who knows, there is already a way to erase permanent tattoos, it doesn`t mean she`ll have it for forever, and then, it`s her body, she can do what she wants with it, we can`t tell her to not get tattoos…

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    It is such a pretty butterfly! And I love the combination of colors too! ♥

  • Haters Suck!

    Hey if you don’t like tattoes that’s fine don’t get one your business. Vanessa wanted and seems to have for a long time so she got one and one that means something to her, her business. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  • charl

    i take it none of u have any idea about research.

    Vanessa means butterfly. kinda makes it have a meaning.

  • tina

    Wow, a tat is going to keep her from winnng an oscar. Lol, if she attended church every day and carried around a Bible you narrow mnded people would find something bad about that. She said she lives her life for herself, good thing because she’d be crazy to try to please some of you.

  • Allie

    Make up will work for films. I’m pretty sure I heard Megan Fox say that she didn’t cover hers up at award shows because they still show up under the flashing lights/paparazzi flashes. And if you’re going to cover them up, (bar filming when it is required) what was the point of getting it?



  • gracemarie


    Angelina has one on her arm clear as day and she stiil makes the best dressed lists and looks great

    Both Ash and Britt also have tatoos

  • fabp

    fab ink and great choice!!! i got 3 butterflies inked on me…they’re lucky symbols too – go V!

  • joan

    Everything on she is Perfect love her

  • fan

    You can still remove the tattoos if you decided that it was not right for you. For removal of tattoos cost more and more painful than putting one one. Vanessa does have the money to remove it, but how much pain she is willing to take on for removing it.

  • Maria

    @joanne: That post is fake because Ruby Rose wrote on her twitter that she convinced Vanessa to get a tattoo! Also, that article was posted after Vanessa had already gotten that tattoo!

  • Allie

    Well I don’t think Angelina looks great. She may be dressed amazing (that green dress was stunning from the fron then she turned round and you saw the tattoos – tacky.

    And Penelope Cruz will always looks way better than her. I just like to see clean necklines. And I used to be a much bigger fan of Ashley before she had her tattoos. I hate Brit’s tattoos. I hate that Kyra Sedgewick has a tattoo. I can’t help it. Why would you inject ink to yourself?

    I just hate tattoos and if you’re an actress, I just think that you should not have them anywhere that will show up if you wear a strapless dress. On the other hand, she’ll never look as bad as Cheryl cole and her tats. They’re much trashier.

    I still love Vanessa – just disappointed . She could have had it in better places. She’ll regret it someday. I shudder when Becks gives interviews in which he says his 10 year old son wants to get a tattoo to look like his dad.

  • fabp

    it also symbolises ‘new beginning/transformation’…

  • fabp

    tattoos are personal…nothing to do with anyone else, even your own mother or father – what you do with your body is no one else’s business. for me it is better than effin religion…;D