Vanessa Hudgens: New Butterfly Tattoo!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Butterfly Tattoo!

Check out Vanessa Hudgens‘ new neck tattoo!

The 22-year-old actress inked herself last night in NYC at Bang Bang Tattoos and was accompanied by gal pal and MTV Australia VJ, Ruby Rose.

Ruby tweeted the news, saying, “Please dont blame me.. But i may have convinced Vanessa hudgens to get a tattoo… Now. Her first…”

Vanessa now sports a pretty butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck.

JJJ fun fact: The name Vanessa actually means “butterfly.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa’s new tattoo?

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  • rayana

    Come on you people.. why do u keep saying that shes got trashy because she got a tattoo.. its HER decision NOT OURS….. so youre saying that all the people who have a tattoo are trashy… I LOVE U VANESSA JUST THE WAY U ARE

  • rayana

    its her decision not ours… i love u vanessa just the way u are

  • Allie

    Yes it is her body. But she works in an environment where physical appearances are key and that is what she is judged on Get it on your hip or rib where no-one will see it if you are wearing a full lenth gown. You’re an actress. Why would you put yourself through an extra hour of makeup each day (which is what she’s going to have to do every day she films)

    Plus side – maybe she’ll wear her hair up more to show off her tat? That mane needs cut soon. It looks limp.

  • Katty

    Vanessa wanted the tattoo, she got the tattoo. End of story. It’s really none of our business what she inks on her body or anything honestly.

    If she wants to go to the Oscars? She can go with it showing or she can COVER IT UP which celebs with tats do do during movies. AKA Megan Fox’s tacky tat of Marilyn Monroe on her arm. Is it there in transformers? I don’t think so.

    People she has LONG hair and even if she gets short hair it could still be long enough to cover it.

    It’s her body, her choice. I doubt she was thinking of any of YOU when she got it….

  • Katty

    Pic of V actually getting the tat

  • lauren

    who gives a shit.

  • neGro xoxo

    love the tattoo on her…she is so butterfly too…love her so much…she rocks

  • Telle

    @Katty: totally agree
    that’s her decision …btw when people said trashy or classy sounds pretty FAKE¡

  • nicole

    It’s freaking HUGE! When she wears her hair up at events, she’s going to look ridiculous.

    Love her, but this wasn’t thought out.

  • pao

    Im not a tattos big fan but this one looks really nice on her!!!

  • gracemarie


    Do you want me to start naming all the actress (oscar winners included) who have visible tatoos starting with Jolie.

    And Vs hair wiil cover it most times.

    You have NO IDEA what you are talking about so spare us.

  • lola

    I LOVE it!

  • peggy


    LMAO how ignorant some of you are about Hollywood. Girls with tattos win oscars just like everybody else and some you can see clearly on the red carpet


  • peggy


    Well we will leave you with the task of telling Angelina, Eva, Scarlett, Cameron etc how ridiculous they look as they have their chauffuers take them to make another deposit in the bank

    And for those of you who know nothing and there seem to be a few it is swollen and will shrink to a smaller size when the swelling goes down

  • e

    It’s funny how much attention this is getting, no one else’s tattoo have I think ever gotten this much talk about.

    How many people these days doesn’t have a tattoo, espcially in that showbiz, and I kind of get that, sure it’s needs to be covered at times when filming, but I bet that when you spend so much time prettending to be someone you’re not, getting something like a tattoo might also be a way of them to have something that is theirs, something that will be shown when they are themselves, if that makes sense, and I don’t know if it’s true and probably isn’t for everyone but it’s thought. Also there are several huge actors that have tattoos and it haven’t had any affect on their carers, I mean Julia Roberst have a huge tattoo on her lower back, and sure that’s easier to cover up, and Chalize Theron have one on her leg, Helen Mirren have a tattoo on her hand and showed it of at the oscars and hands are way harder to cover since you can esaly get them wet etc. any so many people have tattoos on their higher back/necks, and they still wear their hair up and no one reacts, so why would they react to Vanessa getting one there.

  • Angie

    Personally I used to not like tattoos But it really isn’t as bad as people claim not if it’s tastefully done. It’s expressive like clothes and not every tattoo is trashy having a million is trashy it’s like judging the book by its cover a person has a tattoo you altomatically assume they’re bad which is not always the case. Plus it looks small and on her neck where no one really looks with her hair long or short. And there is such thing as Make Up don’t worry many celebs have them and cover it up when neccessary just let her do what she wants.

  • Angie

    @e: Exactly I think you explained it better than me but you put the words out of my mouth.


  • bee

    i love it! i actually like the colored in one more because I think when it’s done right (which her’s way) color tattoo’s are so pretty.
    but jesus, that’s going to itch.

  • Allie

    @gracemarie Um I believe I’m allowed to have an opinion. I hate tattoos. I think they look ridiculous. I think when they are older and the skin is starting to stretch she’ll regret it. I never once said that V having a tattoo would stop her from winning awards. I just think it ruins the look.

    I think Angelina is a gorgous woman and when she’s covered up is the most stunning person. When she had that green dress on at the globes, she looked amazing from the front. Then she turned round and it looked terrible from the back. When Megan Fox was at the globes in 09, she had a stunning gold dress on, hair was immaculate, but stupid tattoos on her arm and back. Looks trashy.

    I have friends that got tattoos when they were teenagers and now 10 years later, some regret it. I love V and knew this would come – the fake tattoos were a sign. I just wish she’s have it somewhere more discrete.

    And unless that tattoo has incredible shrinkage, you could still see that tattoo when her hair is down unless she had it like she did at the Oscar after-party last year.

  • Diamond

    FIRST AND FORMOST , YOU PPL NEED TO CHILL OUT AND GET OVERYOURSELVES , IT’S VANESSA’S CHOICE NOT YOURS ! I think this tato is really pretty , and has a great meaning too it ! There’s a purpose for her tatoo and it looks nice on her and she’s still the same so… STOP HATIN , AND TRIPPIN !

  • ella


    You don’t know Vanessa. You don’t know if she’ll regret it. Just because you know some people who regret their decisions, doesn’t mean everyone who has ever gotten a tattoo will regret getting it.


    Forget what the others are saying I like it totally represents her. Butterflies are so beautiful to watch and so is Vanessa.

  • Allie

    Kelly Osbourne does. And I don’t know her. I just hate them.

  • y A DO W

    i like So Much ,

  • carly

    Awwwww I love it :) I never thought Vanessa would get a tattoo lol

  • Miranda

    @Haters Suck!: Zac and Vanessa are still together. So how about you go away, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • Glory

    I love ittt :O Plus, she getting older I cαn’t blame her : )
    I still L O V E nessα <33

  • Miranda

    @Telle: Brittany never said anything about Vanessa, so how about you get your facts straight before you start blabbing. Zac and Vanessa are still together. Deal with it. Sorry you don’t like it, but its their life, not yours.

  • Miranda

    I don’t ev care that she got a tattoo, it looks cute.

    I’m just worried that her health is in danger because of the tattoo.
    According to medical research, 86% of people who get tattoos get HIV or Hepatitis from the needles used to make the tattoos.

    I just hope Vanessa doesn’t end up with HIV or Hepatitis.

    Just had to mention this since I saw someone else bring it up.
    The Brittany Snow video is edited, its obvious, enews even said they edited it. Brittany never said anything about Vanessa, just that she was single, NOT Vanessa. Zac and Vanessa are still together. You don’t like it too bad. Its their life, not yours.

  • Daniela

    its so her! its a bit big, but yeah!! cute, I would of put in my ribs or ankle/wrist! but if she likes it,than its fine..
    she’s beautiful anywaysss LOL

  • aly

    Do you want me to point out a bunch of reasons why they aren`t together anymore but are working things out? I can do that just as much i can say they are together and never broke up and i can sustain both of those affirmations, and you even got pics on twitter, haha, yeah, they are on your twitter since you retweeted them.
    Now, do you want to go in debates with me or are you going to leave these people believe what they want? You have a memory problem, Haters Suck! defended zac and vanessa for 5 years, if he isn`t defending zac anymore and he actually hates the dude it`s his problem, not yours, so how about you just chill and let them be? How about that would you?
    And btw, check E! interview, Brittany said “we are single ladies”… And when vanessa got asked she just laugh it off and the video cuts. How about you get your facts straight and stop believing everything on twitter? The Brittany interview is edited, yes, hwoodpartygirl said that, but do you know that a video can be classified as “edited” just by the only tiny fact they added pictures? Everything else, you can hear Brittany – yes, you hear pausing before saying single ladies -, might be true in that video.
    Just stop trashing people because they have a different opinion than yours.


    i LOVE it.
    She loves butterflies and Vanessa means butterfly so it’s perfect. :)

  • Jason

    Enough with the tattoos already. Find another trend, ladies.

  • aly

    And really? She got a tattoo and now out of the sudden she might be getting HIV or hepatitis? There are so many peoples in America that have tattoo and to say 86% of those got HIV, it`s really ridiculous, did that poll was made on a relevant part of the population or just some part of it? I don`t think you are really good at statistics, because, if you say 86% of population with tattoos got HIV or Hepatitis, that percentage isn`t representative if you are talking about the population of USA who have tattoos.
    And, of all those celebs with tattoos, how many got HIV or Hepatitis or other disease transmitted by those needles or instruments they use to get a tattoo, how many?
    Yeah, my point exactly.

  • aly

    Sorry, don`t like people trashing her `cause she got a tattoo, even if they don`t like it. I don`t like tattoos either but i`m not going to trash vanessa because she got one…

  • poppy

    I always thought she had a lot of tattoos anyways. She seems dirty and smelly.

  • Tiffany m

    its cute but wayyyy to big!!! i have one there and its no where near that size wrong move hudgens

  • Katty


    Really? I have friends AND family members who have tattoos and NONE Of them got HIV of Hepititus. It’s called not going to a shady place, it’s pretty easy. I doubt Vanessa would have gone to a shack in the middle of the street. She’s fine, chill out.


    ughhhhhhhhhhhh STOP!
    no ones cares about “zanessa” anymore

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Pretty tattoo for a beautiful woman !!


    OMG please… how old are you? 12??

  • mykamicks

    I like butterflies but im not much into the tattoes. Its Vanessa’s choice to have it. She loves Butterfly, and butterfly stands for freewill, independency, carefree and high spirit. And maybe that’s how she feels it.. So everyone’s opinion, pls reserve it for yourself.

    For some it may look trashy and for some its like displaying a piece of art injecting towards one’s body.

    It is not our business if later on everyday of her life, she needs to cover it because of her work related routine. She may cover it in the future for some reasons or any occasions she will be attending to. Walking down red carpet with a tattoe is not a curse either. Nor it hamper’s herself sooner in front of those cams. Its a matter on how one’s personality project’s herself to the public. And I could say, Vanessa is a person who has a high confiidence walking down red carpet. There are lots of means concealing and flaunting it anytime she wants. She has her own personal stylist even to assist her as to when & where that tattoe sould be flaunted when she’s wearing a gown. And I dont see any problem doing on that.

    She is a full grown woman already who knows the consequence of that tattoe.

  • daniel

    people what going on???????making a BIG deal about a tatto that’s freaking stupid. If Vanessa wants a tatto she’ll has it and WHAT? nothing’s wrong with that .Some of you are Really childish
    i can’t stop laughing..
    AND here we go never get tired right? he’s living his life so is vanessa DONE

  • Quivox

    Tattoo’s on Women are ugly. Period . No exceptions. It’s like spray painting graffiti on a beautiful painting. Not that I think Vanessa is beautiful, because I don’t , but she is less pretty with that ugly thing on her neck. I think any girl who gets a tattoo has some self hatred or body issues going on.

  • ZANE


  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @Allie: I get what your saying but she says she has been thinking about getting one for quite some time now, six years to be exact, I think if she was allergic to the needle she wouldn’t have gotten one, and she knew exactly where she wanted to get it done and who she wanted to put it on for her, that sounds quite responsible to me She didn’t just get up and said she wanted one like that and she didn’t just get the tattoo just to get it either it symbolizes what it means to her, if she just got the tattoo to get it over with she wouldn’t have waited so long to get it, and permanent tattoos can be removed since hers is not a big one and she has healthy skin when she gets older and thinking about getting it removed it can be very possible and it doesn’t have to leave a mark that is noticeable.

  • Chanon

    I knew that if she were ever to get a tattoo that it would be a butterfly. I like it. It suits her. :D

  • jody Wena

    vanessa i am disappointed. dnt get me it looks really hot but still if she only knew what that butterfly could be interpreted as. OMG the are gonna scandal her

  • beatriz

    WTF! i hate the tatoos but that’s ok

  • jazmin

    Love her and love the tattoo. Personally I’ll get it smaller and maybe at a different place but that’s me and I’m not Vanessa.

    Love NYFW she looked amazing like always.