Lily Collins: Alexander Wang Woman

Lily Collins: Alexander Wang Woman

Lily Collins brushes her hair back from her face as she leaves a medical building in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (February 17).

The 21-year-old actress toted around an Alexander Wang studded bag on her way back to her car. Lily just recently returned to Los Angeles with boyfriend Taylor Lautner.

You’ll next see Lily opposite Taylor in Abduction as his on-screen girlfriend, Karen.

Abduction hits theaters this fall.

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Credit: The Machine; Photos: WENN
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  • lisa


  • lucy

    She’s cute, but i still don’t think she’s right for Taylor. sorry I support TAYLENA all the way!!!!

  • steff

    she’s his girlfriend? WTF? since when? o_o

  • EMMA

    Love Lilly, can’t wait for the movie to come out

  • All lies!

    Lily isn’t his girlfriend – it’s for publicity because their movie just had it’s first screening and if people think they’re together it draws in more people to see the movie. Taylor’s with his high school sweetheart, Sara Hicks. How do I know? You can tell by her tweets and formspring answers. Everytime she gets “majorly happy” is always around the time when Taylor is seen at LAX, coming home. Taylor and Lily are just good friends.

    As for Antonique Smith, their costar confirming the rumors on Twitter, that wa for publicity too. What celebrity do you know in their right mind would purposefully call out her castmates and then “apologize”, claiming not to know if they’re really dating or not.

    C’mon people, catch onto Hollywood’s publicity pattern for Mr. Lautner! Do you HONESTLY think he’s with her if the rumor has been around for 6 months with no confirmation from either of their reps? At least Taylor somewhat confirmed his romances with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

    Everyone is getting worked up for no reason!

  • Robsten Fan

    @steff: Since last year… ;)

  • eliza

    beautiful, and lucky!

  • eliza

    beautiful, and lucky! :)

  • @All lies

    Their movie just had it’s first screening? How do you know?

  • eliza

    All lies,
    and Sarah Hicks must be the girl, the more compression of the world!
    she accepts that her boyfriend, spend his birthday with another girl, and still leaves everyone thinks he is dating that other girl! really amazing. lol

  • cakepatty

    shes really pretty love her long hair she’s seems pretty good friends with Taylor

  • Dreamkitty

    I just love her down to earth style and she is a natural beauty. Lovely/sweet youthful face, big eyes and bold eyebrows, long hair.

  • All lies!

    If you have a twitter, follow @AbductionNews and you can see the reviews!! :)

    I know that Lily and Taylor are pretending to be together for a fact! I have nothing to prove to y’all who think you know everything. :) xoxo

  • jazmynne

    @All lies!:

    At first I had nothing against these two being together. Now I realize the facts how somethings add up and don’t, he is so dating Sara! They got back together in May at that time she had to block her twitter due to news that was getting around. Supposedly around that time May/June there were rumors that he wanted to get Lily to be his girlfriend ( Don’t think he would be that shallow). After a Few months into shooting Lily fell for Taylor and dumps her boyfriend?(Not sure if she had one or not ?you know how media likes to exaggerate stories).

    Anyways I’m guessing when photos of Lily and Taylor were spotted together they were also with a small group of people who could’ve been cast/crew members/ publicist or friends which the paparazzi didn’t want to photograph because they just wanted these two mostly in the picture. Other stories saying they have seen her in his car a few times,(So false). Sure people meet friends and family parents and siblings all the time, with him being who he is, many people want to meet him including her father. Even if he has been out of the public eye, they say when he is out and about when shooting Twilight BD he’s seen with his friends, or (cast/crew) Lily is not insight. If so people would probably say if they saw them together. Taylor and Lily are friends, they have to be seen together sometimes to get promotion for Abduction. Sad but true. Anyways wasn’t the first screening around his Birthday? That could of been why they were at LAX together.

  • doremi

    jazmynne i agree with you 100%

>>>>>>> staging1