Brittany Robertson: 'Secret Circle' Star!

Brittany Robertson: 'Secret Circle' Star!

Looks like Brittany Robertson isn’t leaving our TV’s anytime soon.

The 20-year-old actress just landed a role in the CW’s Secret Circle, based on the series of books by L.J. Smith. (Psst, L.J. Smith also wrote The Vampire Diaries).

Britt will play the new girl in town, who discovers she has supernatural powers. Not only is she a teen witch, but a member of a secret coven that will stir up some age-old battles between good and evil.

But, Britt‘s casting in the new show is in “second position”, EW reports. Looks like Life Unexpected is on the bubble for renewal. The CW has not yet decided on the show’s fate.

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  • jenn

    Oh my gosh. If Life Unexpected is renewed, I might cry. This is so exciting. I love love LOVE this show. The finale was brilliant, along with the cast.

  • AYA

    I hope they renew Life Unexpected cause I love that show.

  • magick_girl786

    I’d much rather have LUX renewed than have Britt in Secret Circle. Plus its not as if they can’t cast another girl in Secret Circle. I wasn’t even aware they were having auditions for Secret Circle yet.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    she’s from Avalon High too! This girl gets around !

  • http://deleted Troy

    This is surprising I had assumed that that the two year jump at the end of the final episode with its “Happily ever after” feel (Lux overcoming her learning disabilties and giving the graduating speech as valecdictorian, Ryan had reunited with his true love the mother of his child, but was still friends with Baz and Kate who were togeither and Lux called them “Mom and Dad” etc) felt very much like the end of the series. But I’m glad to see that assumption may be incorrect and there may be some hope for “Life Unexpected”.

    Personally I think LUX would be better Britt then “The Secret Circle”. I remember I tried to read the first book in the series but I quickly lost interest and I sat it aside never to return to it. I’m sorry to say I had the same reaction to “The Vampire Diaries” after watching the pilot. I mean no disrespect because I know a lot of people love that show but it just didn’t click with me.

    So to be fair I will check out “The Secret Circle” pilot if it comes to pass but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the return of “LUX.”

  • Keri

    I love Britt, and I’m so excited that she is getting opportunities. She deserves it! But, I agree with several of the previous posters – I’d MUCH rather have LUX back. I LOVE Life Unexpected so much!

  • Someone

    Which Britt project do you want to see more?

    Scream 4

  • Holly Golightly

    Liz (the creator/writer of LUX) acted like it was for sure canceled. I thought they gave them 3 final episodes to sum things up. I definitely wouldn’t be against a renewal, but I just thought it was a done deal. Love LUX.

  • Natasha

    I would definitely rather have Britt on Life Unexpected!!!!

  • chloe

    i loveeee life unexpected, but honestly i’d be happy to see her in anything! i think she’s a wonderful actress and deserves a lot more attention than she is getting, especially with her role as Lux, she is amazing, so maybe a new show would be great for her :) and i think they ended the show like that only because they werent positive theyd get a renewal, but i would really like to see how everyone ended up ogether in the end so maybe for season 3 they could do like a recap? or flash backs or something. idkk. regardless, i support her in whatever happens

  • http://anishaasharmaa Anisha Sharma

    they already wrapped things up for Life UnExpected. I really wanted Kate & Ryan to end up together :( but anyways if they pretended that it was all a dream I would watch it 100. But if Life UnExpected doesn’t come back I’ll definietly watch Secret Circle! Britt is such a great actress I’d watch any show or movie she’s in!<33 :)

  • lorna

    @Holly Golightly: It’s canceled, just stupid CW won’t give offical notice til May. Cast members tweeted their thanks to the fans. LOVED LUX, and Britt is a very good actress, can’t wait for her in scream4.

  • chelly

    I’d much rather have lux back. I thought it was for sure canceled so why do they keep toying with us saying that its on the bubble now?

  • Ansley


    I love that show! :(
    I was sooo sad when the final episode of last season aired! I had no clue that it was probably going to be cancelled. I just assumed everyone else loved it as much as me.

  • craig

    We want her in Life Unexpected!!!!!

  • anne

    Lux should come back…definietly!

  • Other show sounds okay but liu

    LIfe Unexpected!!! So hope it comes back on. Such a good show. Is there really a chance at a third season? Other show doesn’t sound nearly as good – still shocked they cancelled Lux.

  • dora

    i just noticed in The Vampire Diaries Books Elena is blonde and in the show she is brown, and in The Secret Circle books Cassie has brown hair and on the show blond.
    This is a disaster. Who knows how the author LJ Smith must be feeling watching the characters she has not imagined

  • http://laura Laura

    i like you top

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