Debby Ryan: Alyson Stoner Should Be Katniss!

Debby Ryan: Alyson Stoner Should Be Katniss!

Debby Ryan, this makes us love you more, if possible.

The 17-year-old Suite Life actress has self-appointed herself as the “Alyson Stoner for Katniss” campaign and JJJ is signing up too!

Debby explained to MTV on why her BFF should play the title character in The Hunger Games film: “If you spend 45 seconds around her, you know she can carry a film. She can kick butt in an arena, so I think she would be an insane Katniss. She’s been training. She’s like climbing rocks and walls and trees. She’s insane.”

“She and I spend pretty much ever weekend together. She’s literally helped me through so much, and I’ve helped her through so much. Knowing her better almost than I know myself, she has this dedication and this hardcore-ness,” Debby added.

DO YOU THINK Alyson could pull off Katniss?

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Credit: Jason merritt; Photos: Getty, Courtesy Alyson Stoner
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  • pup

    I have nothing against her, but Kaya Scodelario is PERFECT for the role.

  • Troy

    Alyson Stoner is an interesting suggestion, looking at the picture of Alyson compared to the illustration of Katniss I can definitely see the possibilities. One of the problems I’ve had with some of the other suggestions like Hallie Steinfield (who I think otherwise would have been great) is she is too tall. It’s mentioned several times throughout the books that Katniss is on the smaller side and Alyson is definitely petite is closer physically to what Suzanne Collins had in mind.

    All I know is that “The Hunger Games” is due in theaters at the end of next March. So I would l think that some casting announcements should be coming before too much longer.

  • Lynn

    Kaya Scodelario is perfect for Katniss. I imagine Katniss as Kaya while I was reading the books. I cannot watch another girl on the screen. sorry.

  • Karly

    HELL NO! sorry but the movie needs an unknown!

  • Team Malese

    Uh no. I love Alyson and she’s a really good actress but there are way more options. Like for one, Malese Jow! Or Jodelle Ferland. I don’t like Kaya S. or Hailee S. They’re too old and young respectively.

  • Gregory

    Yes, I think she is perfect for the role.

  • effy

    Kaya S should play Katniss. i would even say MUST play Katniss. yeah Kaya Kaya Kaya!

  • effy

    by the way that Debby is too sweet & lovely for that a… too much sweet. Disney sweet. she doesnt have strenght and power in her look which is the main for that role

  • angie

    no, because although she’s an amazing dancer, she’s a pretty bad actress. she delivers her lines terribly.

  • e21

    No way. She is not Katniss. Debbi sould just keep taking about the Sweet Life and nothing else.

  • e21

    I meant Suite Life.

  • http://noga_venus noga

    she will be the best Katniss ever! I surely hope she will get the part! she absloutly deserve it!

  • hanni

    @e21: Wow you’re rude, why should Debby keep on talking about the Suite Life on Deck and nothing else?

    Alyson is perfect for the role, I hope she gets it.I don’t like alyson as a singer though, she sucks.

  • hanni

    @pup: no offence but the girl from that skins show last season can’t act at all, she’s no where near perfect for the role of katniss.

  • Holly Golightly

    I think Alyson is fantastic, but I don’t think she’s right for the role of Katniss at all. I’m rooting for Lyndsy Fonseca!

  • poppy

    Kaya pimps herself out too much about being Katniss. Very douchie. I don’t really like either of them for Katniss. I really think it’ll be someone we have never heard of before.

  • Britani


  • aly91


  • raquel amorim

    I like her, but NO WAY. I prefere Kaya as Katniss, or Emma Roberts, or Emma Stone… They’re all perfect for this role. But no Alyson.

  • Kevin

    No way. Shocking actress. I don’t care how much of a “nice” person she is or how she climbs trees etc. Katniss demands a good actress. Please can we avoid going down the Disney route for casting choices?

  • Chanon

    NO. Debby Ryan should shut the hell up and stop giving bad suggestions. -______- Alyson Stoner can’t even act, she’s a good dancer, but a horrible actress. Kaya Scodelario should play Katniss.

  • Elizabeth

    No. Just… Just no. She may be a great person and a great fighter, blah blah blah, but that doesn’t change the fact that she can’t act.

  • Kaitlyn

    Lauren Whiteley 4 Katniss!

  • cmeesmile

    Sorry Alyson, but I don’t think that this role is for her. She doesn’t come off with the characteristics needed for an action film. Her voice, her demeanor, and the past work she’s done doesn’t seem fit to play such a major role. She’s a talented girl, but the role of Katniss shouldn’t go to Alyson Stoner.

  • hungergames

    Non one in disney can act. They should stop trying and stay out of a possibly great movie. Alyson is a terrible actor!!!!! She would not be a good Katniss at all. Plus, she is ‘disney pretty’, or in other words, hunger games ugly.

  • Dannie H

    It’s bugging me. She just cannot be Katniss.

  • S

    FCK FCK Just STFU About Kaya she looks tooo olddd . even though shes 18 right now .

  • NO!

    NO please no! nothing against her, but PLEASE! She’s really not a good actress and she just looks to immature! sigh. I have a feeling they’re going to ruin this movie just like they did Twilight (not that it was that hard to ruin). Give me a break hollywood. They need to hire somebody who’s NOT famous, who can actually play the part well.

  • http://ohhvalencia karen17

    I don’t understand why they think katniss should be light skinned. She has olive skin and gray eyes. I’m sorry but NO. We need an unknown for the movie. This stoner girl is a dancer and doesn’t really have the acting chops. Its not all about climbing rocks.

  • iGetPranky

    No, I think she wouldn’t be a good choice!
    Elizabeth Gillies, Kaya Scodelario, Emma Roberts, or Alexandria Benoit would.

  • hungergamesfan

    I don’t think I’d be able to stand an hour and a half with her she’s too… I dunno… Disney or something. I think someone like Sarah Bolger would be great as Katniss

  • http://none zachary costa

    alyson stoner is the best! i’m not saying that any of your favorite actors and actress are no good! just that is so mean what you said about her, hungergames!

  • http://none zachary costa


  • Trisha

    I love Alyson, but I’m totally team Lyndsy for it. It’s a long shot especially if Nikita gets renewed, but Lyndsy is beyond perfect for the role. Alyson is talented but I just see Lyndsy nailing it more.

  • Courtney

    I’m rooting for Lyndsy Fonseca.

  • HarmBarm

    Pleaaase NO! I just finished the first book, and it was amazing! But to have alyson stoners face appear each time katniss is brought up again would ruin the books for me! I BEG YOU, NOT ALYSON STONER. Pleasse. Bring in a new face, someone who can act, but isnt known very well. Thanks.

  • AMY

    I don’t even know who Alyson Stoner is, but for all the people who are suggesting Kaya Scodelario; she looks right for the part, but Kaya CANNOT act in the slightest. She’s an appauling actress.

  • hetevbh

    i love the both of them. and i think alyson is perfect for the role

  • Jewlee

    no, just no.

  • Alysonsupport

    I think Alyson would be a great choice! I for one, actually think she’s a great actress, dancer & singer! I think she could pull an action movie off, we’ve never really seen her in one, so I wouldn’t judge her acting on Camp Rock, which I’m guessing you guys are thinking. And I think she’d be a perfect choice! Just saying.

  • Ana


    Hmm no we need some one who can be a better role model for young girls, rather than a girl from Skins

  • lala


    SO TRUE!

    i vote unknown :)

    im telling all my friends to read the books :)

    TELL EVERYONE U KNOW TO READ THEM!! lets make it as big as twilgiht! :D

  • Yesi

    Nothing against her but no!

  • Maya

    i dont picture Kaya Scodelario as tht good of a Katniss


    Hailee Steinfeld would make a perfect Katniss! Even if she doesn’t get Katniss, I’ll still be imagining her as Katniss throughout the whole movie.
    I’m sorry, but Alyson can’t act. She’s determined, which is a great thing, but she can’t act. She’s really pretty, but she’s also from Disney, which isn’t good. I would be SO upset if she was Katniss. My top 3 Katniss choices are:
    1. Hailee Steinfeld
    2. An unknown
    3. Malese Jow

  • lovely as a raindrop..

    No…I don’t want Kaya either…I’m rooting for Hailee Steinfeld. She looks old enough. And, as the series continues she will just continue to look older like Katniss would. If we choose someone in their 20s…by the mockingjay movie they would just look….too old for the role. An actor/actress can look right in the moment but, that could change in 3 years.

  • Travis Kernaghan

    I think Alyson Stoner could definately carry the film on her shoulders. She’s not the most famous person in Hollywood but she’s got talent. Camp Rock isn’t the best place to judge her acting skills. If you watch her episode of HOUSE, you’ll be surprised.

  • Kaitlyn

    What about Lauren Whiteley for Katniss?
    I think she is good fit!

  • James

    @Alysonsupport: YES!!!!! Kinko that!! She’s definitely got the chops… Too bad she’s hardly ever given the chance to show ‘em off. (Did anyone catch her in that one episode of House?) She would ROCK Katniss…

  • Trish

    @poppy: What?! Kaya doesn’t even talk about the Hunger Games! She is, like, the only actress who is a favourite who hasn’t talked to the press about the role.