David Archuleta: Decisions, Decisions...

David Archuleta: Decisions, Decisions...

It was just announced last week that David Archuleta and Jive Records had parted ways.

Now, the 20-year-old musician is looping his fans into what’s going on.

David explains in his latest video blog, “I know a lot of you have been worried about it; hearing that I’m no longer with my record label, Jive and I’m no longer with my management as well. I’ve kind of been talking about this in my tweets about decision making and I’m just trying to think of ‘Who is David supposed to be? What direction is he going as an artist?’ Right now, I’m just writing. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and focusing on that.”

Check out his whole video below!

David Archuleta: Writing & Rollercoasters
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  • Pascalee

    I cannot wait to hear what sounds come out of David’s head! So excited for the future!

  • nancy

    There ya go folks! David said “no more” to Jive & not the other way around! He deserves a label who truly gets his musical genius and integrity as well as his values. Well done, David & we’re excited for bigger and better things to come! BTW, your album The Other Side of Down is so amazing!!!


    After all the hoopla that Jive “dropped” David, we learn that it was actually David who decided to not continue on with Jive. Good on you David for doing you!

  • indialovesubrendasong

    i hope he rots in hell with the rest of you

  • http://www.twitter.com/londonlemming Guilty Pleasure

    In other words his management was linked to his record company and once his contract ended with the record company( which is what has happened here) so did his affiliation with his management.

  • violet4ever

    @Guilty Pleasure:
    I doubt that. This is his latest personal manager and he just signed on with them less than 5 months ago.

  • violet4ever

    I’m very happy for David. He’s out of the machine and can head in any direction he wants. I can’t wait to hear anything he sings.

  • MAria Seattle

    I am sooo happy David clears that..he was the one who left Jive!! Jive didn’t do a thing for hisalbum..when I call locals radio stations they didn’thave hismusic!…It took weeks before they even had CRUSH!…
    David I wil bepraying for you! ..YOU ARE THE VOICE!!!

  • huh?

    @indialovesubrendasong: Why? What did he ever do to you? Do you even like his music? Why are you commenting if you don’t like him? Why waist your time?

  • Katheryn

    David Archuleta decided he wanted to pursue musical excellence, and that just wasn’t going to happen with Jive Records. He uses a hand gesture to show he and the label were moving in opposite directions, so it was time for him to leave. As for WEG, his decision to leave them was not directly tied to his departure from Jive. However, it could be they both had similar ideas about his career. In any case, David was very diplomatic as usual, and never criticized or blamed anyone. He was just letting us know he’s come to realize that he is in charge of his destiny, and is making decisions for himself.

  • Jacquie

    Love David and can’t wait to see where this new path leads. I’ll be there through every jog in the road. Tremendous talent and been better guy.

  • jen

    he said it very well and he did the right thing! :) he knows what he wants and not anyone else to boss him around! we are all excited! :D

  • http://FOD Kath

    David is just a gift…and I am so thrilled that he is going in the direction of his dreams!! His fans are just blessed on so many level. I will support whatever music he decides to sing. He is a one of a kind artist…and person!

  • http://fansofavid.com Kathy

    So proud of David for making the move he did even with the state of the economy we’re in. Looking forward to hearing his “new music” that will be coming straight from him. No doubt in my mind that his career is going to take a new direction for the best and all of his fans will be able to continue enjoying his beautiful voice and character.

  • amanda

    YAY! So happy for David…he is following his dreams…awesome musical talent!!

  • http://chickeeFod Chickee

    David does it “his way” with class and dignity. He parts ways with his record label and management never uttering a negative word about either. This is what makes David so unique and wonderful. There is no better artist in the industry today. Have you bought his CD “The Other Side of Down?” I urge you to purchase it; you will not be disappointed!

  • sv18

    cannot wait to see more from him and his music!

  • nancy

    Could you please explain why you are hating on a David? Your comment is rude and mean and has no place here. I feel sorry for you…you must have a lot of anger and loneliness in your life.

  • cassidybarrett

    I feel so relieved now he’s explained everything! He was kind and didn’t say anything wrong about anyone, unlike someone … Looking forward to hearing his “real” music :-)

  • lurker

    Bravo David!!!

  • dma

    I have been waiting for David to take charge of his life. He is such a great artist that he can sing any song but I want him to sing what comes from his heart. The joy I saw as he sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is something I want to see all the time. He had to do a fast grow up in the last couple years and now I want him to have a chance to enjoy it and advance at his timing not show biz which says gotta strike while the iron is hot. I listened to his album again last night and it says it all-what he is telling us right now. He is finding who he is and is in a good place and everything is going to be all right. What a talent he is.

  • Trudyfod

    David is just amazing. It’s why we love him so much…he takes time out of his day to let us fans know what is going on. We were worried when we heard about David not having a label & mgmt. It’s great that David is doing what he feels is right for him – going with his gut feeling. It sounds like he knows what he wants…and us loyal fans will always be here for him. I’m just happy he is continuing on with his musical career. His voice and talent are so unique — he is such a talented singer/songwriter — I hope we get to hear what he has been working on soon.

  • amirtha43


    What’s wrong with you? Did he do something so terribly to you to deserve that kind of words? Why do you hate him so bad? So far I can only see what a nice person David is. He did a lot of charity projects. His last visit to India, his involvement with disaster in Haiti. You don’t want anybody wishing you to be rotten in hell do you??????

  • free4all

    David will come out of this in a better place. He knows what he wants and chose to take control of his career. He has a lot of integrity and class to say only good things about Jive and his management team. He is an amazingly talented artist and I can’t wait to hear his own new music.

  • http://www.yahoo.com jordanlover#1

    I love david archuleta so much but not as much as my boyfriend Jordan Harring