Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: TrunkshowLA Lovers

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: TrunkshowLA Lovers


Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas made it a dinner and shopping date last night in Los Angeles.

Before dining at Urth Caffe, the duo stopped by Kitson and new shop TrunkshowLA. Owner Kim LoCicero tells that the couple, “came in, hand-in-hand, and he waited patiently behind her as she browsed the racks and picked out a few things.”

Ashley tried things on in front of Joe as he gave his approval of everything and said she looked very pretty. How cute!

Kim added, “When it came time to pay, he handed us his credit card and she smiled at him. She ended up buying two sweaters by Eternal Sunshine Creations and one top by our own line, CUT.”

TrunkshowLA, now located in West Hollywood, handpicks overstock from the trendiest brands and sells them at between 50%-80% off of normal retail.

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  • Maddy

    when will he open his eyes abd realize she using him for his money and fame!!!!!! UGH, i love Joe but this is going on to long and he needs to see that Ashley is not good for him!!!

  • chris

    When aren’t they shopping and eating out. Seems to be their life. The pics are cute. Wish I were in DC for Nick’s show though.

  • Abby

    So much for that “staying pure till your marred” thing uh Joe? lmfao.

  • sarah

    ummm…..thats an old pic. joe’s hair is a whole lot shorter than that now.

  • Mia

    @Maddy: she’s using him?? umm have you heard she’s in this little franchise movie named TWILIGHT

    hows his solo career going for him?

  • Curtis

    Seriously why is Joe Jonas paying for Ashley clothes? The woman makes money too. If you can’t pay for it yourself then don’t get it. Your not married. I don’t give a flying crap if Joe has more money than Ashley. She needs to open her wallet when its for her own stuff. Christmas,Valentines day, dining out and her birthday is fine for him to pay but come on.
    I can’t even fathom what the heck Joe is thinking. Well I think I can. She is giving him the “feeling” of being a “man” but he is really looking like a chump. Hey hot sexual moments is not all there is to a great relationship guy. You have to have something in common. shared values etc..
    Sorry dude but I think most JB fans and probably most of Hollywood people look at you like like a boy trying to play being a man.
    Well at least Ashley is getting some great stuff out of this relationship that she hasn’t had before with her other BF’s. Kudos to her. Smart woman.

  • Menna

    Huh…must be nice to have a sugar daddy…

  • Ella

    :\ Joseph, stop being so generous with your gf!

  • shanghai

    A lot of guys pay for dinners and presents for their girlfriends!!!

  • mE

    oh my gosh , Joe , stop spending on her , you just gave her a Chanel bracelet , paid the dinner and now $400 for her clothing?COME ON.

  • lexie

    wow, some of you guys are rude.
    joe is a very polite gentleman who payed for his girlfriends things because that’s what good boyfriends do.
    it’s not like she said, ‘give them you’re credit card joe!’
    they seem happy and i hope they last in the long run.

  • Eva

    I totally agree with Curtis!

  • Lawrence

    Maybe he ACTUALLY enjoys buying things for her!, I know thats a novel idea to some of you*lol* but she is his girlfriend after all.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I actually like them together. They both seem very happy. Joe offering up his credit card is cute, most girls wouldn’t have let him pay but some girls like to think their man should pay. But for all we know, ash could have paid for dinner. I doubt it, but you never know. Who cares if he didn’t pure til marriage, that isn’t logical anyways. Chemistry in bed is important to a relationship and if you marry before finding out – then divorce is more likely. Open your eyes JB fans, you won’t be dating a Jonas so just grin and accept their life choices. Ultimately all any of us should really care about is what’s going on with their music and careers – not their love lives.

  • isHotr

    seriously! I agree with you guys. @shanghai: It’s one thing to pay for dinners and presents, but sometimes you can go overboard. I think Joe can totally do better. 21% think that Joe is too hot for Ashley.

  • http://orkut honey

    ASHLEY IS ONE LUCKY GIRL., it was soooo sweet of him to do that, even though i think he can do better than her he seems happy so i support him,love u joe.


    sarah @ yes, but there are new photos out shopping in Los Angeles!!!!
    I love Joe Jonas forever. he is sweet

    ¿ashley greene is camilla belle 2? mmm yes

  • Angelique

    Oh come on. Get a life and stop complaining. The fact that he was being a gentleman and paid for the things, does not mean that she uses him for the money. Their are probably occasions where she is paying as well, so does that mean that she is using him for the money as well?

    In a relationship – fyi, you probably don’t know how it works – you pay for each other on a lot of occasions. You pay the drinks, he pays the movie etc etc. That does not mean that one is using the other for money.

    Seriously. Get over it. Joe is a grown man and you have to live with the fact that he is finally in a serious relationship.

  • dakota

    Is it true she also sleeps with kellan behind joes back and tells her friends she hates his music? I read that somewhere and also sleeps around supposedly.

  • Tastelikecandy

    @Curtis: really? your a dumb f**k he you think they don’t have shared your research honey and check out the way Ashley was raised..very close to the way the Jonas boys were raised she went to a christian school until high school..where she begged her parents to go to public school her dad is a marine her parent are still married..a far cry from the way Demi Lovato skanky mother raised her..and you don’t know what Ashley may or may not pay for Joe!

  • Amyc


    lmaooo!!! Ur comment killled me! Haha

  • nicole

    that was cute and polite of him to pay and to everyone saying that she is using him for money just because he paid doesnt mean that she dont pay for him at times, joe is very gentelman-ish so of corse will offer to many of the times

  • Teamalice4ever

    this is to ashley you can do ALOT better than than that weirdo

  • Sunshine

    I agree. I am sick of hearing about Joe and Ashley’s every little outting. when is he or his brothers coming out with something ne? I have not seen any of them on anything Disney in awhile. Are they too old for the channel now that Disney has made all the money then can get?

  • Felicia

    He’s buying clothes for her cause he’s a gentleman.
    That’s called CHIVALRY my dears.

  • Patworx

    There is nothing wrong with him buying things for Ashley.

  • Janie

    Ashley just had a birthday! Joe is probably gifting her some little things. Its not like he bought her cars and houses. She bought him a dog a very expensive dog. Nothing is wrong with any of it.

  • JBfan101

    Why is he paying? She makes more than he does, yes pay for dinner joe but not her clothes

  • Valerie

    I’m sorry, but all this comments are just stupid.

    I think Ashley does a great job in ‘Twilight’ and I’m pretty sure she makes her own cash.

    Joe is another case. He’s just not in his best time.


  • HIH

    I love Joe!

  • krystal

    i love joe jonas but ashley greene she is so bad !


    sorry but he’s just being gentle =) that’s it by the way joe doesn’t need ashley for her sex obsessed movie ohh right it’s not her movie kristen stewart and robert pattinson’s movie

  • http://JoeJonassite Tiffany Hall

    I think that Joe Jonas is great and sweet. And I also wish that I can meet him and his brothers because that will be a dream come true.

  • jb fan

    lexie #11 you are right, but i don’t trust on her. I don’t know i have this bad feeling of her, when Joseph Adam is to nice, gorgeous, funny, and amazing. And i think they should end the relationship. I saw her birthday picture and she looks a bit too old for joe, and all tired :(

  • jill

    completely agree with @Curtis ..SMH i would never let my BF buy me clothes..diner or drinks or movie tickets ya sure but never clothes. i just get a bad vibe from ashley, dont know what it is but its there.

  • http://twitter bubbles

    She’s using him. All they do is shop at expensive stores.