Thomas McDonell: Gale Hawthorne for 'The Hunger Games?'

Thomas McDonell: Gale Hawthorne for 'The Hunger Games?'

We’ve had tons of casting prospects for Katniss, Prim and Peeta for the upcoming book-turned-movie, The Hunger Games…but what about Gale Hawthrone?

Thomas McDonell has apparently read the script and JJJ could see him as Gale — Katniss’ good friend whom she hunts with.

He told Page to Premiere/ that, “I think that Gale is sort of…well they’re all sort of interesting characters but Gale’s a cool one.”

JJJ has another casting prospect for Gale too…stay tuned!

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Credit: Sebastian Kim; Photos: Interview Magazine
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  • http://none zachary costa

    just telling you all this! Alyson Stoner isn’t a prospect! she been in a lot of movies and she is also having her first 2 cd set coming out this year! from zac416 on!

  • NOel

    hmm maybe! he looks pretty good, have to see how he acts.

  • Rach

    If hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick were to be made into a movie he could totally be Patch! hotness!

  • Dannie H

    Alyson stoner cannot be katniss.

  • dim

    i could see him as Gale, but Alyson Stoner can NOT be Katniss. She’s okay, but Kaya Scodelario or Hailee Steinfeld would be absolutely amazing Katniss’!

  • Ale


    I totally agrre with you Kaya Scodelario or Hailee Steinfeld would be absolutely amazing Katniss’!

  • Carla


  • samanthar

    i will not watch if stoner is cast, she will ruin the movie. she cannot act.

  • http://deleted Troy

    I have to say I don’t know who this kid is but just looking at him I would say a definite maybe. All I know is that since “The Hunger Games” is supposed to be out next March that it’s kind of strange that there has been NO casting done.

  • iolchos

    he’s gorgeous, I could lick him off the page, and he’s done action films. So yeah, I’d love him as Gale, but some actual casting news would be better than speculation. He was asked point blank about a character and responded neutrally and politely, so who knows if he’s really interested? Or to what extent that matters, if the casting director isn’t? They’ll probably have to cast Katniss first, since the story is built around her, then everyone else will follow based on their chemistry with that actress. And they haven’t cast her yet so :/

  • harlow

    First of all can’t see that guys face in the pic, so I looked him up, and he is not at all great for Gale, no intensity, no edge, granted he is cute, but there is no fire in him, just too plain.

  • Flora

    I think he’s perfect, it was a tie between McDonell and Drew Roy, but then I thought that McDonell had more of the Gale-vibe going on. What you guys need to do is seriously need to look up the �Prom� trailer. He’s actually really hot, tall, and muscular too. NOT Plain! The pictures on google really don’t do him justice. :( I might have to post my screenshots of him.

    But he’s really good on video-camera, here are the two trailers that he’s in, when you see these you’ll regret that you said no. Because, I think McDonell looks just like the part imo.

    �Prom� trailers #1 and #2:


    Especially seconds 0:37-0:49:

    Btw, I LOVE GALE! xD ^Watch em! >:C

    (I also posted this in another site, please accept! It’s not spam! Dx)

  • Flora

    My other comment is awaiting moderation. But for now until then . . . Yes. I’d love McDonell as Gale. He’d be perfect. I first saw him in the trailers for the movie Prom at the theaters and thought he was flippin’ hot. (Which everyone should see if they truly want to know what he looks like on video camera!) So yes, of course. He’s also got the Johnny Depp and Gale vibe, which is AWESOME! So yep yep.

    Yes, I agree 100%

    Until then, I hope the moderators upload my other comment soon. :)