Zac Efron: Fan Friendly on NYE Set!

Zac Efron: Fan Friendly on NYE Set!

Zac Efron giggles as he watches Michelle Pfeiffer fall into a pile of garbage on the set of New Year’s Eve in Manhattan, NYC on Wednesday afternoon (February 23).

JJJ fans and readers, Amanda and Damiana sent us a pic of them with the 23-year-old actor from the set.

They shared with us, “He was very nice and wanted to talk pictures with everyone.”

Check out more pics of Zac below in his bike gear! 20+ pics inside…

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Credit: Doug Meszler, AAR, Ivan Nikolov; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Dee


  • Carla marie

    Follow @ThatTezHo if you are a Zac/Vanessa fan!!!

  • pop86

    Love his smile

  • lauren

    looks like a tan pumpkin.

  • lauren

    also i wonder how many questions shes going to get ask tonight about zac and their whole relationshit right now. over 10?

  • taylynn

    You think Zac misses Vanessa?

  • MiraNDA

    Happy Zac is sexy Zac; he’s looking good :)

    And obviously he misses Vanessa, but they’re probably calling/texting each other right now :)

    & Zac is such a nice, friendly guy :)

  • http://None Vanille

    I hope no one ask v about zac tonight
    Anyway I love both of them

  • lauren

    @ miranda,
    how many times do people have to tell you, they are not TOGETHER RIGHT NOW. get that through your head.

  • http://None Vanille

    But they still friends ok

  • Annette

    He’s so amazing. Love his smile.)))))))

  • Butterfly

    uhm I actually do believe in the break but why is HAPPY ZAC ( no he is not sad cause nessa dumped him and he doesn’t regret have done mistakes with teresa,he looks happy and all the way nonchalant)
    wearing a bracelet with a V on it ???

    just click once to zoom it.this is a V no doubt…

  • Butterfly

    why is all the way HAPPY ZAC ( noo zac who is sad because ness dumped him and who regrets teresa and wants ness back,he is all the way happy and nonchalant) wearing a V bracelet ?

    there is a V letter on hies black tie or whatever, I can’tpost the link I did it too many times before but no one actually answered … I mean everyone is discussing over zanessa and then something like THAT hits jared and nobodycares ?

  • Butterfly
  • http://None Juddy

    Yea I see v ^^in the bracelet
    And I believe zac and v ^^in break
    And I don’t believe that Teresa rumors

  • http://justjared mig345

    hes so sweet

  • VF4Ever

    Guys, they aren’t together anymore. People need to get over it. It’s not the end of the world.

  • bella

    yes! he miss her

  • alana

    -_- Yes lauren, we get it. You don’t want them together but that doesn’t mean you have to keep reminding everyone else who doesn’t agree with your claim…

  • http://None Juddy

    Yup agree with you

  • Merlin’s mum

    Loving seeing all these new pictures of the georgeous Mr Efron.

  • lauren

    uhh i never said i dont want them together, im saying they are not together right now,

  • julie

    lauren… of course they’re not together right now… but it’s because of work…

  • pao

    @alana: amen sistaaaaa!!

  • emma efron

    I agree he is a super nice & sweet guy, i think he’s the nicest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • julie

    i don’t understand why he had accepted to do this movie when he had refused valentine’s day

  • victoria green

    Nice pictures :)
    haha them girls are so lucky to have met him :P

  • kami

    he wanted to “talk” pictures with everyone? do you mean “take” pictures?

    i think he took this movie to get him some recognition by an older audience???? whoever the audience was for valentines day.

  • Kj123

    Are zac and Michelle romantic in this?? I don’t know the story lmao xx

  • ;*

    Love how sweat he is to his fans.

  • tina

    Not only is he wearing that bracelet he makes sure it’s seen .ever picture

  • Merlin’s mum

    @kami: I think Zac may have a bigger ‘older audience’ than you might think already!

  • lauren

    @ tina
    lol good point
    idk i think this whole ”break up/break/ who knows what their status” is saying something when he wears a bracelet with v’s initial on it?

  • lauren

    @ tina
    lol good point
    idk i think this whole ”break up/break/ who knows what their status” is saying something when he wears a bracelet with v’s initial on it?

  • vfan

    Can someone send me the pic that their is the bracelet.. i love them <3

  • Francesca

    @tina: OMG!!!!!!!!! Ur soooo right!!! He is so sweet!!! Zanessa 4EVER!!!!

  • lily

    where is this? I live in NY I want to go visit him on set

  • Katty

    There is a V on there….that is coincidence! yayyy. I wish he could be there tonight, but he’s scheduled to work tonight.

  • Allie

    Zac didn’t do Valentines Day because he was offered the part of Taylor Lautners (i.e a schoolboy being prom king) opposite Taylor Swift. He is trying to get away from high school roles. New Year’sEve he’s playing an adult (college age or after) opposite Michelle Pfeiffer. I’d rather he did not do romantic comedy/drama at all after the last few films but I can see why it appealed to him. He gets to act with a legend.

    And him and V are obviously on a break now, but it may or may not be the end for them. Prince William and Kate Middleton took a break, dated other people and now they’re 5 weeks away from marriage. (and i get a day off work!) Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton broke up for 3 months because of their schedules but they got back together because they realised they loved each other enough to make it work.

    No-one will know but them whether it’s worth it.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Zac an Vanessa are still seeing each other, in private, They were at the NBA party, friday nite, dancing and kissing, yhat is all i’m ging to say, because alot of you just don’t get it, and understand they still love each other, one more thing they don’t date anyone else, they just go out with there friends, because there so busy with careers, right now, they are still dating each other, in private.

  • londonlemming

    Can I just point out something that was mentioned on another site regarding the V bracelet.

    The V Bracelet is part of the costume his character wears and he has little or no say in what the wardrobe department gives him to wear.

  • e


    I don’t think it is, unless he liked it so much that he wore it going out to dinner the first night there alone, that’s when we got the picture of it.

  • susan1

    Anyway Zac you are looking fine as always.

  • susan1

    Apparently those v bracelet Zac wore them as he heads through a security checkpoint at Lax airport on Manday February 21.

  • Alana

    @londonlemming: I dont think so… he was wearing it when he was flying from LAX on the 21st.

    …its somewhere there…

  • peggy


    Sorry he wore the bracelet in LA and on the plane to NY – they are NOT part of his costume.

  • tina

    He’s been wearing that bracelet for a while check all the photos . The fact he wore it on set speaks volumes.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I saw the braclet, when he was be check out to get on the plane, for NY.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I just read, some people that know him really well, were there, today while he was filming, they said he wasn’t himself today, he seem like his thoughts were somewhere esle. my guess he is whishing he was with Vanessa today, her priemire is tonight., and his thoughts are with her. They always support each other.

  • lauren

    @ barbara,
    how old are you?
    why is it when there is a tweet on them or one of them you have to go into detail about it?
    seriously just stop.