Vanessa Hudgens: Haute Betts Beastly Collection!

Vanessa Hudgens: Haute Betts Beastly Collection!

Vanessa Hudgens picks a few bracelets out with designer Heather Betts during the Haute Betts Beastly suite held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (February 24).

While the 22-year-old actress couldn’t stay long for a one-on-one with JJJ, we did get to chat with Heather about the pieces Vanessa took with her.

During the collection preview, Vanessa wore a Top Shop suit, an Irit Design necklace, a Silver and Turquoise ring by Herndon Heald and Badgley Mischka top.

JJJ: What pieces was Vanessa drawn to from the Beastly collection?

Heather Betts: It was great, the first thing she did was go after this bracelet, the Flutter, and said, ‘Oh my gosh, I wore this in the movie!’ She was so great and really receptive to the whole line. The bracelet was actually in my first collection I ever made and they’re very basic. Most of the pieces in the line are one-of-a-kind.”

(Click inside for more of our exclusive Q&A with Heather and video with Vanessa…)

JJJ: Did you notice which colors or styles stood out to Vanessa the most?
HB: “I did. I had picked something out with a bit of lighter color and she told me that she doesn’t really wear a lot of color in her jewels. It’s crazy, right? I thought, after meeting her, she seems very earthy, so I’m thinking a bit of color. But no, she goes for the darker tones.

JJJ: After meeting Vanessa, what pieces would you pick out for her?
HB: Now having met her, anything dark (laughs). All of my browns or dark blues. I have a navy piece in my classic collection that she liked. Anything with skulls, anything that has the daggers. We had gone over to look at the Daggers & Debutantes and with the bracelets, I had picked out a red and green one mixed in with the black. I had thought she wasn’t going to like it, but she did.

JJJ: We noticed Vanessa was definitely drawn to the headpieces.
HB: She was. Headpieces are kind of a staple with me and she went right to those, actually. They’re very Vanessa (laughs). She picked the Malibu and Vintage Cali headpieces. She also picked the Madam.


Some of Vanessa‘s favorite pieces: Vamp, Flutter, the Malibu Headpiece and anything with skulls.

Stay tuned — we may be having a giveaway!

Vanessa Hudgens — Inside the Haute Betts Launch
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Credit: Faye Sadou; Photos: Courtesy of Haute Betts Jewelry
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  • rachel

    She looks soooooooooo pretty! OMFG

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    Vanessa Looks STUNNING as usual in her white pantsuit and the hair jewelry on love it <3 she never ever disappoints this is the year of the Hudgens and EVERYONE needs to recognize it… for years people discounted her and said ignorant things but it only made Vanessa stronger, and go after what she wanted harder. Just because she does not make a million movies a year does not mean she is out of the game, she is just making smart decisions on where she wants to go in her career instead of jumping on every part that is offered to her. Sometimes too much is a over kill. Better to pick a part to show case a wide range of talent then just do any movie so you can fill up the calendar and it be a box office fail. I really love the direction she is taking and she looks very happy. I enjoyed her premiere it was good to see for once her being treated like a princess and being respected. We all deserve that and need that to achieve greatness. To me Vanessa represents strength, and classiness. She is growing up to be a very beautiful woman. The six times I have met her so far has been each a great encounter. She is amazing and I know her family is proud of her. Can’t wait until Beastly everyone go see it!

  • Diamond

    The jewelry is sooo CUTE , I love it all and I admit I’m a jewely fanatic ! Vanessa looks very beautiful in that outfit , n I’m really loving her new hair ! I figured Vanessa would be into the jewelry she loves accesorizing , and I luv the braclet she has on in the first pic ! I also love the pic where she’s sitting on the couch she look soo chic and sophisticated ! I wonder if Vanessa is still thinking about doing her own jewelry line ?

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    so cute

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    Her sense style is amazing ¡¡i think dark pieces are elegant
    she’s incredible¡¡¡

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    Nice comment thank you ^^
    we alll proud of you nessa

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    -.- plzzzz JJJ stop posting news about this girl:P

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    @not a fan
    why the hell would jjj do that? She’s the most popular person on this site, dont like it, don’t read it, simple that. Go read the snake perez Hilton or something.

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    @not a fan-.-:

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    Correction to my post: simple AS that
    anyway, baby V u look so good.

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    The lack of respect for other people and their different opinions disgusts me. If you don’t like what someone says,either challenge them and back your reasoning up with a valid reason OR ignore it.

    Don’t start arguments. It makes you all look immature and rather is rather silly to argue over and with someone you have never met.

    Also am I the only one who feels JJ’s post is lacking information? Ie WHERE you can get the Jewelry and when it will be on sale.

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    Ummmm I think your zac dreamy girl so sweety
    Go with your kid and stop poste about v cause zac with you girl !
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    And you know what you hates v but v love you lol

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    @Juddy: who said i love zac ?? piss off

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    shes promoting the move well

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    This is about van and her fans so haters go to the hell and I know you ur so in love with that player so go to his post and maybe someday you will dating him
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    Crap to you

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    well in my experience, you gotta show respect to get it.

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    And if he was zac you you will say ohhh zac you look very hot and sexy
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    But ur beating down on Zac at this point to I guess you have no respect either. I don’t think londonlemming was saying anything bad…

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    She is a jealous girl. She needs to act more professional towards females that she works with. She is cocky and rude.

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    no one knows anything about their personal lives, everyone should let them be and stop abusing zac or vanessa.

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    she looks so mature now especially with the haircut! i love it! she’s grown into such a beautiful young woman!i feel like a proud mother. lol

    love the picture of her on the couch!

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    I LOVE this outfit!
    We never really see Vanessa wearing suits…but she totally rocks them.
    I definitely love her hair this length as well! :)

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    I’m sick of hater. Period.

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    Vanessa is so beautiful, and see how kind she is, to people.


    @Fauve: You met her six times LUCKY! I never met her once the closes I ever got to was when I saw her in RENT. NEVER FORGET THAT NIGHT.

    Vanessa looks sooo pretty the jewel on her head reminds of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin.


    @Fauve: You met her six times LUCKY! I never met her once the closes I ever got to was when I saw her in RENT. NEVER FORGET THAT NIGHT.

    Vanessa looks sooo pretty the jewel on her head reminds me of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin.

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    love her!

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    @winona: How was she being rude? You’re so hypocritical, you don’t even know Vanessa. -___-

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    @Fauve: WOW you’re such a amazing fan¡ you have my respect¡¡¡ well all the vanessa’s fans in the world have it.
    @not a fan-.-: I LOVE when vanessa’s haters get angry for no reason ..let’s enjoy the moment

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    She looks breathtaking I only ever talked to her once and she’s freaking amazing!!!! I love her soo much, she’s amazing both inside and out and haters hate her for nothing at all but that’s ok I love her anyways :)

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    I just saw on Gossip Center, picture of Vanessa presenting a award, she is so beautiful, other celebrities, include Nicole Kidman, Zoe Saldana, Natalie Portman,and Eves Mendes, it was this afernoon, By the way Zac said , last year he has a crush on Eves Mendes. I’m happy for Vanessa.

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    I forgot it’s the Independent Spirit Awards, that Vanessa is at.

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    @BARBARA: barbara keep it up read your report. they are true.i know you know more about zac and vanessa.just keep tell us. i don’t care what people say to you.they ae just mad becouse you know more then them.

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    I’ve met her once and she was sweet as pie! Love you V!

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    can you give me the link of the page please?

    She is sooooooo beautiful!
    she looks so mature especially with the haircut!
    Goooo V!
    we are so proud of you!

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    @BARBARA: really when? im excited

  • Fauve

    Vanessa Hudgens is a very nice person, encouraging, and nowhere near as hateful as some of the posters here. What she does in her personal life is her own choice her job is to entertain not report to people on her romantic decisions. For years she has taken abuse by both the media and also fans, and still has stayed classy and true to herself. She cannot even give an interview without people dissecting it, or what she wears – like rings and bracelets etc… I love her because she still remains strong, independent, and good hearted. Being an actress is a choice we make, how you act is a choice you make, dating someone is a choice you make, paparazzi is a downside to acting, and people judging you? That is in all walks of life. I always say, and it’s been said through out time… treat others with the same respect you desire, if they still mistreat you that is on them at the end, and their burden to bare. There are people I dislike, and I sometimes speak out of turn, but then I try and remember how I feel when people judge me. Vanessa has always been polite to me at least, and finds things to add to the conversation, and remembers you once she has met you. She does not owe us anything, but a good job on the screen, in the album, or in a magazine. Her heart her choice her life. Zac and her have done a lot of changing some for the good and some not so good. People assume that her life is all roses and smiles, but I am sure there has been a lot of sadness… look at whats been done to her since 2007… So, greater is the person who chooses to act kind then those who put down others. Vanessa is a beautiful woman no one can take that from her, she is also talented and just because she chooses to be smart, and not just take every project, and do a few movies at a time does not make her untalented or not wanted by Hollywood. She gets invited to fashion week by 7 designers, she was invited to present at the Spirit Awards, she is a Candies model, and hosted a Guess party what have you done? And no matter what you think of her and Zac she will always be his first real love, and no one forgets their first love — together or not. I know I have not forgotten mine. She was a darn good girlfriend to him to have endured, so many crazy fan girls. I respect her for that. What we have seen he treated her good. I admit I don’t like this actions as of late, but that is on him not me, and not for me to judge. I am italian and feisty I would have pulled his ear around his head three times ah ha. But Vanessa keeps her cool, acts professional, and always supported him just as he did her, now his PR? Umm little to be desired, but it is what it is. I wish people would look past who she is dating or not dating, and give her a chance see all 3 of her films, she will amaze you as she has me. If it were not for her I would not have the part I do in my soon to be new show, it was her who said to me go for it… I am just one of a million fans she has maybe she won’t remember me forever, but I will her. So, she does impact people in a positive way, and that is all that matters. Just like Zac has touched others. She does not owe any one she only owes herself to live her life the way it can satisfy her dreams and goals. I so want her total outfit to. One day one day just to be in her closet lol.

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    ohh god thank you hun your very awesome person to write that ^^
    i really love your comment thank you again
    we all happy for you v ^^ keep the faith baby v

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    Cute outfit as usual…is it just me or does her nose seem so big in her pictures lately? It’s like the first thing you notice!

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    i really love your comment

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    Vanessa always looks amazing and beautiful!!!!:):)

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    @Fauve: OMG , like I have sooo much respect for you , what you said was amazing and I loved all of it you are really a true Vanessa Hudgens fan as so I am and alot of other people who knows the real her and who she is , and look past the past and support her ! Thanks for posting your comment it explains probaly almost everything any Vanessa Hudgens fan would have to say lol =)