Zac Efron: Smiles & STK

Zac Efron: Smiles & STK

Zac Efron flashes a big smile on the set of his upcoming film, New Year’s Eve, on Friday night (February 25) in New York City.

The 23-year-old was hard at work on the romantic comedy before leaving the set and signing autographs for fans.

The night before, Zac and a few of his friends grabbed dinner at STK after he wrapped another day of filming with co-star Michelle Pfeiffer.

The group arrived at the restaurant around 10 p.m. and ordered the “lil’ BRGRs” until midnight, HollywoodLife reports.

FYI: Zac wore a DieselWurra” jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron on the New Year’s Eve set…

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Credit: C. Smith; Photos: WENN
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  • julie

    for you JJJ a group means 3 people???

  • Luv zac

    I LOVE him so much! he is always so sweet to his fans and did mi mention he’s a hottie!?!

  • lauren

    when was this?

  • me77

    Zac did not arrive at stk at 10pm last night Feb 25th for dinner. As an extra on the set, he was shooting his scene with Michele until 11pm and then came back later on that night for another scene.

  • pop86

    Zac and his friends were at STK on Thurs at 10 p.m. Some people at the restuarant had tweeted Thursday night that he was there.

  • alana

    Oh my God, look at that smile :)

  • susan1

    lovely smile Zac !!!!looking those pictures wow !!! handsome!!!

  • Miranda

    I’m loving Zac’s smile :)

    We all know he’s smiling because of Vanessa ;)

  • lauren

    you dont know everything about them or their personal life/relationship.
    so just stop.

  • :) smiley

    hotttttttttt :O

  • :) smiley

    yum yum yum :D

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Maurice Galit

    Pretty good smile ^^, Well for a talented celebrities like Zac he really get money easily no wonder why he own a “Home at Los Angeles” a pretty nice one…

  • Skylar

    @lauren: She was just hoping, you don’t have to start anything. :/
    To be honest, I’m hoping too.

    Awwwwww <3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing that beautiful smile. <3

    ZanessaForever <3

  • lauren

    its called being realistic

  • kami


    that’s what jj has. unless he had it wrong before and changed it.

    The night before, Zac and a few of his friends grabbed dinner at STK after he wrapped another day of filming with co-star Michelle Pfeiffer.

    The group arrived at the restaurant around 10 p.m. and ordered the “lil’ BRGRs” until midnight.

  • Zac efron’s wife

    Zac is not smiling b/c of Vanessa. He’s smiling b/c he’s happy b/c of his fans. I’m sick of ppl saying he needs Vanessa & other stuff about Vanessa & noone knows about their personal lives.

  • emma efron

    Zac’s such a qt pie!!!! Noone knows why he’s smiling. He loves his fans!!!! He makes me happy!!!!

  • taylorzanfan

    i love his smile my heart just melted

  • Deb

    No, Miranda. We do not all know that he’s smiling because of Vanessa. Why are you even bringing her up? She’s not there.

  • ;*

    A real beauty :)

  • Leslie

    He does look happy and content. And VERY hot & sexy!

  • emma efron

    My heart just melted when i saw his beautiful smile!!!! He is my love!!!!

  • emma efron

    My heart just melted when i saw his beautiful smile!!!! He is my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zac efron’s wife

    Why do some fans bring Vanessa up when she’s not w/him? They are so annoying.

  • http://justjared mig345

    awww so cute

  • alana

    Its her mouth, she can bring up whoever she wants…

  • Lady

    if you don’t like went people bring vanessa up don’t read it. people got to the right to say what the want to you know if zac and vanessa call it quit.if you do i would like to see it.there no prove that they are done. just becouse the report say that. there people who say hi and vanessa together befor he left for nyc.

  • Zac efron’s wife

    he didn’t go to a game w/Vanessa that was a rumor & ppl put rumors on jj to make money.

  • Lady

    i met to say zac and vanessa was together befor he left for nyc. i type is off to day sorry about that.

  • lauren

    zac efron’s wife/ emma efron,
    please stop talking, your delusional
    u dont know zac and his personal life or his relationship status with vanessa. so stop talking

  • http://None Juddyy

    Allll of you girls stop fighting v is better without your golden boy
    He want more and more of girls he is player lol

  • londonlemming

    First of all, I think JJ should monitor this thread more closely and delete ANY posts which are not relevant. I am a firm believer that if it is not wrote in JJ’s write up then it is not relevant to be discussed.

    As for Zac smiling. Can;t you all just be happy that he is smiling again. The reason does not need to be analysed or read in to, it just us. There is no proof it is to do with Vanessa Hudgens and there is no proof it isn’t.

  • kami

    the title is misleading. theses on set pix were not taken the night zac went to stk with the two guys. why can’t you just call them on set pix? no wonder ppl get confused.

  • alana

    No one’s saying he’s a golden boy except you and Hatersrule (as she/he should call her/himself). And how do you know she’s better without him… Are you Vanessa?

  • Haters Suck!

    why do I get the feeling your refering to me in your last post. Go check out the response I left u in vanessa’s last post and we’ll go from there.

  • Merlin’s mum

    I just come on here to see pictures of things that really happen.

  • alana

    Yeah I am actually…

  • alana

    Yeah, actually I am…

  • theresa


    I guess my question would be for you; it appears that you always have a comment for those who still believe they are together; or you tell people to stop talking because they don’t know zac or his personal life; I guess where I’m confused is do you know him or his personal life or are you like the rest believe what you read; everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone is going to always agree; you should just let it go you believe what you want and let other’s believe what they want and just agree to disagree

  • http://google BARBARA

    You can see that Zac is really enjoying this making this movie, I’m glad he is smiling again, the media has been so hard on him.

  • Leslie

    You got that right. The media and all of the haters too.

    It looks cold there. Wish I was there so that I could warm him up. ;)

  • beatriz

    he’s so sweet (:
    i love him

  • joshualiam

    @BARBARA: Barbara I beg to differ the media idolizes him and focuses on him so how has he had a hard time? Most of the rumors out there on him publicity stunts to generate more interest in him. Every time Vanessa has a project come out they double their efforts on keeping him in the spot light. Truth be told when he was in LA he was running away from fans and the media but now that he is in NYC he is all smiles and fan friendly more so the days Beastly is premiered. Even his fans and media gave him more attention that day then they did Vanessa so again how is the media hard on him? He is applauded while she is put down and they revert to a incident years ago. He is hand delivered parts while she has to work three times as hard for him. He started out as a promising talent even I enjoyed his movies but lately his movies have not even been sub par and his actions words and stunts he pulls less then stellar. Again how is the media unkind to him? Eonline practically salivates over him as does Perez and this place and Hollywood Life he gets invited to Golden Globes wins a PCA award where they even make remarks about Vanessa. Your point is mode the only thing they ever did that might be negatory towards him is call him a womanizer oh big deal. Many times I thought he was less then respectful of his relationship from his Details magazine on the media is his bread and butter his fans will only carry him so far he needs to do better projects maybe go back into comedy more where he was good and he woudl not need to be the center of media attention then. I have nothing bad to say about Zacs talent for comedy or even for the High School Musical movies but his actions since Details magazine and what he says and does that is questionable but the media will always lift him up and knock down Vanessa that is proven again and again.

  • Zac Efron’s number #1 Male Fan

    @Zac efron’s wife:

    Emma Efron Shut the Fuck and Stop Picking On Vanessa

  • duuumm

    i do believe this post does not mention vanessa or anything remotely close to her, so all i have to say is, why? why are people constantly bringing her up on zac’s thread?

    he looks like he’s having fun shooting this film. and all the videos/fan pics are just adorable. ps i think paps in nyc are nicer than ones in la ;)

  • Annette

    He’s so cute

  • Natalie

    @joshualiam: I guess you’re one that believes everything they read, am I right? You say words/actions/stunts but what exactly would these be?

  • Ella

    why so handsome Zac?! <3

  • Butterfly

    damn,he smiled b/c somthing funny happened on the set xD ? someone made a jk,blooper whatever ? xD
    he looks really cute everyone tweet how cute he is with his fans and all that can’t believe ppl truly believe he is an a§§ and all that ^^
    he’s just a funny,smart and polite boy with some acting abilities,and he knows he can do it and love it and he wants to do it… !