Alex Pettyfer: 'Mortal Instruments' vs. 'Hunger Games' Debate Continues!

Alex Pettyfer: 'Mortal Instruments' vs. 'Hunger Games' Debate Continues!

Alex Pettyfer sports a bright red beanie as he takes a walk down the street from his home in Los Angeles on Friday morning (February 25).

The debate between Mortal Instruments and The Hunger Games continues for the 20-year-old actor. MTV suggested that Alex go with the former. Check out the reason why:

“Very simply, I explained that he should sign up to play Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments over Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, because he has the perfect amount of edge and intensity for Jace and not enough soft, mushy sweetness for Peeta.

“‘I’m not sure. I’m a big fan of both books and when both projects are moving forward I’ll hopefully interact.’”

Alex was also spotted around The Fox And Hounds Pub in Studio City on Saturday afternoon (February 26).

WHICH ROLE would you pick for Alex — Jace or Peeta?

JJJ Fun Fact: We got to meet Alex‘s new puppy yesterday! He’s so cute!

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  • angie

    Mortal Instruments, not because I’ve read it, but because I think Hunter Parrish or Max Thieriot should be Peeta.

  • me.

    To be honest, Alex is a perfect Jace and I can’t really see anyone else playing him.
    Hunter Parrish suits Peeta more I think.

  • Isabella

    Jace – because he’s Jace. Can’t imagine other playing the role…

  • http://JeeezBeez Ash

    Not that I have read Hunger Games (but I am planning to…) I absolutely think Alex should play Jace. He is perfect, (and it’s not a joke). He IS completely right for the role. I am sure most of Cassandra Clare’s fans will agree with me… Jace was meant for Alex. Alex Pettyfer is 100% perfect.

  • http://vietbellagirl91 annie

    I would love Alex to play Jece Wayland, because when i read the book, i always pictured him playing this role.

  • Midz

    I’ve read The Mortal Instrument series and the whole time I read it, I always pictured Alex Pettyfer as Jace Wayland! I couldn’t picture anyone else & still can’t even if it doesn’t take the role!
    For Hunger Games so far I’ve read the first book and I think he wouldn’t be that bad as Peeta but I would prefer someone else but I don’t know who yet!

    Pick Jace Wayland Alex please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jbaybay

    AHH!!!!!! I read the Mortal Instrument series like two years ago and I was so obsessed that I would look up fan made videos on YouTube and people always used Alex as Jace! I remember thinking ” I have no idea who this is but he is exactly how I pictured Jace!” I never in a million years would think that the actually actor would consider the part!! Alex HAS to be Jace!!!!!!!!

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Alex Pettyfer would completely destroy Jace.

  • Vivi

    Pick Jace!!!!

  • itsjuliag

    Jace Wayland, or sure. I haven’t read The Hunger Games yet, but he’s just perfect for Mortal Instruments and I think there will be chemistry between him and Lily Collins.

  • hizzer

    ill watch whatever film Alex is in hes my favorite Britt star!!
    i just watched i am number four,amazing.

  • Lexy

    Same here. I just finished TMI books and the entire time all I could picture for Jace is Alex. He was almost born to play the part. I have not read Hunger Games though.

  • s

    UGH ! , Thats soo HARD to choose but honestly he would make a better Jace, i see him as both Jace and Peeta . But he makes a better Jace .

  • http://Vhudnews VHUDNews

    i agree with the first comment. Peeta should be stocky, not lean like Alex.

  • Marrie

    Alex choose Jace please you’d be perfect for him. I can’t see Alex as Peeta

  • Anne

    Jace is SEVENTEEN. Peeta is not older.
    Alex looks for 27+

    and honestly i’m sick of his silence

  • mcmillian

    The question at hand is why Justjared is now Alex Pettyfers public relations blog.

  • Cassandra

    Alexis Jace. Hunter Parrish is Peeta. You should really get an interview wih Hunter and see his take because he is the fans top choice at the moment.

  • MI

    MI isn’t happening. That’s over. It would take a minor miracle to get Pettyfer back into that. Hunger Games is what’s available to him.

  • celia

    He would be a terrible Peeta. Peeta is supposed to be attractive and Alex is not. I’m hoping they cast someone like Freddie Stroma or Hunter Parrish.

  • e21

    He should play Jace.

  • Katty

    Peeta was ANNOYING. I was voting for Gale until the end because I never liked him. Jace is AWESOME. And Alex does NOT look 27something. He played a sixteen year old in I Am Number Four. I think that was how old they made him in the film, in the book he was sixteen. And he is playing a seventeen year old in Beastly. Besides, they could move Jace’s age to nineteen or something. I’m a fan of the books, but I would like that.

    I already don’t like who they cast as Clary. Ugh.

  • joey125

    Alex should play Finnick! Perfect amount of vulnerability and self confidence.

  • cmeesmile

    Alex Pettyfer has the perfect qualities for Finnick Odair, a character in the Hunger Games. Whether he decides to sign up for both projects, Finnick would be a more suitable part for him giving him a proper portion in the Hunger Games trilogy though he doesn’t necessarily have to play the lead.

  • stacey

    I haven’t read the Mortal Instrument series, so I wouldn’t know how he would be portraying that “Jace” character, but I know for a fact that he wouldn’t necessarily be the best actor for Peeta. It’s a gut feeling.

  • Allison

    He just can’t be Peeta..
    idunno, it’s just not right.
    But, Jace..<3

  • alexa.

    I haven’t read Mortal Instruments, but I have read the Hunger Games. Peeta is a really soft character, and Alex does have and edginess to him. From what I’ve heard, I think he’d make a better choice in Mortal Instruments. If Alex wanted to get involved in the Hunger Games trilogy, I think he’d make a better Finnick Odair.

  • Piips

    There is not a question of which one hould he play! He IS Jace, all you have to do is type it on youtube, tumblr… he is in every single fan made thing from the The Mortal Instruments. If anyone else takes the role of Jace will crush the movie for us, even for Cassandra Clare.
    I’ve read both books and I don’t think he can pull off a Peeta, like someone said above Hunter Parrish would make a good Peeta, not Alex. Alex has that bad boy-hunter vibe.
    He knows it, we know it. His silence is killing me.

  • Terry

    I had read the Mortal Instruments series twice before I ever saw even a picture of Alex Pettyfer. The minute I saw it I thought – “that is Jace”. He has a whole lot of fans who only discovered him through Mortal Instruments fan sites and fan videos because to us he IS Jace. After watching I Am Number Four more than once I feel even stronger about it. What a career move to take a role that thousands of fans saw you in before they were even sure there would be a movie! It’s a no brainer.

  • Fenris

    I never wanted him to play Jace, he never did anything for me.
    Jace is really a rip-off from The Draco Trilogy, a Harry Potter fanfiction that the author wrote before she got published. It’s almost funny, it has the same characters and even some of the same dialogue.

  • Holly Golightly

    If Hunter doesn’t end up playing Peeta, Alex is my second choice! :) So Peeta!

  • Mya

    I would go and watch anything Alex is in, I just saw I am number four and loved it. I would love to see him play Jace Wayland and I think he would be great in the role.

  • Jamie

    I would love Alex to play JAce Wayland, because when i read the book, i always pictured him playing this role.

  • meel

    Peeta is sweet, Jace is hot!……. Obviously, Alex is Jacee!

  • http://@NAYEJ nAYE

    JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!! he´s the only one who can do that role!!!!!!!!!!

  • stephanie


  • madi

    omg i will die if he does not play jace! he is the only one who i see as jace, its like cassandra clare made jace look like alex pettyfer on purpose cause she knew the books would become movies. im planing on reading hunger games later or whenever but seriously i could on imaginge alex pettyfer as jace like ive mentioned a million times already haha. i know its probably gonna take alot for alex to come back to TMI but i reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy hope he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s- im totally and utterly obsessed with the mortal instruments books and cant wait for the fourth book to come out!

  • lorena19

    I’ve read both series, with TMI being my favorite. He should play Jace. But if he’s too much of an as#*”! to be bothered with it, I think he doesn’t deserve neither of the roles. Even if he’s Jace incarnate.

  • Claire

    He simply HAS to play Jace in The Mortal Instruments! <3

  • http://twitter Jaque

    Jace, Max Thieriot (the best actor alive) should play Peeta Mellark

  • Carla

    Out of the 2… Def JACE.
    I am so nervous for who they will cast as Peeta… PEETA HAS TO BE PERFECT!

  • Dannie

    Def Jace.
    Im still waiting for the perfect Peeta casting.

  • Cheska


  • georgia

    He was born to play Jace . when i read the book for the first time he was what is saw , but then i saw a pic of Alex and i couldn’t be leave it he fitted perfectly . If he doesn’t play jace i may cry but i will still watch the film to sees what the other jace is like .I bet he wont be as good .

    pick jace please please PLEASE !!!!!!!

  • thomasd5

    Jace !

  • samantha

    he’s jace honestly he’s perfect 4 the role

  • LULU

    Alex is much more fit for Jace. Though I always pictured Friday Night Lights Taylor Kitsch was a perfect Jace, he is probably to old.

    I want Hunter Parrish for Peeta

  • Amelia

    So true about him playing Finnick!!! He’s perfect for the character and its way more suitable for how old he looks. Plus if they get a young girl for Katniss, then they need a guy that is young enough as well.

  • Jules

    Jace. *-*

  • m