Ashley Greene: Off to Vancouver with Kristen Stewart

Ashley Greene: Off to Vancouver with Kristen Stewart

Ashley Greene‘s hair shines in the sunlight as she prepares to take off from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (February 27).

The 24-year-old actress joined co-star Kristen Stewart en route back to Vancouver to film the rest of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II.

Ashley got in one last workout over the weekend before taking off for Vancouver.

10+ pics inside of Ashley and Kristen

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Credit: GVK, R Chiang; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Rob

    kristin is so annoying has a stick up her but all the time

  • felin

    kristen is just so beautiful. I love her

  • kroejrioejr

    what? kristen? now ashley? ……

  • gabs

    @Rob STFU how does ashley look any different? They are just walking through an airport. Should she be smiling like an idiot at the pap for no reason? get a life

  • loloveisintheair

    ashley is soo stunning!

  • Kris

    For someone who doesn’t know them well or is following their careers I’d say it would be difficult to differentiate between them. They could totally pass for sisters it’s amazing. But they are so different personality wise, Kristen is more intriguing and is the badass~ while Ashley is very girly and has more of a likable delicate personality. They are both shy and awkward which I think is cute!

  • Angel

    I don’t dislike Kristen Stewart, I actually always thought she was a breeze of fresh air in the so called “Hollywood Scene”. But actually I begin to find her more annoying as time passes.

    I understood that in the beginning of Twilight, she wasn’t used to the attention a blockbuster would get and was nervous. I totally get that.

    But now, as we are three (or more?) years down the road, she is still the same or even more nervous. I can understand how some people would find her arrogant or annoying. I just wish she would straighten her back and just smile a little bit more and just start acting differently in interviews and such.

    I mean, she could take lessons our something to learn speak in public and such.

    Plus the fact that I simply can’t stand the fact that she always looks like she hasn’t seen a shower in days. I think being clean – especially as a women – is importing.


    Ashley just looks gorgeous. The blue is really looking good on her! <3

  • rose

    @Angel: what if kristen doesn’t give a fuck what you think?

    shes comfortable wearing skinny jeans, t-shirt, jumper and sneakers and she constantly has paparrazzi following her around…if i was in her position i would do exactly the same thing, duck my head and hide

    i love the fact that kristen doesn’t feel the need to wear makeup, curl her hair to impress everyone…she is still a breath of fresh air.

  • mE

    ZOMG They arrived at they airport together… They’re obviously dating!!!11!!one!

    Ashley looks great, btw.

  • Angelique

    @rose: I’m not saying she should become the next Heidi Montag and has to walk in high heels the whole time. If you read my comment carefully, you see I don’t dislike her on the fact that she wears hoodies, t-shirts and skinny jeans either.

    The thing I’m saying is that their is a big difference between looking comfortable and looking unhygienic. Her hair looks like it hasn’t seen a shower of shampoo in a week. The paparazzi are not keeping her from being clean on herself and it has nothing to do with not being comfortable. Now a day, people can be clean and comfortable without looking like they just left the catwalk.

  • relapsed

    Commenting here is setting my “get over these people” therapy back, but I just felt the need to remind everyone that what these people do, say, wear or whatever does not have any effect on any of our lives, and our time would be better spent focusing on what WE do, say, wear or whatever. Kristen Stewart has said in practically all of her interviews, the most recent was last month’s Vogue, that she doesn’t want the attention, she’s never going to discuss her private life, and now Robert Pattinson is complaining in his Vanity Fair interview about people thinking they know him, so let’s stop having discussions about any of the Twilight people who don’t want our attention. Let’s go hang out with our real-life friends instead of caring about people who don’t know us and don’t want to know us.