Alex Pettyfer is 'Soaring, Flying' with Vanessa Hudgens

Alex Pettyfer is 'Soaring, Flying' with Vanessa Hudgens

We can only imagine if the role of Troy Bolton was played by Alex Pettyfer now…

The 20-year-old actor broke out into a few verses of the song during a recent interview with MTV to promote his upcoming flick, Beastly.

Alex shared that while on set, they [costar Vanessa Hudgens and him] didn’t break out into “Beauty and the Beast,” but instead had another song — “Breaking Free” from High School Musical.

“I used to sing, ‘We’re soaring, flying’ and yeah, I didn’t get any reaction [from Vanessa],” he shared. “[I'm the] biggest geek,” he confessed. “It’s all over my wall. Gotta love the Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and High School Musical 3.”

Vanessa added, “He sang. It was enough. [He] broke out into ‘Soaring…’ It was good.”

Alex Pettyfer is “Soaring, Flying”
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  • Chanon

    Zac and Vanessa MUST still be together if Alex brought that up. I don’t think Alex would have been that big of a jerk to bring it up if he didn’t know that Zac and Vanessa were over. <3

  • kami

    ♥ that was cute alex singing. ♥

  • Vanessa 143

    @Chanon: Right!!!they are together but ,they don’t want to come out now,maybe sometime,I well wait for that ,zaniness for ever and ever!!!!

  • Tata

    They are so cute together!!!

  • samantha

    they are so sweet i love these couple…i can’t wait to see beastly

  • beatriz

    haha so funny

  • nickj

    aww man i hope they are, because when he mentioned zac efron i was like whaaat?! and i looked at vanessa to see her reaction, but she handled it well. so man idk. i hope they are >_<

  • glamour86

    They are soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Alex and his laugh!!!!!!!

  • muse

    Alex is hella-funny. His face when he sang was so serious, I couldnt help but crack up.
    Him and Vanessa seem really comfortable and happy around each other, and thats what you want for a couple on screen.

    Cant wait to see this movie. :D

  • Anibal

    So cute .. I’ll always love HSM

  • mishybc

    Vanessa haha she said “Pretty solid.” in this deep tomboy voice. ABSOLUTE BADASS. Loved it!
    It says “recent” interview how recent does anyone know?

  • http://lala aiwen

    hahahahahaha alex is so cute!!!
    good version!!! hahah

  • http://@NICKjonas2306 zanessa4ever

    Van, Don’t cry, my love. Sister. You smiled to not cry. In your eyes, I see your tears. You make me hurt in my soul. Zanessa wil come back

  • Aly

    her hair is cut so it means really recent, after she returned from NYC… that`s when she got her hair cut :-?

    I still find it weird with the whole you gotta love zac efron and vanessa hudgens and hsm 3 :| Ok, you love hsm 3, but he didn`t say in hsm 3, he said you gotta love zac efron and vanessa hudgens… who knows what it means…

  • http://Vhudnews VHUDNews


  • http://julie93hsm julie

    @Chanon right. and alex must be really clever if he tries to give us a hint lol. thanks, alex, we believe u! at least we hope it’s true!

  • lauren

    her hair looks like the same,,,
    also just watch this,,,, they state she’s single.get over it.

    also i wonder if she regrets ever doing high school musical since that what she’s only known for.

  • lauren
  • asdfg

    vanessa used to have extensions but now she doesn’t but i also think she got a little hair cut maybe

  • Aly

    Listen to the video and hear the “gotta love zac efron and vanessa hudgens… and hsm 3″ and the, right after that, “it`s solid”….

  • vpfan

    so funny!

  • Ingrid

    alex is cute! aww.. i miss zanessa :(

  • http://jjj marcy

    love alex an vanessa of course 4ever

  • Butterfly

    omg alex has a british accent o.O ? omg this is sooo sexy xD
    let’s say,zac for vanessa and alex for me ? :DD
    but ppl are right,zanessas situation must be all right :D

  • http://google BARBARA

    LAUREN, I never heard Vanessa say she was single,the girl ashen, and the american idol guy said she is single ,you never hear her say she is single,She was talking about cutting her hair, she decided to change her hair because of the different movies she was doing,and she was growing up, i heard this three times, plus i heard on E, It self . She said instyle mag last Dec, right after shje came back from Hawaii, she was looking forward to cutting her, hair to make her look older, so she can older roles, her Zac want to look older, so they get more grown up roles’.


    lol no…


    last week

  • Britt

    I adore Vanessa!!!!! Can’t wait to see Beastly out this friday!!! :) And as for “Zanessa”, I am a HUGE Zanessa fan (more V than Zac), but some fans are truly in denial..didn’t anyone read her interview in Details?? She stated that they are just friends and are working it out! :) I too was upset when they broke-up, but you have to admit that it’s pretty cool seeing Vanesa doing her own interviews and truly promoting herself and coming into her own! I am super proud of V – she’s doing some amazing things at the moment! :)

  • pao

    Awwww he’s soo cute!!! Lol!!!

  • Lame

    I’m not sure if all of rumors of Alex’s bad behavior are true..guess when there’s smoke there may be fire…no pun intended. But he comes across as charming and he is absolutely gorgeous and not in a “pretty boy” way. Superficially, it’s hard to dislike him. Wish he were doing more press for Beastly.




    so cute


    i dont think so

  • Telle

    OH ALEX’S so funny ¡¡¡ =) can’t stop laugh¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    vanessa & alex =coolest couple in a movie

  • Angie

    I think it’s unfair you guys still trying to prove her personal life with Zac just because Alex mentioned him doesn’t mean anything he was in HSM also. No one knows what’s going on and it’s nobody’s business. Plus Vanessa will not say anything does not mean there’s still something there she’s too nice his name will pop up in front of her she’s just won’t talk or maybe alittle. Same goes for him her name might come up and probably won’t say anything cause people want them to. They know that she won’t snap and go ‘Don’t mention him in front of me’ ‘Why bring him up it’s over’ or ‘Forget him this is about me’. Then people will think something is wrong and start to gossip she will not say mean things and give a bad name hopefully for him same thing. Can not analyze and hint clues on everything they do or say just be their fans and suppport them Be happy for her.

  • vfan

    Awww, they have such great chemistry.
    Love V’s hair btw!

  • laquida


  • laquida


  • ______

    How cute brings back old memories sweet lovely Gabriella Montez. If only he didn’t mention formor troll-I mean Troy. Alex would’ve been better choice or….ME.

  • ______

    Poor precious Nessa having to keep a straight face And looks fab with her new hair. And that smile *sigh* what boy does not want to trade with Alex? Lucky man.

  • Daniela

    cant stop watching this

  • nikki

    I hope Vanessa is single, I think Zac is a jerk. She should move on to bigger and better things. Her career is only going to get better after suckerpunch. I love the chemistry she has with Alex, he is handsome. I really cant wait to see who Vanessa will choose to date next. Zac is toxic.

  • Maila

    I saw this earlier this morning on mtvs site and I could not stop laughing! Love Alex!

  • hetevbh

    aww… i miss zac and vanessa

  • allieinnyc

    Allie here from New York City here everyone listen up Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are not dating even I know that he even said so himself to his buddies when he was eating at my restaurant the other night over heard him saying some one named Leslie told him to get rid of her to get to the next level and his guy friend said your fans will be pissed at you they keep asking us about if you two are together he said he had that covered having Leslie say Vanessa went out behind his back. Zac is a great tipper gave me a 100 dollar bill but I think Vanessa is better off without him I would not want a man who plays games and then tries to cover his tracks hot guy on the outside thuggish on the inside. He even said she called him last night crying I guess she wanted to talk things out with him but he had no time for her. Vanessa I never was a fan of yours but I am going to be now I know how it feels to be treated this way I will go see the premiere of Beastly and let her know how luckys he is she got away got a sound byte on my android of it if she doesnt believe me plenty of hot guys in Hollywood she would look good with Taylor Kitsch or Jonathan Rhys Meyers two sexy men not boys you guys need to let that dream of them getting back together go it will not happen they are both in NYC and have not been near each other and never will if Zac keeps thinking you guys will love him more if he is single.

  • lauren

    did you hear the whole conversation of them talking and vanessa trying to call him or whatever?

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • Chanon

    @allieinnyc: LOL sureeeeee.

  • kyle

    Alex is so funny & Vanessa can’t stop laughing.

    allieinnyc: It is easy to fabricate things & it is up to the reader to discern the lies from the truth. Do you think we are gullible to believe that Zac actually discussed the “cover up” thingy in a public place with so many people can overheard him, including you & me? Zac is not stupid to be blabbing about his “scheme” in a restaurant as you claimed to be. It is obvious to me that you are a fan of Vanessa and wants to thrash Zac. I am a fan of both & i don’t believe everything i read or see on the news especially incredible stories that defy logic.

  • sam

    I will never believe that they aren’t together unless I hear from them alone. And them only. Not E! or some other site.

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