Selena Gomez: Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez: Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez holds hands with Justin Bieber as they head out for a bite to eat on Tuesday afternoon (March 1).

The new couple went shopping at a local mall, stopping at D&G and Louis Vuitton and shared a few hugs along the way.

After stopping at the shops, Selena and Justin picked up something sweet at Pinkberry. Yummy!

FYI: Justin is wearing a D&G jacket.

35+ pics inside of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • andrea

    fake people, fake smiles, fake relationship

  • andy

    Cute pair! I still thinks she is too hot for him but if she is happy is all good! She looks really cute here… Love her outfit!

  • holly

    they look so cute! and lol at the picture where it looks like selena is flicking off the camera. i dont think she did it on purpose though :)

  • emily

    JB is only BIG right now because the media is filling his pockets and not for his music. And jeez, someone tell the kid to wear his pants right!

  • Laffur

    @andrea: Are you really calling them fake ?! You’re the one with no life & is commenting on an article just to call them fake……

  • rockstar

    They look a little…awkward to say the least.
    But Selena looks happy, so that’s all the matters, right?

    But seriously, Justin Bieber? She could’ve picked someone WAY better.

  • serena

    @andrea: Thank you someone who isn’t brainwashed. I totally agree.

  • serena

    @andrea: Thank you someone who is brainwashed. I totally agree.

  • cammie

    I like Serena but this seems a PR stunt to me, like she goes out her way to hug and kiss him when the cameras are around.

  • Person

    Happy 12th Birthday!

  • taylor

    when they’re together, it looks so awkward.

  • mmbop

    Selena looks adorable. Still don’t like them as a couple though. =/

  • lane


    Ppl have ‘reported’ seeing them hugging and stuff when there was no cameras around and stuff when their relationship was hush hush so a OR stunt doesn’t even sound right

  • Kate

    @holly: Thats just the only finger that you can see the others are going behind her hair. If u look closer you can see I that but I thought she flipped them off too.

  • kate

    I agree. Their relationship looks like major PR and seems sort of fake.

  • andrea

    @Laffur: You’re someone with no life to comment in this site too. I don’t hate them, i just think that they look extremely awkward with each other, like looking to the cameras all the time… It’s just like if they wanted to get more attention you know?

  • fabyan

    @andrea: your fake

  • okay

    awkward couple is awkward.

  • laura

    It’s my birthday too! lol im only eleven

  • Chloe

    cute couple!!! papaz need to leave them alone. Everyone deserves privacy, not because you’re famous they’re gonna stalk you 24/7.

  • neil

    Selena :(

  • Mika

    Isn’t it a little wierd everytime they’re in a “romantic” embrace like hugging or kissing …. Justin is always dead on looking at the camera?

    I don’t care if this is a publicity stunt or whatever since I’m not a fan of either of these kids, but I find it really strange.

  • courtney

    justin go get another girl cause ur fans will get selea ad toture and hurt her cause my fried is obbssed wit him she has over 200 pics of him ad shell do any possible thing to get to him its sad to

  • Kay

    :( I dont know why I’m so mad about this :( I’m mad at myself for being sad! Any fan ofJustin should respect their relationship… But I’m just not feeling it :’(

  • someone

    selena goes out with whatever guy is popular at the moment
    she was with nick when the jonas brothers where super popular, then there was taylor lautner and the whole thing with twilight, and now justin..

  • mimi

    idk……i still think it’s a PR stunt. I really don’t like together. I just don’t like that she’s older that him and…….idk they just don’t look right to me.

  • javi

    a nice day with your girlfriend ruined by paparazi those mother fuckers should leave them alone thats why justin dosen’t smile alot because of these idiots.

  • Natasha456

    i really like them together..but it seems a bit just for publicity! :( justin seems like hes always looking at the camera and stuff.. it seems kind of staged

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    seriously?the camera was around them ALL DAY!!
    not just cuz when the camera was there??
    they ar young….in love….let them be happy..

  • aggravated

    @ Mika, Andrea

    you people love to judge a book by it’s cover, no matter. To me, It’s clearly that they want to be together and if it was all “publicity” why the hell didn’t they come out in the first place in dec-january and say that they were a couple… they kept denying it until now! and I wouldn’t feel comfy at all if I had cameras following me everywhere, would you? ffs

  • javi

    unfortunatley the paparazi is going to be there chasing them either if justin is alone or selena is alone this idiots will never leave them alone i woudin’t be surprise if somebody from the mall a guard or an employe call the paps.

  • matt

    Wow. Why can’t people just let them be. If you don’t like them as a couple, who cares? They obviously like eachother, and that’s all that really matters because it’s their lives and not yours. at least he’s tall enough for her now. PS. happy birthday Justin.

  • Lisa

    Didn’t he say that he was going to hang out wit his grandma? LOL…he has one young looking grandma!

  • Inna

    ahhhhh. i still find that weird. but whatever, maybe ill warm up to them in time.

    i dont really like you much JBiebs, but i give you props. You work hard & Selena’s pretty awesome; she must like you for somee reason (ugh.)

    anyways, happy birthday.

  • Lisa

    Is it just me or does his haircut make Justin look older? He even looks taller.

  • Ashley

    They were at the Beverly Center. SOOOO SADDDD…. I WAS GOING TO GO TODAY!!!

  • Anibal


  • asdfg

    honestly now that zanessa is over (-_-) this is bout to be my new couple lol

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    i really don’t understand why they’re dating, for what reasons??? selena will be 19 year old soon and justin is 17 today. i just don’t get them too but if they are happy, more power to them.

  • sel@

    Aww Sel’s babysitting LOL

    I still cant believe this is going on, if its true the one who will suffer after the b/up is her…The guy looks so immature, well hes 16

    and please JB use your pants correctly…the way u wear them is so disgusting, youre dating an 18 year old…behave like a man lol

  • olivia


  • chrissy teigen

    bad girl now.

  • jj17

    publicity stunt! fake ass losers!

  • janelle

    They look cute together love dem =)… Hey guys!! age doesn’t matter as long dey love each other dats wat important so just leave dem alone… It’s dere business and not yurs….

  • Candice

    I absolutely love them as a couple! I find Jelena really cute :) IMO, I don’t think their relationship is for publicity at all. Justin seemed to be into Selena & obviously Selena started falling for Justin too.

  • samantha

    mmmmm obviosly they’re dating…but is a kind a weird couple but both look happy:)

  • Maddie

    i can’t even imagine going through this at their age. When i was 18 i had so many things on my head, things that I want to know and plan for my future. I was anxious…i can’t imagine adding serious relationships, serious career, and publicity to all that. heck i was nervous about how my classmates see me, how about the entire planet??? i guess this is why Demi lovato checked into rehab…

  • Maddie

    these pics with him eating ice cream show how young he actually is…I pity them i swear.

  • belieber

    well, i like Selena and Justin (justyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 <3 <3) but i think Selena don’t really like him…it difficult for a girl dating someone who is kinda really kid for her…she is older than Justin and it weird. i suppose she doin’ it for more popularity…anyway…still love them and if this relation is real i’m glad…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! <3

  • mileycyrusfan

    look how justin looks at selena it IS love but selena loves justin just because fame i hate her FOREVER

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