Vanessa Hudgens Benches Bed, Bath and Beyond Bags

Vanessa Hudgens Benches Bed, Bath and Beyond Bags

Vanessa Hudgens lifts one of her Bed, Bath and Beyond bags high in the sky after picking up a few household items in Studio City on Monday afternoon (February 28).

The 22-year-old actress, wearing Blu Moon‘s “Almost Famous” skirt, looks to have bought an allergy comforter for a room in her home. We wonder what else she got — because the comforter was put in the back seat!

After her shopping trip, Vanessa met up with BFF Brittany Snow (who was also in braids) to get a bite to eat at Rocco’s Tavern.

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Credit: Ahmad Elatab; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Proudofzacnessa

    she looks really good! ;D

  • ehryle

    she really Beautiful no matter what!!

  • pop86

    I like the braided hair style

  • Letícia

    Hair ugly

  • Daniela

    she’s gorgeous

  • Kerri

    Vanessa is just naturally pretty.

  • Anibal

    yeah *-*

  • blaire

    life is really unfair! she’s so pretty no matter what she wear! love the hair, love what she’s wearing! vanessa, girl you’re amazing just the way you are!

  • ak

    Are you guys blind? There’s nothing special about her looks. She’s average looking. Not sure why everyone gushes about her.

  • Aly

    … because of the same reason you feel the need to trash her.

  • Haters Suck!

    well, if as you say everyone gushes about her perhaps it’s not everyone who is blind, but u who is the blind one. Wrap your head around that one for a minute.

  • pao

    Wow I really love this outfit GORGEOUS!!! like always <3

  • http://None Juddy

    Pretty like Always
    Haters gonna hate lol

  • lisa

    shes so ugly

  • Haters Suck!

    Btw, here’s a nice shot of the new tattoo, just thought I’d point it out. I think it looks really nice.

  • tina

    So when Zac went to see her when she was filming in Hawaii, he felt the vibes between her and her new guy. So that’s why they called it quits. Best luck to both of them. We all loved their young romance hope they both find happiness with or without each other.

  • Destinee

    I adore the outfit!But this hair makes her look older to be honest!

  • Haters Suck!

    sorry but I call BS on that story.

  • youdon’tneedtoknow

    She is gorgeous, I reckon some of you are just too blinded by your hate to notice.

    You haters have no logic at all. why waste time viewing and commenting posts on Vanessa?

  • lol

    vanessa who? ooh vanessa stupd gudgensh

  • whysostupid?

    @ lol

    Before you comment saying Vanessa is ‘stupd’ go learn how to spell. Better yet, read a book. It’ll benefit you.

  • lauren


  • Katty


    Zac felt the vibes? Excuse me but wasn’t it ZAC eveyone was talking about feeling the vibes with his co-star Taylor THEN with Rumer THEN with Teresa? Sorry, but if anyone cheated (and I don’t think either of them did, nor do I believe the ‘after the break up’ Teresa story) it was Zac. I love Zac, but honestly, you can tell he’s slowly changing into something, just months ago, he said he would never be. I understand he’s young and wants to have fun and party and stuff, and as of now he is doing nothing wrong, but in a few months that could all change, there is a fine line.
    Actually, the newest story behind the ‘break up’ is Zac’s management team pushed him to do it because they were ‘threatened’ of Vanessa and her growing popularity and apparently he would only be seen as the ‘HSM boy’ with Vanessa at his side. Apparently.

    I think Vanessa looks beautiul. I love her outfit and EVERYONE GO ON TO TWITTER AND POST SOMETHING WITH #Beastly we’re trying to get it trending.

  • youdon’tneedtoknow

    haters, stop wasting your time. At the end of the day, Its Vanessa making the big bucks doing what she loves, not you.

  • laquida

    I wish and pray some people would stop hatin on Vanessa,leave her alone,and stop sayin negative things about her cause you don’t know her personally..*sighs*.But that makes Vanessa so much stronger and much humbler.She don’t bother anybody.God is always protecting and watching over Vanessa.Anyways,Vanessa looks beautiful always and I love her braided hair style.

  • peggy


    That is really BS considering the Zac and Taylor Schilling story surfaced first and was inially blamed for the break up. Now months later this story surfaces.

    And it highly unlikely he hung with her in LA and then joined her for her Wrap party in NC if he thought anyuthing of the kind.

    Gina the publicist isnt even original we get a lie (another one planted just before a big event for Vanessa as usual) and right behind it a “how wonderful Zac is” post and don’t think we wont get on in the mags too..

  • laquida

    I love Vanessa’s long dress too!:)

  • sophie

    OH. so this is from yesterday, which means she is probably leaving for nyc today!

  • jello

    She looks so cute. I love her outfit

  • http://None Juddy

    You are the stupid one

  • http://google BARBARA

    Tina that is a made up story, proably , Gina, i just saw a picture of Zac and Vanessa on a boat in Hawaii, during Thankgiving and Josh sat behind them, on the other side, Zac and Vanessa are sitting next to each very close, Vanessa has her leg on top of his, Zac had just a dumb look on his face, they really looked happy. Don’t believe these gossip sites, there all lies, proably started by Gina, she does these things all the time, espeicaly to Vanessa, Don’t you rember that article, that Karen show us, how the publist works, and alot of times the client doesn’t know they are doing these things, I’ve heard she is hard as nails,actually there is nother word, but i’m to much of lady, to say that word.

  • laquida

    Thats great of brit to shop with vanessa to get some things for her house! bffs always!:)

  • Aly

    Yeah… and she cheated with josh with zac there… You made me laugh. Should i remember you about a video of them on zac`s last day in Hawaii? The kissing and hugging and kissing had v`s “vibes” with josh so all over it. See the sarcasm…
    My first opinion might be true. Zac didn`t cheat on her, just like she didn`t cheat on zac. And btw, the thing that they were so all over each other… see the videos from that party and the oscars… They were sooooo [NOT] kissing, just dancing and she was soooooooo [NOT] all over him.

    Anyway, back to the topic, i love how she put her hair, it looks great on her, and you can the tattoo too. And there are some pics with V grabbing dinner with Brittany after shopping…

  • http://None vanille

    Agree with you ^^

  • http://google BARBARA

    I just love Vanessa, and Brittany, they both look great. God bless Vanessa, and Brittany, who is a very loyal friend. and God bless Zac, i think he needs alot of prayers, just law his pictures the last few days, something is really bothering him, i feel he is not very happy, his body landuage, and the way he walks, except for a few pictures, he always looks sad, even someone who knows him pretty well in NY,said he is not himself,and she was concern, he acted like he was depressed.

  • http://None Juddy

    Please don’t say anything about that player we don’t care about him ..
    Alll his fans came in v post and saying something bad about her go to the hell haters

  • http://None Juddy

    You know why that player looks sad ?
    Cause he cheat on v with Teresa ( poor man)
    And now baby v I hope you dating another man not a player
    And don’t forget that player broke v heart before her birthday bad guy …

  • wtf?

    @ak: i know! the same here! i can’t undestand all this people! i think my dog is my beautiful than her!

  • Aly

    Player… maybe you should check the definition of what a player really is -.- and do you have some sort of proof that he cheated on v with you know who? Those reports have some flaws too, just like you don`t have any proof that he cheated or she cheated.
    If you want to keep going on with the zac maybe you should go and trash him on his own thread…

  • julie

    barbara… the pic on the boat was apparantly taken in NC in late january

  • http://google BARBARA

    No the picture was taken in Hawaii, the weather in NC, was to cold, i read it was a mistake it was taken in Hawaii.

  • ………….
  • alana

    @Aly: …Thank you! People keep going along with these rumors when there’s not one piece of solid EVIDENCE…

  • kami

    ♥ love love love love love love vanessa’s hair the way she has it. please wear it this way to your next function. ♥

  • e

    Remember this video from the ‘Watchmen’ premiere, now I don’t know if the woman i red is Gina or so meone who works for/with her but she does not look happy first because there are more screams for ‘Vanessa’ and then you can see that she is even gestures to Evan (who is with V) to keep Vanessa going as they are coming up to them but Zac just ignores her and goes up to pull Vanessa to with him to take some pictures of them together, and the women does not look happy, it’s funny because Evan is taking a step back and letting them (Z and V) take the pictures together and enjoy their time while the women in red pretty much hangs over their shoulder.
    I miss the time when Zac did that and did what he wanted to, if he wanted to take pictures with Vanessa then he did, kind of sad how thin gs turns out.

  • pao

    @lol: LOL!!! Really old jock I was waiting something more creative!!! BORING! !! Next hater please!!!

  • Aly

    @alana: We only got some evidence from december, that they were “working things out”. For all we know they could have worked it out ever since then, or would work it out now, when they seem to be in the same city, for the hell of that report, this could be a publicity stunt… [which i don`t believe but who knows... i`m still being skeptical about the pr stunt]

    Did you hear the latest rumor? Vanessa is planing her wedding, oh god, she`s going to marry with herself… can you even do that?

    The link to the story is above, @………….: comment,

    Quote: Vanessa recently revealed that, despite her single status, she has been busy planning her wedding.

    And really, maybe you all should see the video with them dancing, if they were doing something like being all over each other you could have seen it in the video but no, they were dancing, and ashley was dancing with them, unless it was a threesome, they weren`t all over each other…

    And why they weren`t all over each other:

  • Emma

    Pretty little hippie girl<3
    She’s such an amazing person i adore her!I think she’s a real rolemodel,although there have been some downs in the past, she learned how to handle it and became this gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, smart, funny, self-confident, amazingly talented woman. She’s awesome!=)

  • carly

    She looks so cute in the pics, love her hair and her tattoo looks really nice on her :D

  • vfan

    Love this outfit! She looks so pretty! :)