Zac Efron Takes Time For ALL of His Fans

Zac Efron Takes Time For ALL of His Fans

Zac Efron heads back to the New Year’s Eve set early Tuesday morning (March 1) in NYC.

JJJ fan and reader Jaclyn sent in a pic of her with the 23-year-old actor earlier last week.

She tells us about her meeting with the star, “I went to the set of NYE while they were filming scenes in Times Square. There were a lot of fans waiting by Zac Efron‘s trailer but he was really nice and took the time to stop for pretty much everyone who was there.

“Later on in the night as the crowd died down and there were just a few people left who hadn’t gotten anything yet we all decided to just be really organized. We made a line and he just went down the line stopping for each person, taking pictures and signing.

“He really took the time to stop and say hello and seemed really appreciative of all his fans! It was really nice seeing all the fans work together-it made it easier and more enjoyable not only for all of us but also for Zac. It was truly a great experience all around!”

Thanks, Jaclyn!

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  • amy

    Aw hes so sweet <3 wish i could meet him!

  • pop86

    Lucky girl

  • pao

    Zac who? . . .

  • jonnyb

    He still can’t smile then – has he had a stroke or something?

  • claudia

    he’s just the best, i lovee him soo much♥

  • http://justjared mig345

    aww poor baby

  • lol

    @pao: Efron! aww so sweet!

  • lauren

    him and vanessa need to fix their problems, forget the past and start over,
    also efron needs to fire his publicists

  • Aly

    i`m getting confused about you, you are a zac fan, vanessa fan or both fan?

  • http://None Juddy

    Your the stupid one don’t come to v post and say something bad like your ugly face and then come here to say something good about zac Leave nessa alone

  • susan

    Love Jaclyn’s story, especially the part about all the fangirls organizing, lining up and making it easy for our Zac to get to everyone, say hello and pose. He was probably very impressed with the politeness and patience of his fans. I’m sure he clearly can relate to them as he has famous people he is starstruck about.

    Just a great, feel-good story. Thanks for sharing it, Jaclyn and JustJared!

  • lauren

    i wouldt really consider my self a ”fan”
    i think zac is ”hot” and vanessa is ”pretty,

    i thought their relationship that they had was sweet. but i’m not a fan of them or either one of them.

  • http://mikehla mike

    nice guy

  • Aly

    Ohhh, thank you ^^ Now i finally understand. At least you`re not a hater and that is a good thing.

  • emma efron

    Zac is doing reshoots right now. And Zac does smile & he’s very nice & sweet to fans!!!! He’s always appreciative to his fans!!!! And i think that’s ice tea he’s drinking. And i’m not gonna post as much on here anymore b/c i hate jj.

  • lauren

    lol your welcome,
    i tend to get alot of hate on here cus i speak my mind and i have an opinion.

  • lauren

    lol your welcome,
    i tend to get alot of hate on here cus i speak my mind and i have an opinion.

  • claudia

    loved your comment susan…same here!

  • lol

    @Juddy: v who? haha sorry but i dont know waht are you saying!! Zac Efron is hot! beautiful!!! and i love vanessa but! i love zac more cz im his fan but! vanessa is cool support them

  • Aly

    everybody needs to have an opinion, you shouldn`t get hated because you have a different opinion, yeah, you can get a debate on it, but, you got hate for your opinion…

  • http://None Juddy

    Go to v post and you will see

  • peggy

    @emma efron:

    Zac is doing no such thing – he is in NY doing his role for NYE

  • Laura

    i can’t understand why people are hating Zac. he is such i sweetheart i met him a week ago, here in NYC, he was so nice and very very sweet, actually some here say things that are not true, you guys need to meet him in person, I’m sure you would be crazy, because he is really adorable, and here is this post on JJ like a proof, he is really a nice guy

  • ;*

    Such a nice boy :D

  • susan1

    I watch the videos with fans on the set of New Years Eve .He’s so nice and he always says thank you and i just love he took a picture with everyone who asked.

  • susan1

    Zac was owesome i met him twice…
    he is nice guy!!!

  • Miranda

    awwwww that is so sweet :) Zac was the same way when I met him :)

    By the way, Zac and Vanessa are both in NYC now, so ha! :)

  • Tracy

    Zac is one of the coolest stars. He actually cares about his fans.

  • cutie

    omg.I just love him!!!!!!!

  • Merlin’s mum

    Beautiful boy! Love to look at pictures, just hate the constant negativity coming from some posters.

  • Megan

    this is how i met him too! i wen to his movie set! he was SOOO nice <3

  • peggy


    How do you know that? Has V arrived in NY?

  • Aly

    It`s wednesday, she`s supposed to be on a show on promo tours for Beastly ^^

  • susan1

    @ peggy…
    March 2…yeah she’s on the Late Show w/ David Lettermen…
    March 3 The Early show.
    March 3 Live w/ Regis and kelly..

  • peggy


    She could arrive tomorrow and he could be gone

  • susan1

    maybe he is still filming .we never know!!!

  • Aly


    Keep the faith ^^

  • http://google BARBARA

    He his is suppose, to be there till friday., i read she was leaving today. Ny is a very long time to travel and be on a show on the same day, i know Zac always goes the day before, it only makes sense, she lose 3 hrs, since Ny is 3 hrs ahead of LA, you want to get settle, and get dinner.

  • Daniella 1fan

    You’re the reason for these butterflies
    That are fluttering uncontrollable inside of me
    These butterflies will never calm
    They’ve taken over my whole body
    You were a dream…
    A dream that filled my thoughts
    and my loneliest nights.

  • amanda

    awwwwwww now that is a true actor, a person that takes time off his movie set to spen time with his fans now that is really sweet i love him

  • cam

    control damage? lol he is a douchebag!

  • pop86


    If you don’t like Zac that’s fine, but he’s not a douchebag. Clearly, you have never met him. (Yes, I have met him during 17 Again promo tour)

  • Ak

    @ cam: You’re the douchebag. You can’t even use the words “damage control” correctly. He’s always been nice and gracious to his fans even before all this relationship stuff. Obviously, you’re an immature, obsessive Vanessa fan who thinks she walks on water. She is not perfect either.

  • justsoyouknow

    Zanessa is telling the truth that they are both taking a break because of their busy schedules (as they work hard to launch their career to another level ). You can tell by their genuine smiles after their ‘break-up’ (to take a break) that neither of their hearts is really broken. Good for them. They still keep it real. I wish them luck in their careers.

  • beatriz

    he’s so sweet with his fans(:

  • Lyla

    Uh, wait….it isn’t Wednesday. It’s Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

  • true lies

    I can see why they may have put a hault on their relationship. First, sooo many people are pitting them against each other. First it was Beastly against Charlie St. Cloud. Then it was the People’s choice awards. Its like the public or the higher ups( Publicist, Studios, etc.) were using their popular relationship for personal gain ($). I hope they didn’t succumb to the pressure and let it eat them up. If anything, this is what probably destroyed their relationship. No wonder why Vanessa feels so free lately. I’m sure they loved each other but how could any relationship withstand so much pressure at such a young age.

    Also, the fans are always pitting them against each other. Its getting worse and downright ugly. If they are together, its no one’s business. I hope they keep whatever they have to themselves and out of the public eye because frankly their relationship was becoming more for the public then for themselves to cherish…go Zac and Vanessa!!!!

  • kyle

    Thank you JJr for the very positive article on Zac. He is always nice to his fans.

  • maria

    @Ak: Ok, let’s get something straight. It’s not ONLY Vanessa fans who post here, and it’s unfair to label them all “obsessive” and “immature”. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone likes Zac? And there are many Vanessa fans who STILL like Zac and support him, whether they are together or not. Please don’t make assumptions like that. It’s not fair. I would never assume ALL Zac fans are obsessive and immature. SOME are, most are not.

  • Lyla

    Letterman doesn’t tape until 5:30. She could easily fly nonstop and get there in time.