Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters: Sequel in Development!

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters: Sequel in Development!

Get excited Percy Jackson fans — The Sea of Monsters is coming!

The L.A. Times (via MTV) is reporting that Fox 2000 is in the early development stages for the follow-up flick to Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

In the second book, Percy (Logan Lerman) and his group of friends as they head to the titular sea to find the mythical Golden Fleece and to free Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) who has been captured on the island of Polyphemus.

Stars Logan, Brandon, Alexandra Daddario and Jake Abel are signed on for three movies in the series. Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are penning the second script with Chris Columbus and Karen Rosenfelt producing.

ARE YOU EXCITED for a possible second Percy film?

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  • http://flowerofmemory Rahi

    Yes–totally excited! And my little bro’s a greek mythology advocate–this series inspired him to want to learn all of greek myths!

  • Alexa

    I’m really excited for this! I’m in love with the books and Logan Lerman is one of my favorite actors. I just hope that they don’t screw up this movie as much as they screwed up the first one :/ hopefully they’ll do a better job of sticking to the books!

  • Adriana


    Ditto! The movie was completely wrong compared to the books. They have to make this one better. I don’t know ow though, because Percy killed Luke in the movie.

  • Lisa


  • Anisha

    OMG YESSSSSSS<3333333333 :) I’m so so sooo excited!!!!!!!

  • kim

    Can’t. Wait!!

  • hehehepeace

    YES YES! I’m glad that Just Jared posted this news so that many more people will know about it.
    I was so happy when I found out about it a few weeks ago when it was in its early development stage. Finally it’s in pre-production.
    I hope the movie will stick more to the book so that fans will not be disappointed as the first one, although I really enjoyed the movie when not compared with the books.

    Oh! And it is said that filming can start as early as summer if everything goes according to plan. :)
    So hopefully it will come out by next year.

  • Cindy

    I’ve LOVED Logan Lerman since the Jack and Bobby days, but seriously I thought the PJ movie was kind of a flop. Poorly written and poorly adapted. If they do make a second one I definitely hope it’s better than the first.

  • http://HOTMAIL allison

    YES YES YES YES YES! I’ve been dying to hear this for over a year!!!!
    I’M SOOO EXCITED. * hyperventilation now*

  • gerry

    OMG Percy Jackson the Sequel is comming.YES YES YES YES…… I’m so happy that they decided to do the other movies,this will be good news for the fans and me.I love the books and the whole story, Logan Lerman is a perfect Percy Jackson and the whole cast is great and If think that the first movie was successful wait to see the second.I’m sure it will be even more successful.

  • hey!

    YES! YES! I’m so excited!!!!!!!

  • http://@noonnah nounah

    Yes! Totally agree with @Alexa & @Adriana ! I hope the movie will be better than the first!

  • Nikki

    Yes I was hoping they would continue I read most of the books when the first film came out and I watched it and decided to get the books as always the books are more richer but I tend not to focus on that with films you do not get let down that way.
    Cannot wait to see the cast back.

  • Martina

    YAY! I’ve been waiting for this. :D I hope they do justice to the book.

  • Ingrid

    YES! Im definitely excited!! Logan lerman ♥

  • Eck

    OMG….OMG =)… was about time =P but just as Nounah, Alexa & Adriana… they could’ve done a better work with the first firm -_- lets cross our fingers and wait for the best =D

  • jessica111

    lol,…hate the movie compared to the book..this one better be better!

  • headstrong


  • V

    I absolutely love the books, but the first movie was way off. I hope they change it so in the second movie it’s Kronos who wants to bring down Olympus, NOT Ares. The first movie was way off.

  • beatriz

    i’m so excited
    and logan lerman is so hot <33

  • Luvpercyjackson

    yeay…took them long enough

  • chelsea

    OMG yes logan lerman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wonder who is going to play tyson

  • zzzzz

    YAY! Me so happpy! haha
    Can’t wait for them to kick back in action. Hopefull it’ll stick closer to the book than the last one.

  • WASP

    @Adriana:It’s not clear yet you know. Maybe Luke will have a surprise comeback….:))

  • Atwilightkiss

    Excited with reservations for same reasons as everybody else.

  • http://@kindofnorway Marie

    omfg!!!!! I just love!!! The Percy Jackson books, and i totaly love Logan Lerman!!! He is so cute!!!!

  • Beatrice

    Finally! This was taking too long! Soon, the cast would be too old to play any character. I’m sorry they took that much time to begin, but now, it seems everything’s on track, hopefully.

  • ghreyzee grace

    yes!!!!!! super excited!! :)

  • Marlys_percy jackson forever

    Yay ive been wating for something new im so happy right now and the first movie was awesome but they could do better this time:p

  • jane

    finally a greenlight and Logan Lerman back as Percy! Just stick closer to the book and get a good director like Guillermo del Toro. Can’t wait to see Tyson and Percy team up

  • how

    Yes it’s a go and may even start filming in the summer! Wonder if they’ll also film in Florida where the book is set? Please have a better script and win back the avid book fans who were turned off by how different the first PJO film was from the book. And thank you Fox for making this happen and for bringing Logan Lerman back as Percy

  • percy fan

    YES YES YES!! thats why i read the second book in one day!!!!!!!

  • Mo-Mo

    Yaaaay!!!! I am so excited to see Tyson! As weird as this sounds, he is my absolute favorite character in the whole series!! Not sure why… haha

    But I am hoping this one will stick to the book too! What made me mad with the first one is that they filmed a bunch of scenes that were like the book but then they ended up not putting any of them in the final movie.

    And if Tyson and Clarisse are not in the second movie (which would be really hard to leave out, but they left a lot out of the first movie anyways) I am going to have to scream and break something. Just saying. hahaha :P

  • Mo-Mo

    @percy fan: haha I totally read the second book in one day too!!!! crazy right?

  • Andrea

    The books are AMAZING! I love the casting! but I hope the movie will follow the book more accurately this time
    Can’t wait for more updates!!! Logan Lerman is SO GREAT.

  • Phoebe


    They could always make Luke’s appearance in the movie a surprise. :D

  • ronaica

    whoa… It’s gonna be big!!!!! I love PJO very much

  • Michael

    I heard that this movie will be longer than the first one so that they can adjust the plot of the whole series… i just red it in the imdb page of percy jackson and the sea of monsters

  • Emma

    Sooooo excited! I’ve read the books like 3 times!


  • lucy

    I´m so so so excited!!! I loved the story and the cast is perfect =D I watched the movie first like a thousand of times, and then I read the whole series. It was completely a page-turner!! I really love the books, and also The Heroes of Olympus series, can´t wait for The Son of Neptune!!!
    I wonder how they´ll put the Kronos thing in the movie and how Luke being working with him. WHO IS GOING TO PLAY TYSON!!???
    Love Logan Lerman since Jack & Bobby too!!!

  • kratonians
  • amber

    not too thrilled about this movie. they TOTALLY screwed up the first one, diverting way too much from the book. i don’t know how the f**k they’re going to make a sequel to the first one if they’re going to base everything from the book. they really left out a hell lot of important points in the book on that first movie. disappointing.

  • ilene

    More Logan Lerman! He is the most beautiful Jewish boy ever.