Vanessa Hudgens: Sucker Punch is 'Six Movies' In One

Vanessa Hudgens: Sucker Punch is 'Six Movies' In One

Check out this new still of Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie in Sucker Punch, thanks to the March 2011 issue of Cineplex Magazine.

The 22-year-old actress dished to the magazine about Sucker Punch, Beastly and absolutely loving filming in Canada. Check it:

On putting “Sucker Punch” into words: “It’s really interesting and extremely hard to put into words. But it’s basically six movies all put together in one and with different settings, and it takes place in the fifties and it’s super kick-ass. It’s classy, it’s empowering and it’s very moving.”

On Blondie: “She’s kind of a follower in the real world but once we go into the fight sequences she turns into an extreme badass.”

On what she would do during her downtime in Vancouver: “I remember doing that [hiking the Grouse Grind] and hating it and loving it at the same time, you know what I mean? Going up to the top when it was snowing was so beautiful. Me and my sister and my mom went up and made snowmen.”

On her thoughts of Beastly: “I did [think it was just a Disney story], until I really looked into it. And it fascinates me that people still have not caught onto [the message]…Now more than ever kids are extremely fascinated with the Hollywood glamour and it’s not how it is, but that’s all that you see.”

Bigger still inside…

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Photos: Warner Bros. Pictures via Cineplex
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  • marie

    vanessa who?



  • xoxoJanexoxo

    awwww!! Nessa! Can’t wait for Beastly THIS FRIDAY!!! and Sucker Punch .. 3 weeks later!

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  • Chanon

    2 new Vanessa movies in one month! I’m going to watch both of them! <3

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  • kyle

    What a sexy outfit!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, she did the Grouse Grind !? Dang.. I could hardly walk after that. Lol, its such a work out !! But ohemgee, I finished reading Beastly and I am even more excited for it !! If that’s even possible.. 2 DAYS !! And.. 23 DAYS TILL SUCKER PUNCH !! Woot woot !! XD March is totally Vanessa month.

  • Anibal


  • Haters Suck!

    Damn she’s sexy

  • maria

    WHOA, she looks amazing… that retro 60′s look on her!! So sexy, yet vulnerable looking! I think she has such expression in her face…..just stunning.

  • Kro

    she looks amazing!

  • Pao

    wOOOw!! XD love it!! she looks badass



  • Bradley Bobst

    OMG Vanessa is so freaking Sexy and hot.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa, is not just a beautiful women, she is so sexy,my god want a body! she is a perfect 10.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    freaking hot

  • jasmin

    Oh…I like that pix. She looks wow…amazing!

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  • joan

    SHe Rocjs she is the Best

  • forever zanessa fan

    Vanessa Hudgens rocks!!!! Can’t wait to see Beastly and Suckerpunch. Wow! Two movies in one month. You’re the best Vanessa!!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Just watched on David Letterman She was so beautiful and gorgeous I Toatlly Fall more & More in Love with Vanessa.

  • *******
  • *******
  • ******* Vanessa and _______ at the NBA more pics ..

  • Jenny

    She’s so sexy!

  • http://jjj marcy

    mmmmmmmm beautifullllll love herrrrrrrrrrr

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    so hot nessa!!!!!
    wait for ur movie!!!!

  • Daniela

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • neGro xoxo

    wow can’t wait for these movies…vanessa is so grogeous and sexy as always…i love her

  • susan

    Everyone was talkin’ bout Baby V with Josh Hutcherson, and what does she do? It was a total fake-out….she’s with Gaelan! I love how she pulled that off!

  • http://google BARBARA

    susan, you are acting like you don’t have much common sense, first of all Josh was with at all the events, there like brother and sister, Gaelen are friend they worked together,on Bandslam, infact all of Vanessa people she has worked with, and Zac’s are all friends, by the way i know you don’t like Vanessa, you are a Zac fan, that alright i respect that, i like them both and respect them both, why don’t you stay at Zac thread. oh yes, i rember Zac sitting in a bar with six girls, after he came back, i didn’t critize him for that, because like Vanessa he has alot of girls that are friends, infact they share alot of friends,you need to get over it, i know gina reportation is getting worse, i hope one day Zac will wise up, i only wish the best for the both of them, God bless them both always.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way i saw her on lettermen, the early show, Regis and Kelly, she is well like, you can tell,people like her, because she stays true to herself, she is so adorable, infact one of her interviews yesturday, there two guys and a lady, the guy in the middle,said she is so beautiful. they all liked her. people that know Zac and Vanessa loved them both. Vanessa is the most loyal and honest person, espeically to people she cares about. She proably got tickets from CBS, to show her a good time, Zac gets the same thing like when he went to a NO, Football game, i think i heard he went to a basket game there to.

  • Aly

    I think susan was making fun of the rumors… I said the same thing when i saw gaelan in the pics.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ALY, THANKYOU, THEN I APOLOGIZE TO SUSAN. Aly i just saw pictures of Vanessa coming back to her Hotel, she was getting a tex, and she smiling ear to ear its on hudgens news, she looked so happy. she was coming back from the Regis and Kelly show.

  • Butterfly

    hey people,did someone see vanessa at the goodmorning arizona show ?
    pls watch and tell me and others if ness has confirmed AGAIN the split :)
    the interviewer asks about bad boys and nessa says her friends love em but she doesn’t get it but ” I’m outta place right now I have my girlfriends’
    I dunno,usually my english is not that bad,but can someone tell what the meaning of that is ?
    I thought something like ‘ugh,I don’t get my friends about bad boys I mean cute and nice boys are the best but anyway I’m outta place right now (= I am not available for boys,not on the field) I have my gf I don’t care about boys right now whether they’re good or bad.. :D:D
    was I right or should I just quickly move to school and improve my english ?

  • vfan
  • Aly

    Didn`t you hear? He was with a guy holding hand and vanessa was with a girl holding hands… this means zac is gay and vanessa is a lesbian… Really Guys? That is such a bullsh*t thing…

    I don`t know how i can explain this so that you understand, but, she was talking about her girlfriends loving bad boys, but she said “i`m outta place right now” which kind of means that she is out of place, and, i don`t know, but she kind of implied what you said, that she isn`t available… she was referring to being available to date bad boys or to date i don`t know.
    When they talked about the personal question, she rolled her eyes, can you please listen carefully and tell me the exact words at which she rolls her eyes?

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Aly, i agree with you, the enquirer, all these including Hollywood life, star, globe, the must be bored, they makeup things all the time, infact the times was at the party and saw Demi more, Aston K. and Vanessa, and Zac, dancing together, and said he wonder if they were not back on, or working on . so that means they were very close. so this and all these rag mag make up storys i refuse to read them.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ALY By the way on gossip net the have new pictures of Zac from this morning, he still waring the V braclet. and he looks tired. But he just got to work.

  • Aly

    Yeah, we got so many sightings back in LA, but in NYC, we only got zac arriving/leaving/on set and vanessa at shows. I mean, there aren`t any more sightings of any of them going to clubs, broadway, anything. The moment they were in the same city all the sightings stopped all of the sudden. People keep saying it`s a coincidence, but after so many coincidences this past month i find it weird to be so many of them.
    Star, bravo, OK!… pff, i have a bunch of those too here, and they are actually translated from the US version but i never read them. They had brad and angelina broke up so many times, Katie Holmes is a drug addict … i lost count of how many stories were posted in those magazines. And those stories were on the front page, i don`t buy those mags, and never did… lol.
    Barbara, what is your opinion on everything that is going on now?

  • lady

    barbara i saw vanessa face to she was happy.make it was zac.i still think they are togther.becouse i belive if they was done zac rep wpuld be run to report that zac and vanessa are finsh.the way the look at each other you know it love.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ aly, i think if they are seeing each other, it’s in secret, but right how they are so busy, working, but i think he saw her on first day she was there, late at nite. and i think it would be at a place know one knows about. They are going back to the days, when they first dated, for two years know one knew they were dating, untill they went to Hawaii. they are going to keep it this way, for awhile, or untill they are ready to tell, this way it takes pressure off of them. He looked to happy when he got off of work that day, and carring his phone, and the pictures of Vanessa this morning after the Regis abd Kelly show, she got out of the car, looking at her phone, and was smiling ear to ear, there could only be one person, that would make her smile like that.Besides Vanessa and Zac always tex each other, they are carring there phones again, if you go just jard, to Zac efron, you can see the braclets there yhe same color as Vanessa’s tattoo, he also has the hair tie on two, enlarge the picture, two weeks agho he put his arm up and could see the letter V, and he has had that hair tie on since they were together at Vanessa;s house, for 4 hrs.

  • Aly

    I forgot the 4 h and the V, lol, thanks. At least there is someone else here who believes the same as me. At least i`m not the only one…
    *hugs barbara* thank you, i just needed someone to point out to me the happy things ^^

  • ______

    ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damnnnnnn! Hottie of the year!!!

  • ______



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  • Butterfly

    @aly : she rolled her eyes ? hmm… I can’t find the vid anymore,shit.
    are you from US ? or UK, canada whatever I mean english speaking country ;D ?
    you know,some girl said I’m outta place right now could also mean she is ‘given’ (to zac) .. I first rolled my eyes and thought stupid immature zanessa fan can’t get over the fact they split and support them as individuals but when I thought about it … may she be right and I acted and judged her to quickly ?
    so bad if you’re fav celeb speaks another language than you do :D

  • Aly

    No, Latin speaking country actually lol… She rolled her eyes when the reporter was like “I gotta ask you a personal question, at the time *she rolls eyes* when we were together on the show zac was waving about an intense training…”

    Oh btw, there is another interview, and the interviewer is like “we heard you MIGHT be single” and a friend of that women who asked the question wanted her number, but she answered with a joke “taking numbers, definitely taking numbers” and they all laughed… The might be single was like O.o and she didn`t made any weird things like rolling her eyes.

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!