Zac Efron: Diesel Dude

Zac Efron: Diesel Dude

Zac Efron hops out of a cab and heads into the Diesel Black Label boutique in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Thursday (March 3).

The night before, Teresa Palmer squashed rumors that she and Zac are dating while she walked the red carpet at the premiere of her film Take Me Home Tonight.

“I can’t believe that rumor’s still going on,” Teresa told ET. “No, he’s totally my friend.”

Earlier in the week, Zac took time to take pictures with fans on the set of his movie New Year’s Eve.

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Photos: Splashnewsonline, INFdaily
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  • Abby

    Teresa Palmer = TP which = TOILET PAPER lmfao.

    Girl needs to just SHUT HER DARN MOUTH. Clearly they aren’t “friends” because if they were she would have known he didn’t even see the darn movie that night.

    Whatever, Zac looks good. :)

  • ma

    he looks so sad lately :( it breaks my heart

  • taylorzanfan

    so hot!

  • lauren

    why is every other post either zac or vanessa the last couple days. w/e

    teresa looked like a mess last night

    correction, zac looks depressed, vanessa looks like a cheap hooker and end of story.

  • beatriz

    he is soo hot <33
    and i’m glad that he don’t dating with teresa palmer

  • http://None Vanille

    Here we go again ohhh any way zac you looks very hott here love you baby ^^
    I hope the best to zac and Vanessa ….

  • Abby

    A – Because both are in NYC right now. Vanessa is promoting her movie which means the press is going to be all over her.
    B – Zac is there filming NYE and the paps have been following him all over the place, therefore we get pics pretty much everyday.
    C – Yes toilet paper looked like a hot mess. She looked like she stepped out of the late 90′s NOT a good look at all.
    D – How does she look like a cheap hooker? All her dresses have been stunning and classy. Clearly YOU ARE THE HOOKER HERE not Vanessa. Go find something better to do with your time.

  • lauren

    i was being sarcastic,
    i guess u cant take my sense of sarcasticness that well.

  • Abby

    @lauren: How in the world is that sarcasm?

  • Guilty Pleasure

    @Abby: Your comment was out of order. I’ve reported it to Just Jared. Lauren was just stating her opinion,which she is perfectly entitled to do. There was no need for you to attack her.

    You are nothing more than a cyber bully. First you attack Teresa Palmer calling her Toilet Paper,when she has done nothing to you personally.

    Then you abuse another person on here for stating her opinion, she said she thought Vanessa LOOKED like a hooker,not that she was one. There is a distinct difference.

    Yes Vanessa’s dresses maybe classy but wearing them with fish nets is not the best look, as it does cheapen the look, she would have been better wearing a flesh coloured pair.

    But back to my point. People like you who have no respect for other peoples opinions annoy the hell out of me.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Back to this post, Zac suits the look he is currently rocking.

  • Abby
  • lauren

    @ guilty pleasure,
    thank you?
    i dont know if you defending me or not, but thanks,

    i personally i’m not a fan of her or efron, i just state my opinion on what i think, and why is it i get attached for thinking what i want? when clearly there are most delusional people on here.

  • http://justjared mig345

    all the people that think he is not gay r so stupid , he so perfect and a sweety pie ,so shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby

    @Guilty Pleasure: IF thats the case then I also am simply “stating my option” in the fact that I think TP is toilet paper.

  • POP86

    Zac looks hot as always

  • http://None Judddy

    Alll of you girls stop talking bad about Vanessa here ok she is better from you haters leave the girl alone she broke up with zac so stop the hate to Vanessa if you don’t like her stop talking something bad about her
    @Guilty Pleasure:
    You always say something bad about v leave the girl alone she wearing better than you princess

  • Guilty Pleasure

    @Abby: No you’ve crossed a line from stating an opinion to being down right mean.

  • http://None Judddy

    @Guilty Pleasure:
    Why you hate Vanessa did she killed one of your family?
    She broke up with zac leave the girl alone ok princes

  • Katty

    Wow, you guys all fight way toooo much.

    You guys all judge Vanessa way to efffin much as well. Like Gosh dam, she can’t be a regular 22 year old? They weren’t exactly fishnets, they were very small holes and she wore very classy/sophisticated dresses SO WHAT if she added a little young flare to the outfit? Vanessa has been busting her butt promoting this movie and flying all over and having to deal with Zac comments and such. I have admitted the fact that they are over, she said in a legit interview they are friends, but still, a guy you just ended with and everyone is making little comments about him? It’s gotta suck. If they were on good terms, they would meet up while she is in the city and it isn’t going to happen. Abby’s comment was no way out of line until the end but Lauren always asks for it, way to be a snitch. Eff people, grow up and deal with yourself. How the heck are you to judge Vanessa? Honestly. In her entire career she has done ONE thing wrong and acted like a complete adult about it. She owned up to it, apologized, dealed, and moved on. Why don’t you all get off her back? It’s so annoying.

  • http://None Juddy

    Haters please Vanessa broke up with zac so leave the girl alone zac team always say something bad about her ohhh

  • sophie

    yes i agree. i believe they are taking a break, because if they had completely broken up, there would have been a statement from one of them. i think they both want to be able to focus on their careers right now, but still love each other. a relationship like theirs wouldnt just end liek that. however yes, everyone should stop judging her, and grow up.

  • http://None Juddy

    Lauren you always say something bad about v in every post about her even at zac post you need to grow up

  • Truth

    @Guilty Pleasure: @<a

    People like you, with your pompous attitudes annoy the hell out of me. How about you stop being the comment police and spend your time doing something more productive than getting your panties in a bunch. Someone said something that a fan thought was insulting and so she called her out on it. If she or you have a problem with that, perhaps you both should put more thought into what you say. You get what you give.

  • lauren

    i’m 20 its called stating an opinion, i’m not trying to please you people.

  • peggy

    @Guilty Pleasure:

    Maybe you should know what yor are talking about. First of all they are NOT fishnets they are a design on a pair of shear stockings – she told Regis and Kelly they were not fishnet stockings.

    Secondly unless you are going to go back and read Lauren’ gazillion posts be quiet Lauren is not being sarcastic and she’s said plenty worse and the mods know it.

  • mykamicks


    Wow what a description for the two… And you? What is your purpose on this earth, giving your Opinion? MALIGNING people is an opinion? You are just a plain paranoid. If my memory is correct, I think you are the Lauren who is neither a fan of Zac & Vanessa. So you must be the great hater & a jelaous one who wanted to attack these two all the time.

  • mykamicks


    Yes Peggy, some in opposite sides should make good partners in attacking Vanessa. Bad thinking & mouthing makes their lives the most easiest way to be happy.

  • joceelyynn

    i hope that what she said is TOTALLY true cause i feel like TOTALLY hitting her face any time i hear her name

  • Chanon

    @Guilty Pleasure: LOL what the fuck? People like YOU, annoy the hell out of me. Thinking that reporting people will do anything. -__-

  • Chanon

    Well, at least they’re not dating. Zac is too good for that whore anyway. ;)

    Teresa Palmer just keeps eating up all the attention. The only reason there is news about her is because all of it has something to do with Zac. -_______- She’s not going anywhere. She’ll die out soon.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Huh, that’s weird. I thought this was a Zachary Efron post ? So why in the world are we bringing Vanessa into it ? They are TWO SEPARATE people. Dating or not, I support both and I would really like it if people just back off of their dating lives. (ignore my name, i can’t think of anything else) Do they really need a bunch of screaming fans asking if him and Vanessa are together ? Nope. They already have paparazzi’s and talk shows hosts doing that. They’re just normal people who don’t want their personal lives to be invaded by. Hmph. Zac, why aren’t you smiling ? :( He must be tired.. But gosh, does he look cute !!

  • claudia

    omg…leave lauren alone for real!…she can think whatever she wants and she won’t change her mind because of you, it’s just her opinion…gosh!

    it makes sad that everytime i read the comments of Zac’s posts, there are fights and people start talking about vanessa…isn’t it a post about Zac?…well, i can’t do anything about it, right??..

    Zac looks sooo great, i loove his jacket!
    loove you Zac♥

  • kyle

    Maybe he is out buying something for Vanessa. I remember V shopping at Diesel a couple of times in the past. Anyways, looking good Zac!!!

  • samantha

    haha funny the zac looks hoy but he don’t smile and i think is because he break with vanessa but i think they’re not over just was a break…for meet other people or working..wahtever team zac team nessa 4ever

  • neGro xoxo

    i love him and his looks..hater’s can’t do anything..we all love Vanessa and Zac..they are both in NYC right now..i hope….!

  • Merlin’s mum

    I wish people would stop fighting. Actors private lives have NOTHING to do with us. Would you like everyone to examine your life in minute detail all the time? Zac is a beautiful boy, but if he walked around with a smile on his face ALL the time people would say he was either mad or on drugs! Do you walk around with a grin on your face ALL day. Plus, he’s got some prat sticking a camera in his face when he’s just trying to get on with his life or job. That would P me off too!


    i love you Zac

  • Aly

    Would you stop fighting? And stop going crazy about Teresa Palmer. She said she is just friends with Zac, you all should be all over the moon `cause your golden boy is single. But to trash Teresa… you trashed her then `cause she was with zac, now you trash her because she said she is just friends. Who can understand some of you…

  • wrestler

    @Guilty Pleasure:
    I think being mean is when you go to a post of a celebrity you dont even like and says negative things…Didn’t you know the saying that “If you dont have anything nice to say, then dont open your mouth at all”? I sure don’t like a lot of celebrities but I dont bother checking their posts… Just my comment, you know!!! (now thats what I called sarcasm)

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Stoptheworld

    Stooop talking about vanessa please!!!! This is a zac’s post!! is annoying read a lot of comments talking about Her!! I don’t hate her but i’m a huge Zac’s fan i just want to leave him along about Vanessa if they’re taking a break or broke up I really don’t care I just want to see Zac’s smile back!! :(

  • laquida

    Love him!:)

  • nadi

    the truth is that Zac Efron always looks great and is always dressed perfectly and he himself is one. but the rumors I do not believe such things

  • Fauve

    @Guilty Pleasure: Why report her when you in return are doing the same thing as her by trying to censor her?

    Abby although wrong was also stating her opinion, so two wrongs do not make a right. A public forum is to state how a person feels whether right or wrong. Name calling sure is unnecessary, but there is no difference between what Lauren did and what Abby did. When a person makes threats then is the time to report. I am not defending either girl, but still they both have a right to state how they feel.

    We are all supposed to be mature adults, well some of course are under the age of 18, but us over age 18 should lead by example. Tattle-tale over something simple to censor someone is also in bad behavior. Although I do not always agree with people on here, or like how they express their opinions, it is not for me to judge.

    No matter what people think of either Zac or Vanessa both are the future of Hollywood. People will either love or hate them. More people hate on Vanessa for having been the object of Zacs affections. People will always call her names. I like her style, and I often pick up pieces similar to it. We are both the same height, and I am a little tinier in some ways, due to years of gymnastics, but what she wears compliments my body well. I wore a sexy dress last night, and fishnet stockings, and I have a boyfriend. Even when single I wore them with a goth dress I had, but it does not mean I am loose or lewd.

    Zac does not put down people, and neither does Vanessa — so learn a lesson from them. Even the years of Perez’s trash talk on Vanessa she still was not rude about him. Zac is not rude think he would like to read your comments? Even if him and Vanessa have moved on to think about where they want to go next in life together or not? He would be disappointed.

    Zac and Vanessa always have nice things to say to their fans, friends, and family. Everyone could learn from that.

    Bad mouthing, or tattle-tale reports, for people stating their opinion is childish. Ignore it and move on. Comment on the good and positive. I know I am not perfect I get called out on my mistakes, and I think about it, and sometimes those people are right it’s called maturing as an individual.

  • Fauve

    @Chanon: Chanon, although I respect your opinion.. I do not agree I think Zac was lucky to have Vanessa she was loyal to him for five good years, and treated him and his family well, and she still speaks nicely of him. They both treated each other well from what little we see, and no man would spend five years on a girl, if she was not worth it. He always said she was good to him, and had a positive affect on him. I rely on his words in his interviews about her.

  • lady

    zac on his way back home.