Vanessa Hudgens: Listening to Adele at LAX!

Vanessa Hudgens: Listening to Adele at LAX!

Vanessa Hudgens makes her way through LAX International Airport after arriving on a late flight from NYC on Thursday (March 3) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress was plugged into her iPod and said that she was listening to British songstress Adele!

Vanessa has been busy the past few days promoting her new movie Beastly with appearances on multiple talk shows.

Beastly opens in theaters TODAY!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing an Evil Eye Necklace by Kara Ackerman Designs and Chinese Laundry Turbo boots.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • pop86

    Have fun in Vegas

  • Glassofwine

    Looking Great!
    I hope she has a new project in the pipeline……. growing impatient.

  • Aly

    She`s supposed to be at a private screening of beastly and in Vegas at Brittany`s birthday… but nobody knows why she`s back to LA

  • kimann

    She looks sooo tired. She needs sleep.

  • http://mikehla mike

    finally in theaters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wrestler

    I wonder what happened to Britt, her other publicist?

  • http://jjj marcy

    love herrrrrrr

  • peggy


    That’s Evan her manager with her and most stars have a publicist who works with them in LA and then their NY office takes over when they are in town – it makes it easier since most publicists have more than one client.

  • peggy

    THere were better pics than that Jared I have noticed however when the subject is blonde and white you pick the best pic you can.

    You need to get over it.

  • jasmin

    She must be tired…she’s just amazing.

    Beastly today…yay!

  • ana

    good luck in theaters today, love Vanessa

  • kassa

    Anyone knows where i can find same coat? Thx

  • jasmin

    can’t also wait for tonight…BFF’s birthday!

  • pop86


    The private screening of Beastly was yesterday. She on a promotion tour that the studio arranged and paid. The studio determines the hotel stay and travel plans so it seems that studio only paid for 3 days and 2 nights in NY and Vanessa must follow that schedule.

  • pop86


    I notice that too Peggy and not just with Vanessa.

  • Aly


    The private screening is today, because today is March 4, the actual day of Beastly coming out. Someone posted on twitter on monday her schedule, she was supposed to be at a private screening today and in Vegas tomorrow to celebrate the release of the movie at Pure Nightclub. The pure got rescheduled, she doesn`t figure there anymore, now they are hours from Brittany`s birthday party and she`s in LA…

  • magda tenšek

    love you v (butterfly) lol i saw some reviews of Beastly and they are solid and vanessa is realy one of most commended for doing an excellent work in movie soo good luck to Beastly in cinemas ill go and see the movie when it comes out in Europe (Croatia) ughhhh so much waiting either way Vanessa looks beautiful and she is still appearing MTV Top 10 March 5th and at Pure NightClub (= <3<3<3

  • magda tenšek

    To Aly : sooo the screening is today in L . A i thought it is in NYC oh well …. love you baby V




    the private screening was yesterday

  • pop86

    @Aly: Yes, I know about her schedule that was written in advance and like any schedule can be subject to change at any time determined by the studio and the sponsor of the screening in this case Candies. If you go to the Candie twitter you will info about yesterday private screening in NY.

  • susan

    I have to give Jared credit. I honestly thought when either Z or V was photographed out on a date with another person, the Jaredverse would blow up! It has now happened with Vanessa and Gaelan, and Jared didn’t even cover it. I’m amazed.

    Adele is uh-mazing. Check out her CD. Great taste V has.

  • Bradley Bobst

    She is so fine and hot.

  • charlene

    the screening was yesterday i was there and met vanessa she gave me a hug shes such a sweet sweet girl

  • pam

    They are probably all going together on a private jet to Vegas for the party like they did for V’s bday. It doesn’t take long from LA and the party is probably late night.

  • mendomamir

    haha cool I love ADELE as well!

  • mishybc

    beats HEADPHONES! Must every celebrity endorse them?!
    Adele is a talent!
    And I wonder why she is in LA.

  • jjh

    Anyone knows where i can find like her coat?

  • pao

    Lol!!! Im just laughing cuz everybody’s wondering why she’s back to LA!! She looks nice like always. . .

  • Aly

    How old do you think i am? I know some of them can get rescheduled, like Saturday Party at Pure Nightclub? I know that the party was rescheduled, but still, it`s almost 1pm in LA and we don`t have any sightings of her leaving LA…

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • sophie

    some say that she is single, but some say she was spotted with her kuippo ring on letterman. i am so terribly confused.

  • Telle

    oh VANESSA looks xactly like mila ¡¡¡just wow
    both are so gorgeous¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Chanon

    I love Adele too! <3

  • stella


  • Fauve

    The same ‘people’ who said they saw that kuuipo ring at her LA premiere NOT TRUE! I was there was up and close and personal with her, so the rings reference needs to quit, unless a clear shot is of it not some fuzzy picture, because it misleads people. Vanessa is single as is Zac for now I finally accepted that after her NYC premiere, and watch that video of it.. Also, her friend Brittany Snow confirmed it, and like I said up until yesterday I was on the fence. Let them figure out their problems, and if it’s meant to be it will happen. She looks more happier now and lovelier then ever. She does not have to worry about girls hating on her for dating Zac, his management, or him putting career above her. Do they love each other? YES!!! In time it might happen again, but people can’t live in a fantasy world. They are two separate people, not one, and everyone should still support them both together or not. They are both great people in different ways. So, why act differently? Sure I am more a Vanessa Hudgens supporter, but I will not be indifferent with Zac no matter if I feel in some ways he was wrong. He is still amazing to his fans, and has the potential for greatness. I however am disappointed in him as a person boyfriend or not he as a friend could have still shown up to her movies as she did his. I know he did not sleep with Teresa, but he showed up to support hers (and hers is coming out today also). I am sure on that one he pretty much got set up, but still Vanessa gave him five years of support, and she says they are friends, and I am sure no mater how upset people would be that they are just friends, it would be nice to have seen him support her. Before you guys get all crazy and stuff… He never once saw her in NYC. He stayed in the meat packing district, and her at Four Seasons. Don’t let people mislead you, because they want to keep a fantasy alive. People do grow up and apart. Does not mean they hate each other, or they can’t get back together again. They never got to date like most people do in High School, and are still very young. Lasting five years in Hollywood at any age is a miracle. That should be applauded and heralded as a feat. From what we saw they both treated each other well, and lovingly. The times I met them in person together (two times) he was more then sweet and loving to her as she was to him. What happened from NC on is a mystery. They owe us NOTHING their jobs are to entertain not let us into their bedrooms. She has more confidence now then ever, and she seems like a brand new person. Why people are hating on either one of them beats me. No one should hate Zac or Vanessa for what happens in their personal relationship. For years most of you all hated Vanessa said Zac deserved better now you’re crying about them two breaking up make up your minds people! The true Zanessa fans who loved and supported them both will continue to do so. Whatever will be will be. They have to live their life for them not for us. They are two grown ups now they will make good choices and bad, and at the end of the day as long as they can live with that then support that. No pics of them for a long time, and she is trying to respect Zac and the sanctity of their relationship by not talking more about it as is he. Plenty of people have met them both, and never asked them about it. Which is good and respectful. Let them live their lives support and love them both!

  • Diamond

    She looks pretty , comfortable , relaxed , and mostly happy I am really getting use to her hair and I’m loving it !! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE BEASTLY TOMORROW ♥

  • Katty


    How long does it take to drive to LV from LA? I think it’s only 2-4 hours, therefore she could drive and not be seen, most likely. Or, she could have taken a limo, you never know. But yes, since she is on promo schedule, she doesn’t decide what she does and doesn’t do for the next few dayse just as she didn’t in the previous.

    I kinda wish she went on Ellen! Maybe she will for SP and that is why she didn’t for Beastly.

    Seeing it tomorrow, can’t wait! Anyone else see it yet? How good was it? I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews on twitter, but some of those people are biased, as am I, to be honest. However, I am one of the few who can admit when a star I love is in a less than great movie.

    I WANT PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS. What did they think??

    And, can people post boxoffice Friday when we know? I’m dying!

  • laquida

    @I totally agree with you on all of this! I them Zac and Vanessa no matter what! Just you do.

  • laquida

    @Fauve: I totally agree with you all of this! I love zac and vanessa no matter what! Just like you do.

  • laquida

    Vanessa beautiful as always!:)

  • Nicky

    As I said a few days ago, she will attend Brittany’s bday party and I was right. Brittany uploaded a pic on Twitter from the party and Nessa is on the pic. :-)))

  • Merlin’s mum

    @Fauve: Exactly. Some peoples marraiges last less time than zanessa were together. Perhaps the very reason he didn’t go to vanessa’s premiere is the fuss it would have caused. Let’s all look forward to their future work and hope that goes well for them. As curious as we might be about their private lives it is NONE of our business.

  • lady

    some one saw zac at the ny airport.maybe he come home.

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