Zac Efron Makes Fans Dreams Come True

Zac Efron Makes Fans Dreams Come True

See, meeting your favorite celeb is important.

Zac Efron made JJJ reader and fan Daynia‘s dreams come true after he wrapped his scenes for the day on the New Year’s Eve set in NYC on Tuesday night (March 1).

Daynia writes to us, “He was such a sweetheart. He never said no for an answer and I was honored. My dream finally came true. I want the world to know how wonderful he is and I want him to know also how much he influenced me and others.”

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Credit: Demis Maryannakis; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • iFellytone

    Oh wow, she cried.. I don’t know, it seems touching on some level

  • Kyley

    And this is why I adore Zac.

  • Kerri

    Love you zac to the end.He is such a sweetie and so hot.


    He is so amazing!
    I love you zac!
    I know he is like that, the first time i meet him
    he really took the time for us all there.<3

  • ;*

    He is so sweet

  • lauren


  • wht?

    @lauren: u again? shut up! you’re so envy,! he is sooo sweet:)

  • Annette

    Such a good guy


    Wonderful man – he inspires me too.

  • alana

    Such a sweetie :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    Those pictures were taken, except for the fan, was taken on march 1st, right afer he got of work, and Vanessa got in NY. the picture of the young lady was taken on monday, But i have to say Zac is wonderful to his fans. God bless him always. I think this is the last weekend of filming.

  • lauren

    im saying LOL
    cus i know of the girl.

  • http://justjared mig345

    he’s a sweetheart

  • kami

    “He never said no for an answer”
    huh? answer to what?

  • Proudofzacnessa

    He’s sweet =D
    Love him so much!

  • emma efron

    Awwwwwwwwww i agree he’s a sweetheart!!!!

  • Butterfly

    @kami haha yeah if I was in her position I somehow trickily would have (wanted at least) to find out about vanessa-situation :P
    i knew,know and will always know he is a nice guy no matter what teresa-palmer-rumors-believers think ^^

  • mishybc

    Aw lucky, when will my turn come?

  • amelia25

    Beautiful zac!

  • amanda

    lucky lucky girl now see this is why i love zac he is such a sweetheart awwwwww he is so nice

  • Deb

    Is it just me, or does she resemble Vanessa?
    Zac is so sweet.

  • beatriz

    he is so sweet with his fans.
    i love him

  • Katty

    I understand her facination with him, I am too, but not if I hear of him partying frequently and being douch-ey. I am not saying a club once in a while is bad, maybe even every weekend or so, but too much is not the best. Also, I do not want to hear of his personality changing. I kind of miss the old Zac…. :(

  • Deb

    Zac hasn’t changed….except in the warped imaginations of stupid, ignorant idiots.

  • maria

    @Deb: Yes, he has. He always claimed he was NOT a clubbing, party guy, and instead liked to spend time with friends at home, camping, watching movies, etc. NOW, he is frequently seen clubbing, drinking, and I won’t even say what else. So, I’d say that ‘s quite a change. Or it’s possible he never was the guy he claimed he was.

  • Aly


    Ever since NYC fashion week did you hear or see anything saying about zac clubbing? He stopped after he got back in LA and when back in NYC he didn`t go clubbing or to restaurants or anything. No sighting of him unless it was arriving – on – leaving the set.

  • alana

    @Deb: -_- Well maria, I’d hardly call it “clubbing” seeing as how he only went to a club a couple times… Same with the drinking. You’re making it seem as though he parties as hard as the cast of Jersey Shore when that is not the case… smh

  • Deb

    He has gone out maybe four or five times since December, probably notbthat much even. How does that define as frequently?

  • alana

    I know right… and Deb, that comment was meant for maria… sorry :}

  • Aly


    Month of february… every night was like a sighting of him clubbing, he was supposed to go to an award thingy but didn`t walk the red carpet because he was drunk… Ever since Teresa until recently he was partying at clubs every night. There was not even one day we didn`t get sightings of him going clubbing. Go search on twitter, there are dozens of sightings of him at different clubs all over NYC and LA.

  • maria

    @Aly: Thanks, Aly. You answered for me. He’s become someone else; if you still like him, great. To me, he’s become the guy he never wanted to be. And HE’s the one who said this is NOT who he was. But he is now. I guess that’s what you call “not being true to yourself”.

  • duuumm


    lolol get your facts straight before you spout out something that makes you seem ignorant, oblivious, and prone to fall for rumors. zac wasn’t there at the 3D awards. period. james cameron wasn’t there either. the article that mentioned zac and james was merely namedropping to attract attention. but it was really just a low level, low profile ‘awards’ show that no real stars went to. and do you think, for a second, that if he was really ‘drunk’ or intoxicated, he would’ve been allowed in? cmon…use your brains. i think i just got stupider reading your post. really now…

    if you believe everything that twitter or fb has to say…okay then. but if you read what people who’ve met him have to say about him, you’ll know that you’ve wronged him all this time. but whatever, believe what you want.

    and ftr, i’m pretty sure vanessa parties more than zac…but when it comes to her, all you guys have to say is “oh hope she had fun, or haha she’s dancing on tables” or whatever twisted praise you have for her ‘moving on’ or ‘being happy’. cuz zac’s happiness doesn’t matter to any of you, right?

    lastly, why are people so full of negativity when it comes to zac. even on a post like this, people still talk trash about him. it just really ticks me off.

  • cutie

    oh! whatever ! life is short he is entitled to enjoy himself.
    Peter Andre said It’s better to be with someone Loves than Hates.

  • Aly

    Well… i`m not proud of him, actually i completely lost my respect for the guy… but that doesn`t mean i`m going to trash him…
    Actually, he stopped going clubbing, or getting drunk and he sure wasn`t seen in bars… Ever since that week Vanessa was in NYC at fashion week, and then he left to LA… after when he got back and for the past 2 WEEKS there HASN`T BEEN any sighting at all of him drinking, clubbing, in bars, nothing like that. He was seen only on set, arriving there or leaving. I hope we aren`t going to see that guy again… he`s on his way back to LA right now… i hope he stops with the drinking…

  • Deb

    Oh that is such bull. Show me reports of him going clubbing every night and a report about the red carpet thing. Twitter? Really? Give me a break. And just because he goes out, doesn’t mean he’s drinking or getting drunk.

  • Deb

    Hmmmm, seems we have a picture of V looking quite intoxicated at Brittany’s birthday party. But I guess all of the delusional Zac haters will find some reason to double-standard this and make it ok for her. If Zac was in the picture, they’d be all over it, calling him a drunk.

  • laquida


  • duuumm


    thanks Deb! you took the words right out of my mouth. i posted a similar comment, but for some reason, it didn’t go through.

    and @aly, zac was never at the 3D awards, period. he and james were said to be attending, but that was merely just namedropping to attract attention to such a low profile, low wattage ‘awards’ ceremony, if you can even call it that. and do you really think that if he was somewhat drunk/intoxicated, he would’ve been even allowed to go IN? i think i lost some brain cell just reading your comment. such bull.

    tbf, i’m pretty sure vanessa has gone to her fair share of clubs, but everytime something gets announced, people will condone her actions and say “oh glad she’s having fun and moving on” or “haha she’s dancing on tables. such an amazing girl.” like seriously, get real.

    and why bring such negativity to such a beautiful post as this? this post was meant to be enjoyed…not to be trashed by psychotic vanessa fans.

  • Deb

    Well said. Touche.

  • cutie

    @ Ded and duuumm….
    I agree with you 100% ….

  • Daynia

    He is a sweet heart that night was so amazing for me.. Thank Just Jared for sharing this with everyone..


  • kyle

    What a lovely article on Zac. Thanks, JJr.

  • lilipuce

    @duuumm: Agree.